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We're laying in bed looking out the window. It's raining and he's whispering a story he was told when he was little. I keep giggling and hugging him.

He keeps pointing out the window and kisses me when I stop looking at him. We're just snuggling and being happy. I sit up and rub his cheek. He smiles and kisses my hand.

I go to the bathroom then go into the kitchen and start gathering things to make him breakfast. It's so dark out I shiver feeling cold for a moment. I just watch the rain pelt down like the world is melting. I feel his arms wrap around me and I giggle. He kisses the back of my neck and sighs. 

"I don't think I've spent so much time in bed, kitten." He stretches and yawns. "I think we should take another nap after we eat." He stands next to me looking at everything on the counter. "What is my wife making me?" 

"I was thinking about making you beef stew. It's not really breakfast food, but I figured it would be really good today. Unless you want something else. I don't mind.." I always get nervous about him finding me boring or useless. So I try to always be pleasing to him. He always says I need to stop, he's not leaving even if we disagree on something.

He's looking at everything and smiles.. "My darling wife." He hugs me from behind and starts nuzzling my neck. He nibbles on my shoulder but stops when he sees me cutting up carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic, and a big roast. "I'm going to help you. I don't want you cutting yourself, Kitten."

I giggle and kiss his nose. "I'm not going to cut myself, Yoongiverse." He starts laughing and rubs my arm. I go on and keep chopping everything up and he starts cutting up things as well.

I take a piece of carrot and eats it and he takes one as well. "Those are really sweet. Where did you get them?" He takes another piece.

"Omma. She brought them a few days ago. She said we needed them because we weren't going anywhere or something." I shrug.

He nods and kisses my nose. "What do you want to do while it's cooking?" He smiles against my lips and kisses me.

"I think talking and watching the rain. We haven't talked much. Unless you could the moaning and whimpering as talking.." I giggle and wink at him.

"What do you want to talk about?" He starts making tea. "I have no idea what to talk about. All I keep thinking about is kissing you, eating more things you've cooked for me, and kissing you all the time." He kisses my shoulder.

I hop up on the counter and he smiles and leans on me. We start randomly talking about the rainy season. He talks about hating have to go anywhere. I nod and listen. We talk about summer raining a lot where I grew up. I told him about running around in the street, dancing in the rain, and jumping in puddles.

"That sounds like a movie. I think you just always made the best of things, huh? How long ago did you do that? The dancing in the rain.." he smiles and kisses my cheek.

"Oh. About 3 months ago. I went running down the street barefoot and stepped on a sharp rock. I cursed at it for days. The dog loves running in the rain, but the moment he gets a bath, he cries and screams." We both laugh. I stir the meat so it keeps being on all sides.

He's watching intensely and I take a little piece out and start blowing on it. I offer it to him and his eyes get big. "Do you like it?" I stir the meat and find another little piece. "Want another one, husband?" He nods and takes that piece as well.

"How the hell did you get it to taste like that?!" He says after a few more pieces. "It's buttery, salty, tender, and amazing. How?" 

I start explaining I brown the meat up in small batches after using butter. I show him step by step and he nods. He takes another piece and closes his eyes while chewing.

I kiss his lips softly and he rubs my lower back. We start talking about nothing but just chatting. Everything is cooking and I take his hand and we go sit on the sofa. I take my phone and set a timer in case we go to sleep.

We start sending each other funny pictures and keep laughing. He starts watching a video and looks really interested so I lean on him to watch it as well. He starts explaining what it's about and before I know it, my timer goes off. We both jump and start laughing.

I go in and make him as bowl and bringing it to him when he stops me. He takes the bowl and places it on the counter. He pushes me gently against the counter and kisses me like it's been years since we've seen each other. He slowly pulls his head back and smiles. I smile back at him and he whispers "let's go cuddle."


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