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The next night after we met, I wake up feeling him cuddling with me. I lay still with my eyes closed thinking it's a dream. My phone rings and ruins the silence.

"Hello?" I whisper. Not wanting to fully wake up.

"Hey babe. Can you please come to our room? I need help with my kid... She is freaking out because Taehyung saw her without makeup..." My friend is laughing her head off.

"Yeah. Gimme a moment." I whisper again and feel him squeeze me.

"Ooohhh. Getting some Suga?" She laughs.

"No. I'm just enjoying snuggling.. Last night really happened, right? Not a dream?" I whisper trying not to cry.

"No, was real." He says in my ear. My friend starts laughing hard again. "Hang up. Let's cuddle more." I giggle and hang up.

"Hey cutie. How'd you sleep?" I rub his arm.

"Really well surprised." He yawns and I just think it's the most beautiful noise I've ever heard. "I decide I'm going to play song for you today. I will have to talk to the guys." 

I nod my head. "What song?" I'm secretly wanting him to pick my most favorite song of theirs.

"Not sure. Have to think. I will point at you." He mutters and yawns again.

I smile into the pillow and just relish in the fact I'm in his arms, in his bed... He actually didn't push for anything. I asked if we could cuddle and he just cuddled. No questions.. 

"I better go rescue the kid... Taehyung saw her without makeup. She's freaking out.." He squeezes me tighter. "Yoongi?" 

He sighs and laughs. "Can't you tell I'm sleeping, babe?" I giggle and kiss his arm. "Are you spending tonight too?" He nuzzles my neck.

"Do... Do you want me to?" I whisper.

He nods. "Yeah. What is your favorite of our songs?"  I am silent.. "Babe?" I feel him lift his head. "You okay?"

I nod. "I have to really think... My favorite that you rap? You sing? The music? The lyrics? Asking which song is like asking if I want my arm cut up because I said I liked my leg... Wait. That didn't make sense..." 

He starts laughing. "So you will be at all 3 shows here. When you have to go home? Where is home? Close to here?"

"Day after tomorrow. I live in the Midwest. About the halfway point from here to New York." I try to explain without giving a ton of details. "You're coming to the closest city to me. I have to work, but if I didn't I would so be there." I laugh.

"Don't go. Come to see me." He kisses my cheek.

"Yoongi... I have to be an adult... Pay bills and all that crap. Yuck." We both start laughing.

"So. Adult.. Have to go save a child?" He kisses my shoulder.

"Yeah.." I nod. "Plus my friend is going to want to hear all about our wild night. So. What's the story?" I giggle.

"The truth. We talked, we kissed, we were tired, we cuddled and slept. The truth works." He nods against my shoulder.

"Yeah. But I have a feeling she won't believe me." I sigh and roll over to face him. He smiles and presses his forehead to mine and kisses my lips softly. I can't help it but I moan softly. He smiles against my lips and pulls me closer.."Yoongi.. I better go..." I break from his hold and run out of the room. I notice I'm not wearing shoes but I don't care. I get to the room and bang on the door. Taehyung answers the door and is laughing.

"The one to save the kid is here!" He shouts and my friend is cracking up in a different room. "I sleep on couch. She forget. She walk out in shirt and shorts. No makeup. She's crying." He points to the bathroom door. "I need to pee." He laughs.

"Go to Yoongi's room. I'm sure he won't mind..." I smile softly and sit by the door. "Honey. I know you're embarrassed. Think of it this way... Yoongi hasn't seen me with any makeup on. Ask Taehyung. Maybe he doesn't like a lot of makeup.." I try to calm her down through the locked door. "Or we could get Jungkook to break the door in his underwear. I'm sure he'll do it. He seems really goofy like that." I hear her laughing.

"Now I wouldn't mind seeing any of them in their underwear.." my friend says. We start laughing and Yoongi comes in the room. I smile and look up at him. "Hey Suga" my friend says. "You're her.... What's the word again?" 

Her daughter and I both yell "Bias!" Yoongi laughs. The kiddo opens the door and shrieks seeing Yoongi. 

He smiles. "Look, no offense. You're too young for me." The kiddo frowns. "Sorry. Plus I like..." He looks at both of our eyes.."Blue grey eyes.. Look like the ocean." 

I look down and smile. My friend comes over and sits next to me. "So....?" she elbows me in the side.

"We talked. We kissed. We talked more. Got tired. Cuddled and went to sleep. The end." I whisper. "That's it."

