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We land in Orlando and I'm nervous. It's our first trip anywhere since announcing "us." He holds my hand and I'm walking behind him. We agreed I would walk behind him, I feel safer.

He looks behind me and I wink. He winks back. I feel my hands being sweaty and I hear screaming. I grab his arm and just stare. He hugs me and presses his forehead to mine. I sigh and we keep walking. 

The screams are getting louder and I can make out his name being screamed. I tug his arm, he stops and I whisper "I've screamed your name louder." He starts shaking his head laughing.

We walk out to a massive crowd screaming his name and a few screaming Kitten. I squeeze his arm and feel like I'm shaking. I'm looking at the massive crowd waving signs, shouting, and I notice a few faces I feel like I know, but not sure how I know. I squeeze his arm twice and he stops again, I know he's just wanting to get out of here. I point at the crowd and he yells "what?!" There's laughter a few screams of "Yoongi!!! Marry me!!!" He holds his hand up to show the ring. He grabs my hand and holds it up as well. Showing our matching rings.

The crowd keeps yelling "Oppa!!! Marry me, Yoongi! Yoongi, marry me!!" He just keeps his hand in the air. He takes his mask off. Everyone goes silent.

He holds my hand and kisses my cheek. "My finger isn't empty anymore. I can't marry anyone. I'm married." I just watch him talking to ARMY. There's a lot of fake crying and he waves. "I'm sorry! Married! My wife!" He points at me. I wave and bow a little. There's a ton of flashes and I squeeze his arm again. He yells "Sorry! Yoongi is married!" And he starts hurrying and I just giggle at him tugging me behind him.

We make it through the never ending corridors and I just start laughing. He hugs me and I keep laughing. He whispers "It's okay. Nobody would hurt us. The guys would protect us. They would protect you before me. They love you. Fuck. Everyone loves you more than me. Even ARMY." He kisses my cheek and rubs my back. "Just breathe, kitten." I nod and look in his eyes. His beautiful eyes.

We are asked questions about who were there, what we're going to do, and when we plan on going back. He mostly talks because he's my protection. He likes hearing me saying that to him. He says he would protect me no matter what. I just smile and, no idea how it's possible, fall in love with him more.

We get through everything and we are escorted to the cars he's rented. He smiles and hands me the keys. "You drive. I've always driven or we've been driven somewhere. You drive."

We get in the car and I'm laughing saying I'm a horrible driver. I go too fast, play music too loud, and dance around. He nods and relaxes in the seat. "Drive kitten." He puts his hand on my right knee and squeezes.

I connect my phone to the car and hand it to him. "Play something." He starts picking songs and I bobble my head and he laughs. He points to a gas station and he runs in and gets cigarettes. He lights them and I take it from his hand. He always smiles when I do that.

"Firestarter" by the Prodigy comes on and I start screaming and laughing. I hit the highway and start driving like I stole the car and fleeing from the police. He squeezes my leg and starts recording me and I don't realize it. He calls my name and I scream "I'm the firestarter!!!" He keeps laughing and holding my knee.

"Husband! Please play 'smack my bitch up' by the Prodigy. Please?!" I start slowing down and see the line of cars "our guys" catching up. I hear the first few notes and I reach over and rub his cheek. "This song is so amazing..." I scream and start speeding again. Dodging other cars, yelling, and laughing. I look down and see I'm going way, way, WAY too fast. He just laughs, holds my knee, and records. He's never seen me like that. 

We get to the hotel and he laughs when I hand the keys over. I seen timid, shy, and nervous. Nothing like I was in the car just moments before. We watch the security guys pull in and they start giving Yoongi a hard time about speeding. He points at me and I cackle. All of them have their mouths open and staring at me. 

