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Jimin and I are snuggling on a hotel bed, both crying our eyes watching a movie. Taehyung walks in starts laughing and takes a picture. 

"Sister, this is so sad!!!" Jimin bawling on my shoulder.

I hug him and sob on his shoulder. "I know!!!" 

We just snuggle and cry on each other like we're dying. Jungkook runs in the room and pounces on the bed. "Threesome!!!" He screams.

Jimin and I hug him and keep crying our eyes out. "Um. This isn't sexy...." He hugs us both and just lets us cry on his chest. 

Yoongi walks in and climbs on the bed.."You both watch that movie again?" He rubs my back and Jimin's back. We both nod and I curl up with my head on Yoongi's lap. He smirks and just keeps rubbing my back. "I've told you not to rewatch it..."

Jimin screams "It's so good but so sad!!!" He slaps the bed and I nod my head.

Yoongi looks down at me silently crying. "Kitten, it's okay. It's just a movie " he nods his head. "It's okay. Fake." 

Hoseok walks in hearing the crying and I cover my face and just cry with my head on Yoongi's lap. He plays with my hair and starts whispering the song he wrote for me. I keep crying and Hoseok kneels by the bed looking at my face.

"Sister.... Hey. It's okay. You're okay. I'm okay. Everyone is okay." Hoseok says and rubs my cheek. He pulls Jimin by his ankle closer to him. "Brother... Hey. It's okay. You're okay. I'm okay. Everyone is okay." He rubs Jimin's back. His voice cracks. Jimin and I look at each other and start sobbing more.

Jungkook says "Look. I'm not used to anyone crying in bed with me. They don't cry." 

Yoongi says "You're not doing it right then. Tell me what the movie is about again. I forget."

I sit up and start mumbling. He kisses my nose and I giggle. I start crying again and he kisses me. Each time, I cry less. He keeps kissing me and finally I'm not crying. I hug Jimin and he is still crying.

"It's about a singer that gets married to a girl and they get in a car accident. They don't remember each other. Their relationship was kept a secret so there's no real trace of them being together. He ends up falling in love with her again and she is angry at him because she remembers him. She is about to get married to a different guy and he stops the wedding. She screams "You don't remember what my lips feel like! I remember you! I remember everything." And the guy...." I start crying again. "He says he doesn't but he wants to relearn. She screams she was pregnant and was going to tell him after their date. He is shocked. She says she can't have kids and shoves him away. She doesn't marry the other guy. She throws herself in front of a train. She mailed him a letter saying "When you remember, I'll be gone. Don't cry. I've cried for you." He gets hit by a gangster guy and remembers.... Everything... Yoongi!!!!" I hug him and start crying again. Jimin screams and hugs me. Yoongi rolls his eyes but hugs both of us.

"Kitten. What else?" Yoongi says in a gentle voice.

"She's in a coma!!! Then the guy sings the song he wrote for her to her. She dies but smiles and holds his hand. The movie ends with a train screeching to stop!" Jimin screams and we hug and keep crying.

"Kitten... Jimin.... It's okay. It's just a movie. Not real." Yoongi whispers.

Hoseok and Jungkook go and get the others to help cheer us up. Yoongi starts singing silly made up songs but we keep crying. He starts dancing around and he just sits on the floor. "It's okay you two. Just cry. It'll be alright soon." 

We nod and keep hugging each other crying our eyes out. 

Namjoon walks in and yells at us to get up. "You two will not be laying there crying over a movie. I refuse. We are going to dinner soon. Now. Both of you get up and go get ready." 

"You look amazing, Namjoon..." I say between sobs. Jimin nods and we're standing next to each other, holding hands, and crying.

"Oh great. I thought one was enough. Now you had to marry another one, Yoongi." Seokjin says and laughs.

Jungkook tries to explain to the movie but nobody really cares enough to listen.

We walk out to the hallway and let go. Yoongi takes my hand and we go into our room. He takes a shower with me and tries really hard to get me to laugh. 

"Yoongi... I don't want to forget you... I don't want you to forget me..." I cry on his chest.

He just hugs me and kisses my forehead. "We won't, Kitten. Come on... Smile for your Yoongi." He turns the water off and starts to dry my hair with a towel. I half smile and he smiles. "There's my Kitten. My beautiful wife."

I giggle and wipe my eyes. "That movie is so sad!!!" I start sniffling again and Yoongi kisses me.

"I know kitten... Come on, let's get dressed." He tugs my arm.

We get dressed and meet his brothers. Jimin and I hug each other and he kisses my cheek. I kiss his back. 

"Oh shit. Look out. Jimin stealing your wife." Taehyung laughs.

Yoongi rolls his eyes and I lean on him.

They walk in front of me and I'm walking behind Yoongi. That's how we always walk when all together. I let go of Yoongi's hand and go sit down and just watch him shine with his brothers.