She glares. "The man you've said your going to dry hump.... The man you've done nothing but talk about.. The man you've said you were going to try to seduce asked you to sleep next to him and you tried nothing.... Not a damn thing?" She huffs. "Yeah right..."

Yoongi comes over and puts his hand out. "Want to go smoke?" I nod. "Coffee is making."

I stand up and sigh. "The man of my dreams. Offering me coffee. Oh I'm marrying you." I playfully slap his arm. 

The kiddo screams "Marry me, Yoongi!" He makes a face and we go outside on the balcony.

He lights up cigarettes and hands me one. I'm just beyond amazed he's doing this with me. Flabbergasted is still an understatement. "What time is practice and everything?" 

He's holding his phone but looking at me. "Got 5 hours before have to start." I nod. "You tell me favorite song?" 

I sigh and just look at him. "What do you think it is?" 

He stares and scrunches his nose. "I think you like them all... You have favorites from each of us. There is one that just..." He points to his chest and exhales.. "there. You know? So. Which one?"

I look down. "There's two that really do that... Fake love and heartbeat. The 'i wish you would love me' just makes me cry... I'm always the one that gives... I'm the one that fights so hard to keep my love warm, I forget I'm freezing to death..." I shrug.

"Yeah.. I know that... You change to make them happy." He sighs.

"Yeah. Just become their doll and just live for their happiness even if they rip you to pieces. You stitch yourself up, and savor their love for a moment." I nod and he hands me another cigarette. "I'm surprised you smoke so much." He laughs.

"You know.. We're going to play that for you. Just don't cry." He smiles at me.

"I'll cry. That song feels like y'all are reading my thoughts.." I start to tear up and laugh.

He watches me and I start feeling awkward and I try to tell jokes. "Can we get some coffee please?" He nods and he squeezes my hand when we walk in. I look at him and he smiles at me. "You don't have to sing that tonight... I'll totally ugly cry and probably puke..." 

"What?" Jungkook asks and starts laughing. "You'll puke? What? You kiss Yoongi? That makes some puke." He laughs harder and nudges my friend.

"Why are you in only your underwear?" I start laughing and cover my eyes.

"She told me to. So I did." Jungkook shouts "Open your eyes!" 

I keep them covered and Yoongi guides me into the kitchenette area.."I give you coffee. Go put clothes on. Shit." I hear laughter and them play fighting but I just feel strange seeing Jungkook in his underwear..

"Fuck girl. What did you do to Suga? He keeps looking at you and I saw that hand squeeze.." She whispers.

"Is the naked Maknae gone?" I laugh.

"Yeah. He's gone. A dressed Hoseok is here now." Yoongi says. "Coffee." He passes a cup to me. 

I'm embarrassed to ask for anything in it so I smile and take a step towards my friend. "Nothing! I swear! All we did was kiss. Not even with tongue!" I shriek 'tongue' and everyone looks at me. "Sorry... I burned my tongue... It hurt."

Yoongi takes my cup and pours something in it and hands it back. "I put milk in it. No wait. Cream? Yeah. Cream. I made it like mine." I smile and take a sip 

"Damn. That's fucking amazing, Yoongi." I hug him. "Thank you."

He hugs me back and I can feel him sniffing me and I worry I stink so I pull away a little. He looks confused and smiles.

"Anyway... Nothing happened. Trust me. I would be throwing the condom at you." I whisper to my friend.

"Who needs a condom?" Namjoon asks and laughs.

"Me. I'm going to go screw Jungkook." My friend says. Her daughter screams and runs out of the room.

"Go for it.." I laugh. Everyone else laughs and Yoongi stands closer to me.

"Hello?" I look at Yoongi. "Do I stink or something?" 

He shakes his head. "You smell like vanilla. Trying to figure out how."

I shrug and sniff my hair. "Smells like hair..." I sniff him and about fall over because he smells amazing. "You smell really good." I blush.

"Thanks. It was a gift years ago. I just keep buying it because I like it." He smiles. "I could give you a bottle if you'd like." 

"Oh no. It's okay. No gifts necessary. Just being honest... Having coffee with y'all is gift enough." I smile 

Hoseok laughs and starts saying "y'all."

I shake my head and laugh. Yoongi whispers something and he stops.

"You ladies hungry? We're going to order breakfast and whatever you want, tell me and I'll make sure it comes." Namjoon says.