I go to grab the bags but Yoongi stops me. "They bring them. We on honeymoon. Relax. No music, no working, nothing. In 4 days brothers come. So we are all alone. We order room service, sleep, watch TV, have snacks, have meals...." He kisses my forehead. "And whatever else you want." I giggle and hear his name being yelled. "Ignore it, Kitten. Let's gov to our room." I nod and he leads the way.

There's a little group holding signs and I see one that says something about his tongue technology. I start laughing and tell him to look at it. He shakes his head. "I was young and stupid. I wish I never said that. Most of the comments on our lives are about you liking my tongue." He laughs.

"I guess I could start a rumor that your tongue isn't that great..." He glares at me. "Come on. I can't have women and men fucking themselves thinking about your tongue... Trust me. I know I did... Watching you lick your fingers and wipe them on a camera lens... Watching you moving your tongue around in your mouth... Absolutely drooling over the idea of what that precious tongue could do to me... Yeah. You knew what you were doing." He looks at me funny and keeps walking to the room. 

After we sit down he sighs and looks at me. "Wait. You fucked yourself watching clips of me?" I nod. "You came while thinking about me?" I nod again. "Wait.... You think others are as well?" I nod for a third time. He looks at me in a mixture of amazement and disgust. I just laugh.

"I'm telling you, Yoongi... Your tongue... I don't think you know how dangerous it appears when you're thinking... Just sticking it out, it's adorable. You scrunch your nose, stick your tongue out, and wink.. Oh fuck... Watch out. Tides flowing...." He starts laughing really hard and gets up and looks in the mini fridge. "Anything good?"

He shakes his head. "Want to play soju game tonight? We could eat food, come back to out room, and play the game." I nod. I am starting to get tired all of a sudden. We both yawn at the same time. I get up, good his hand and we both climb into the bed and take a nap. 

We wake up to his phone ringing. It's Jungkook based on the ringtone. I nudge him. "Yoongi... Maknae calling." He stretches and answers his phone. He's sort of purring, growling, and snoring at the same time. I think it's an adorable noise. I take a clip of him doing it too show him later and share it in the blog. I get up I start brushing my teeth and he is hangs up. "He say that they are coming in 3 days not 4. No idea why. They want to share room like long time ago. Before we even left our neighborhood. Lived in dorm. I say no. I want to fuck my wife. Jungkook say he won't watch. Ach. Annoying brothers." He sighs and rolls over. "Come back. We sleep more." 

I climb back into bed and stay kissing him. He smiles against my lips and hugs me tight.


We wake up again and he calls room service. He orders food, soju, and water. I giggle and start watching random little clips on my phone. "Oh husband... Look.. Yoongi thirst videos." He curls up behind me and watches them. 

"I never do that!" He laughs and points 

"Yes you do. You always do that during that part of the song. Always." I giggle and kiss his arm.

"Okay. I never do that!" He holds his hand out towards the phone.

"Oh yeah you do. Always during AgustD songs. I'm telling you, Husband... Your personality changes. I can tell how you're feeling when we have sex. How you do it is different. All amazing, but different." I scroll to a different video.

"There's no way I did that... No fucking way..." He stares.

"Yep... You did. I have a similar clip. That was New York... Second show. Last US concert... You kissed me before that song. You said you were going to quote 'fuck to this song' and you were not Yoongi or Suga. That's all D. Even your eyes change." I start showing him clips I've taken of him to have memories when I'm missing him. He seems amazed that I noticed this. 

"An ex hated all sides but Suga.." He hugs me tight. "You love all sides. That's why I knew you were going to be my wife." He kisses my cheek and I giggle, pressing into him. "This is first time we sleep together with clothes on."

I start laughing. "No it's not. We've slept in our underwear before. We've slept in shirts and underwear."

He shakes his head.."No. Always naked." He smirks at me. 

I took my eyes. "No, husband. That was your other girlfriend." 

