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We're in his home studio. I'm sitting on the floor making little picture collages of his brothers to give them as gifts just because I adore them.

"Baby Kitten, listen to this and tell me what you think." Yoongi says and pats my head. I lean against his leg and watch him queue the song up. I listen and tap my hand on his leg.

"I like it. It's bouncy. Electronic heavy. It's really good, Husband." I smile at him. 

He smiles at me and rubs my cheek. "You're biased." 

I giggle.."You are my bias..." He laughs. "In more way than one I'm biased." I kiss his arm.

He smiles and goes back to "Producer Yoongi" and he's lost in the music. I start swaying a little and he reaches down and rubs the top of my head. I giggle. He starts frowning and sticks his tongue out. I always watch when he gets really lost in the music. His facial expressions are always sexy as hell.. He starts moving his tongue around and I'm watching him. I giggle and he looks at me. I blush.

"Was I doing it again?" He asks leaning on his chair and taking a drink rubbing my cheek.

"Yeah... I'm sorry, Husband... Thinking about you doing that..." I giggle and cover my face.

"How long have we've been together? 4 years? You still say sorry and blush. Fuck. The things we've done, Kitten... You still blush like that. You have no idea what that does to me." He lights a cigarette and offers it to me.

I take it and look up at him. "Bad things or good?" He smirks. "That doesn't answer, Husband."

He hands me his ashtray and I have it back. "Good things. Always good things. You are so amazing. I know I could pin you to the floor, record your screams, and you'd be happy knowing that I can hear you whenever I want. I know I can tell you to grind on me and not stop until the song is done. Always such a good Kitten." He smirks and and kisses my hand.

"Always want to make you happy, Yoongi." I rub my face on his leg.

He laughs and slowly starts to frown. "You do think about your happiness as well, right?" I look up at him and nod. "You said you've done that before.. Before anything really happened between us. That's why your favorite is fake love. You said you related. You don't do that with me, right?"

"Nope. I think if the action will make me happy as well. If I'm not sure, that's why we talk things through. We meet a common ground or we reach an agreement to try or not try. We talk more than anything else." I am just looking into the eyes of the man I've never dreamed I would really love.

"Give and take." He nods and looks down at me. "Kitten... Take those off." He motions his hand towards my pants. "Everything off." He pushes his chair from the desk.

I stand up and pick up the pictures and take me pants and panties off. He pulls his pants off and his boxers. He taps the arms of the chair. I sit on the desk with my legs on the arms. He pulls me down on his lap. 

We start kissing and he whispers "Grind." I start slowly grinding on him and he holds my hands. He adjusts the chair and himself so I can put my legs around him. "Do now." He whispers. I start grinding on him. I hear him clicking buttons and I nibble on his bottom lip. "Good girl." He purrs in my ear.

"Yoongi... My love." I cup his face in my hands. I moan softly and he growls back at me. 

"Are you close, kitten?" He whispers. 

"No, Yoongi. Just feels amazing... Feeling you always feels amazing." I kiss him passionately and he purrs again. "My Yoongiverse." He starts laughing and hugs me close to him.

"You're so perfect, wife. You really are." He says and I listen to his heartbeat and sigh.

"We're perfect together, Yoongi." I smile at him and he smiles back.

"Okay, Kitten... Grind until you're close. I'm going to time you." He laughs softly. "Start..... Now. Try to beat your record." 

I start grinding on him and he holds my hips tight. I start gasping and whimpering. He smiles and kisses me deeply.

"Not going to tell me you're close, Kitten?" He holds my hips and prevents me from grinding anymore. I start whining and kissing him.

"Please, Husband... Please Yoongi.. Please..." I keep moving around trying to feel him.

He smirks and licks my neck. "You ready, Kitten?" He pulls me down on his dick and he bites my neck. "Don't move. Just feel me."


We're in the kitchen making dinner for his brothers and we keep touching when we pass. Jimin notices and asks about how we keep it still so innocent and cute. 

I whisper in his ear 'We keep our relationship cute and innocent by doing absolutely depraved things in the bedroom. That way nobody knows how messed up we are." We both start laughing and Yoongi makes a face knowing what topic we're talking about. "Husband, sometimes I have to tell someone about how amazing you are! Snuggling with me when I wasn't feeling well." 

He smirks. "Oh I'm sure you are talking about that." He laughs.


We're having dinner all crammed together and I honestly don't know how to explain the happiness I feel.


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