They're all standing on the stage in the room and I'm smiling at them cheering the loudest. A person next to me starts asking questions and I don't answer any. 

"How does it be to be the one that has been the inspiration for the biggest selling song for Min Yoongi?" The person asks. I just hand smile and go right back to watching them on stage. They're all taking turns having speeches and I cheer them all on. 

"How does it feel to be the Kitten to Suga?" The person is closer to me and I don't like it. I see Yoongi switching spots with his brothers to get closer to the edge of the stage.

"I would really like it if you allowed me to listen. Thank you." I half smile and turn back to the stage.

"Would you say Min Yoongi is more like Suga or AgustD? Since you're married, I'm going to go out and say...." I stand up and not allow the person to continue. 

Yoongi is stepping off the stage and walking towards me. He holds his hand out and he whispers "You didn't even have to say Oppa.." I giggle and squeeze his hand. "Come stand behind me. I'll just say a King needs his Queen meds to him." I smile and blush. 

"You could say a Lioness is always behind her King." I whisper. He smirks and Namjoon turns and looks at me and starts laughing. "Stop laughing. It's serious..."

Yoongi whispers "Yeah. Seriously serious."

Namjoon whispers "Seriously? Serious? Seriously seriously serious?" 

We all giggle and I poke them in the back.

"And I would like to hand the microphone to my brother, Yoongi." Jungkook says.

Yoongi walks over and holds my hand. "Well. Thanks. I know there's going to be articles written about how I don't go anywhere without her. A King never strays from his Queen. As she says, a Lioness always protects her King." He nods. "Yes, we seven started something we never thought would be this huge. I'm going to say this once. My brothers and I have been and always be seven. We're going to be 14 when the others get married. Then more when they add children. No, this is not an announcement. I'm just not going to stand here, letting someone try to get answers from my wife." He glares in the direction of the person. "Now. My original speech." I smirk and try not to giggle. The others keep whispering to me and I try not to giggle.

Jungkook shouts "Yeah! Yoongi!!! Yoongi!!!" randomly and everyone laughs. Seokjin points at Jungkook and he stops.

Jimin shouts "Suga!!!!" Everyone laughs. I cover my face. Yoongi looks at me and winks.

He starts back up doing his speech. He says something about his first mix tape.

Hoseok shouts "Tongue technology!!!"

I shout "AgustD!"

Everyone laughs. Yoongi turns around and rubs my hand and winks.

I smile and giggle a little.

"And that is why I married her, everyone. She thinks our little quirky things are cute and joins in. Now. Back to my speech." He holds my hand and tugs me to stand next to him. I watch his mouth moving and not really hearing what he's saying. I'm just fascinated by the way his lips, tongue, and eyes move. 

There's cheering and I jump. Jimin starts and I shout "Jiji!!!!!" 

Everyone laughs and he bows at me. I bow to him. 

This goes on for every member. 

After they've all spoke someone shouts "Have Kitten speak!" I shake my head no and try to hurry Yoongi up off the stage 

"Yeah. Go say something." Yoongi says.

I walk up to the microphone and it makes a noise. I jump. "How the hell did you guys not do that?!" Everyone starts cracking up and I whisper "Something. There. I said something. Twice."

I back up and Yoongi holds my hand. We all bow and the guys shout "Marry me, Yoongi!" Yoongi and I start laughing and leaning on each other.

We walk off the stage and take our seats.  I lean over to Jimin and whisper "What was this for?" Jimin whispers "We've been BTS for 15 years... Celebrating making a lot of people rich." I nod and we giggle.

Yoongi glares at us and I make a face at him. He squeezes my thigh and I glare at him. He smiles and kisses my hand.

We're listening to more speeches and Jungkook orders soju. We all have a drink and Namjoon says really loud "Oh good God. She's going to be screaming, chasing Yoongi around, and crying he won't marry her again." 

Yoongi says "Oh no. Namjoon is going to start getting naked and dancing."

Jungkook says "Oh no! She's going to be kissing on my brother!! Yuck! Oh wait. Seokjin is going to start dancing on the table naked!!"

Seokjin says "Hey. Where did the soju go? Oh great. Yoongi is going to be in his underwear dancing around and singing to her."

Hoseok says "Oh crap. Jimin is going to running around naked screaming for hugs!"

Jimin says "Oh no! My brothers are going to be getting naked and trying to kiss everyone!"

Taehyung says "Hey! Stop telling my secrets? Wait. No more Soju?!" 

I look at Taehyung and say "Beach?! Bitch?! Beach?!" 

Everyone starts laughing and Yoongi hugs me. 

I kiss his arm and he whispers "After this album, we're going on hiatus. They're all thinking about dating and getting married. Not long hiatus. Want to adopt a cat? We have a dog.."

I giggle and whisper back "Why don't we just sleep together for a week? Just cuddling, kissing, and sleeping." He nods and kisses my forehead.


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