He snorts "I have no other girlfriend. You only girlfriend and wife." He kisses my neck and we start laughing. There's a knock on the door and he jumps up and runs to the door. "Yes! Food!!!" I get up and walk in and he's opening up a bottle of water and drinking it. "Oh. Can I order more soju? Like 4 more bottles, please. Thanks." He signs and carries the bottles and places them on a table by the bed.

We sit on the couch in the room and we eat. We talk about before us meeting, after we met, before we were official, before married, and now. We still laugh, kiss, touch, and look at each other a lot. Yoongi still says we're like teenagers..


We're sitting in the floor in front of the bed laughing and holding hands. "We did this game before we were married. We both cried a lot..." I whisper to him. He nods. "I think we already asked the really hard questions... Things are different now... We're married. Told ARMY about us... I met your parents... Omma seems to really like me... Even though I keep saying I don't know when I'll get pregnant...."

He laughs and kisses my hand. "This is good game to play. Harder questions get a drink, the truth gets a drink. I'm surprised you asked such questions, wife." I smile at him. "Ready?" I nod. He flips a coin and decides who goes first. He asks first. He opens a bottle and looks at it. "This harder than I thought...." We both laugh. "Ahhh... Got one." He takes a drink. "How do you honestly feel about having my brothers around a lot?" He hands me the bottle.

I don't take a drink. "I hate it." I take a drink "Honestly, I enjoy it. I always see a new side to you. Always learning something new about you. Something more to love about you and them. I simply love them but just as brothers." He smiles and sighs. "Did an ex have a problem with them being around?" He nods. "Stupid girl." He smiles and laughs. "Okay...." I think and take a drink. "When did you buy the rings?" I hand him the bottle.

He smiles and takes a drink, "After New York. I was getting gifts for family and saw the ring. It made me think of your eyes. So I bought it. I carried it with me. Wasn't sure how to give it." He takes another drink and scrunches his nose up. "When we first meet, did you hope to win me?" He laughs and hands me the bottle.

I take a drink and sigh. "I just wanted to give you all the food and the chopstick and spoon sets. I wanted to thank you all... I wanted to just hug all of you and just express the absolute gratitude I had towards you all. When you grabbed my hand and pulled me outside, I really hoped you wanted to get to know me." He smiles and takes the bottle and drinks. I do the same. "Why did you open the door that hard. The day we met. You threw it open like you were mad." I hand the bottle to him. 

He smiles and finishes it off like nothing. "I honestly hated those. ARMY would come in, trying to win us over, sing our songs horribly, dancing horribly, and at first it was cute. Then it's was like the little ones that did that at 5 were doing it at 20. Not so cute. I was annoyed at had to sit through another round of that shit. So I threw the door open but knowing anyone was there." He opens another bottle and takes a drink. "Did I hit you with the door or just the food?" He hands me the bottle.

I take a drink. "Honestly I don't remember. Maybe my arms? I know I was so nervous it spilled and I yelled at you." We both laugh remembering. He rubs my leg and smiles. "I just knew if it spilled I was going to smack the person that caused it. Then I saw you trying to hide something. I was curious. Then we smoked cigarettes together. I was so happy. I didn't care if that's where it ended." I take a drink and start thinking. "What did you tell your brothers had happened the first night?"

He takes the bottle and drinks. "Nothing. They didn't ask. They asked the second night. And when I flew you to New York. And then when I said you were meeting us in Japan. Our second night, I said all we did was kiss and talk. First night in New York, I said we kissed. The second night, they knew. I smiled a lot. I said I loved you in Japan. That's why they wanted to know you. They all liked you. Namjoon and Jimin were just saying that we should get married. Seokjin said he thought you were shy. Jungkook, Taehyung and Hoseok said you were so adorable. The way you squealed over postcards, sushi, and that one store you were running around in. You passed all their tests." He takes another drink.."Okay. Our first time.. Not having snacks, but our first time having a meal in New York... What did you think?" He finishes the second bottle and opens the third.