"Oh. Umm... I dunno. I think I'll have coffee. Thanks." I hold my cup up and smile.

"No, you will eat. We will eat together." Yoongi says.

"Oh? Why?" I ask.

"You need to eat. I'll eat with you." He says.

"Oh okay, Daddy Yoongi." I smirk and everyone laughs. Yoongi turns red and scrunches his nose up. "Aww. Look at the kitty!" I pay his head and take another drink of coffee.

He starts meowing and rubs his face on me. I start squealing and laughing.


Everyone is in one room talking, laughing, and eating. I'm not eating very much and Yoongi takes my arm and puts a fork full of food in my mouth. I jump a little and he frowns. "You eat." I nod and chew. "Good. Then swallow and take another bite." 

"You know, nobody has ever told me to swallow.... I just do." I wink and the whole room erupts into laughter. Yoongi blushes. I blush as well.

"Um. Uhh... So.... I think I go smoke." He stands up and I follow. I take my vape out of my pocket and he takes it away from me. "When with me, you smoke a cigarette or not. These are bad."

I laugh. "These aren't?" I hold the cigarette he gave me.

"Yes they are. Those are known to be bad. These." He holds up my vape "there's more gross things."

I shrug and he starts asking questions about me. My life, job, pets, friends, etc. I ask him questions as well. We're just in our own little world we forget about everything.

"Time to go, Yoongi. We have to go do checks and everything." Namjoon opens the door and takes Yoongi's cigarette. "Thanks, man." I offer mine to Yoongi. 

"You come? Watch us?" I shrug. I see them inside dancing around and laughing a lot. "I'm going to say yeah. I'm sure the kid would kill me if I said no..."

Yoongi and I go back to his room and I take my clothes into the bathroom and take a quick shower and get dressed. I throw my hair up in a bun and step out. He's in his boxers and I just can't stop staring at him. I see the scar from where he has surgery on his shoulder and I kiss it. "Does it still hurt?" He shakes his head no and keeps brushing his teeth. I see scars on his chest and our eyes meet in the mirror. "Are those,....?" He looks away. "I have some too." I lift the sleeve of my shirt. "Razorblade... My upper thighs have scars as well. I guess we know the darkest of nights, huh?" He stands with his hands on the sink and keeps staring at my upper arm. "Sorry.... I'm sorry...." I step out of his way. "I just hogged the bathroom...." He shakes his head and leans against the sink looking at me.

"How old were you? When you first do that.." He folds his arms.

"Cutting? Oh. 15? 16? I burned myself before that. Or would hit myself. Burning did overlap the cutting... The last time I burned, I stuck a lighter to my tongue and my face swelled. I was so scared I was going to have to go to the ER. I was 14 or 15. I still hit myself and then just cut. Easier to hide." 

He nods with his arms still folded over his chest. 

"I'm sorry you went through that... It's the worst feeling ever.. That utmost despair.... Not wanting to live, but not wanting to die... The empty feeling. Wanting pain to end. That's why I am so close with my friends' kids. I notice things and act as the go between." He nods and keeps staring at me. "I'm really sorry..... I'll stop now."

I take a step away but he grabs my arm. "No, keep talking. I'm going to get dressed. You ready?" I nod. He starts talking about his parents not really supporting him, but he understood. Music is hard to make a living. For every band that makes it, 10 don't. He understood but he gave himself a certain number of years to make it big. He talked about his accident. He talks about his dark days, very briefly. He tears up and I hold his hand and nod. He smiles. "You aren't like the others that flirt with me. Are you?" I shrug. "You aren't. I want to know more." He kisses my nose. I giggle. "Shit.. can you get me a white shirt?" I look through his suitcase while he put his pants on and hand him the shirt. We walk out right after he puts it on.

I grab his hand and stop walking. He looks at me. "Thank you, Yoongi. Thank you for listening to me."

He nods. "Thank you for listening to me too." We smile at each other and start walking down the hallway.


Before the show, we're in the room where they meet fans. I'm watching do many people try to flirt with him but he doesn't flirt back. He just signs things and smiles. It's very machine like. The rest kind of flirt but he doesn't. I nudge my friend and point it out. She laughs and keeps messing with her phone. I decide I better check mine. I see a message from Yoongi.

"Thanks for being you."

I send one back "How come you aren't flirting? I wanna see you in action. 💜" He looks at his phone and laughs. "Come on, Suga. Flirt for me. I wanna see." He laughs again and just keeps the line moving. 

