Deadly Obsession - Ch. 1 Read Count : 67

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  The sound of my heels clicking on the tile floor let everyone know in the building I was coming and in a hurry to get where I was going. I didn’t want to be late leaving the work place today. My date at seven was all I could think about and I didn’t want to miis this opportunity. I’m not getting any younger and I’m definitely feeling ready to settle down. I’ve been looking for “the one” for awhile, but they always seemed to fall through. He’s either not ready for a relationship or has a bad habit I can’t overlook. Tonight would be different. Or at least I hoped so…. 

As I rounded the corner, lost in my thoughts and not really paying attention, I bumped into a rock hard chest. 

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was -“

 my words got caught in my throat as I looked up at the tall stranger. I couldn’t even finish my sentence. His eyes were a shade of steel blue and so cold they seemed to pierce right through me. In a way, they cause me to feel a bit intimidated. I back up quickly and stepped to the side. He grinned slightly as he watched me squirm from embarrassment. Those eyes then trailed my body, slowly as if he was looking me over. 

“It’s no problem.” He finally replied.

 He lifted his eyes up again to met mine and flashed a wider smile. Of approval maybe? I shivered slightly at the thought. 

“Do you work here?” I ask not really knowing why, I didn’t care.. I don’t think. The words just came out before I could stop them.  

He chucked and shook his head.” No, I’m just here on business.” 

“I see. Well, please excuse me and I am sorry.” I replied and walked past, picking up the pace hoping he wouldn’t try to flag me down again. 
I was thankful when I entered the elevator and the door closed behind me. Something about him was strange. I couldn’t out my finger on it. 

I brushed all my thoughts aside when the door slid open, leting me out in the parking garage. 


  • Feb 04, 2024

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