I take the bottle and take 2 huge drinks and cough. He laughs and wipes my chin. "I thought you were amazing... I tried to figure out who you were at that moment. Now, I can tell. You weren't just using me to cum. You cared about me. I just didn't want it to end. I was so nervous you wouldn't think I was good." We both laugh a little and I take another drink. "Why did you give me a cigarette when we first met?" 

He takes a drink. "I didn't know if you smoked or not. I was just sharing. You didn't start fanning your face or acting like that. So I offered. If you said no, I wouldn't have pushed." I nod and he pours a drink in my mouth and I start laughing really hard. He takes one and kisses me. "Why did you drive like that today?" 

I start laughing and he pours another drink in my mouth and he licks my chin and neck because I spilled. "I used to drive like that all the time. I scared an ex once. He was holding on the handle above the door and screamed. He peed his pants." He started laughing really hard and I take the bottle and take a drink. "Why does your father not really talk to me?" 

He takes a drink. "I don't know. Maybe because he isn't sure what to talk to you about. I'll have to ask him. I know he absolutely adores you. He approved of you before anyone. He said when you first picked up my youngest nephew and danced with him you were good daughter in law." He takes another drink and he turns it upside down. "Empty. Might need more I think. After bathroom break. What do you think?" I nod and we keep laughing because my leg is numb and his butt is numb. We don't go to the bathroom and we keep laughing about everything. We stumbling, the water being loud, everything. We sit back down and he calls for more bottles. "We are on out. They bring more up. They never brought the extra ones earlier. Or did they?" We look around the room and decide to use water. He takes a drink and makes a face.."Water isn't as good as soju. Anyway, what did think of Korea when you first visit?"

I take another water bottle and drink. "I thought it was beautiful. You drove me around and a few of your brothers were always with us. I liked it. And movies, posters, pictures, documentaries do not do justice. Absolutely beautiful." I take another drink. "What did Jimin say about me in Germany? I told him about that asshole that came to the door " 

He starts laughing really hard and finishes the water. "Jimin said you were such a good girl. He said you were like a wolf or a tiger. Ready to attack anyone that hurt her mate. You were a warrior girl." I smile and he drinks the rest of my water. "Let's go on the balcony. I want cigarettes." We stand up t go sit on the balcony overlooking the golf course. "When did you first become ARMY?"

I look for another water bottle and I decide to kiss him instead. "Kiss instead of drink. I first heard DNA. I looked up the translation and thought the song was really adorable. I danced to it in front of my ex. He screamed a few times to stop doing it. He thought it was stupid."  I kiss him again. "Do you want children?"

He kisses me softly. "I don't know. I don't think so. I love my nephews but I don't think having children would be really good for us. At least not right now. Plus we can always adopt." I nod. He kisses me again. "Do you want children?"

I kiss him. "I think adoption is best. You know what happened." He nods. I kiss him softly. "I need to think." We snuggle sitting on the balcony watching the stars. "What did you honestly think about me calling you Danna-sama?" 

He holds my face in his hands and kisses me deeply. There's a knock on the door. "I think soju." He gets up and answers the door. "No more soju. Only water!" He shouts out to me. I giggle and he comes back with bottles of water, a few things to eat, and some juices that look like school containers. "At first I didn't know what it meant. Then you explained. First time we played this." He lights up 2 more cigarettes. We're both smoking and looking at each other. "And I just didn't know why but I wanted to just pin you to the floor and ruin you." He takes a drink of water and sighs "I can't think of a question..." We kiss some more and watch the stars some more.

I take a water bottle and drink half of it. "What was your first thought knowing I would repeat everything you told me to in Korean?"

We both kind of snicker and he kisses me. "I thought I could get you to say things wrong or mispronounce things but decided to only have you say things I liked." We start kissing and decide he need to go inside.

We strip our clothes off and climb into bed. We start kissing but we snuggle and both start yawning. We snuggle closer and go to sleep after playing our game of truth.


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