"Oh fuck. These again. Every night. They sing the same 2 songs, wrong. They try to do the dance, wrong. I hate them." He sends.

"Flirt with the tall one. I wanna watch. 💜 Come on, Yoongi. Make her day. You've already made mine." He smiles and starts talking. He makes a face and just stops talking. "What's wrong?"

"She say she doesn't understand why ugly people buy tickets. She says she's more beautiful. 🤮🤮🤮."

"Should I come over and kiss you?"

"Yes please!" 

"Okay. Stand up if you want to kiss me " he stands up. I tilt my head and he looks over in my direction. I stand up and walk over but I can't bring myself to cut in line. He waves at me and I wave back. I just think it might be better if I don't. "I'm sorry... I'm scared..."

"You look scared. I'll kiss you when they leave. Okay? I like your lips. They're soft."

I start touching my lips. "Yours are soft too.. You taste like something I remember but I don't know. Does that make sense?" I look around and run back to my friend and whisper about it texts. She laughs and I hide my face.

"Hey... Come here....." Yoongi says after the meeting of the fans is over. I walk over to him and he grabs my face and kisses me. I hold his face and keep kissing him until I moan softly in his mouth and I pull away. "Damn. Great way to be sent out to perform. I'll be thinking about you." He kisses me once again I just want to melt into a puddle on the floor.

"He kissed me again!!!" I squeal. I just can't seem to stop by heart beating super fast. My friend laughs and she shows me pictures she took. I tell her to delete them, which she does. I feel awkward seeing pictures like that.

"Alright, ARMY. This song is for someone special. She says this song is her favorite." Yoongi winks and the crowd goes crazy. I grab my friend's arm and start shaking. 

"They better not.... No fucking...... No...." I hear the song start. I tear up. Yoongi keeps looking in our direction and I can't stop the tears. I sing softly and end up screaming "I wish that you would love me" with tears streaming down my face. He keeps looking at me and they end up cutting the song short. 

"Sorry. Um. Bathroom!" Yoongi runs off stage. He hugs me and I just can't stop crying. He rubs the back of my head and holds my head to his chest. "Shhhh.. it's okay, baby. Listen to my heartbeat. Okay? When you get scared, remember that sound." He kisses the top of my head and he lets go. "You okay?" I nod and he wipes my eyes.

"Goddamn it." I sigh and he runs back out on stage.

"Sorry. I needed water." Someone hands out water and they all sit on the stage and talk to the crowd. He keeps looking in my direction and I think I need to walk away. I can't stop crying.

I ask where the bathroom is and I hear Namjoon say "We're going to take a little break and be right back. Okay?" The crowd goes crazy.

I'm in the bathroom just sitting on the toilet and someone bangs in the door. "Gimme minute!" The banging starts and doesn't stop until I open the door. Yoongi stands there. We just stare at each other.

He breathes heavy and he looks concerned. "Are you okay?" I nod. 

"Just crying. I'm be okay. Almost like when you're drunk and have a realization. It just hits..." I point at my chest. "Just hits..." He nods.

"Come help me. My back is sweaty.i need to change my shirt." He takes my hand and he hands me a fan. I'm holding it and he takes his outter shirt off and puts another on. "I think you need to put that by my pants." He whispers and starts pulling my hand.

I squeak and drop the little fan. He laughs and picks it back up and holds it in front of his face. "Damn. So hot." I put my hands on the back of his neck and he shivers. "Damn! Your hands are freezing!" He closes his eyes and I start rubbing his neck. He sighs and says "You will have to stay with me forever if you promise to do that every day." I giggle and kiss his cheek.

They gather up and head back on stage. I notice certain songs he looks at me and sticks his tongue out. I blush and giggle.

We are all in the hotel room and they're eating. I'm still not hungry. He decides he needs to feed me and I just start feeling sad knowing in less than 12 hours this will end.

In bed he snuggles close and whispers "You better keep in contact with me, babe. I mean it. I'll find you if you don't." I laugh and he kisses my cheek.

"And what will you do if you find me?" I giggle while asking.

"I will embarrass you at your job." He laughs. 

I roll over to face him and I start tickling him and he tickles me. We end up laughing so hard we're crying.

"Goodnight, baby feet." He kisses me softly.

"Goodnight, Korea boyfriend." I kiss him back but pull him back in for more kisses.


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