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I don’t care what you do
I don’t care how you live 
I don’t care who your friends are
I just want to see you in heaven

I know you’ve been troubled 
I’ve seen trouble too
I know of your sorrow
And all you’ve been through
I come with a new path 
A different way of life
I come with solutions
For your suffering and strife

Jesus spoke of forgiveness
Of love not understood
He talked of redemption
And a new kind of food
He said he was the way
He said he was the life
He said come follow me
And I’ll give you eternal life

Many found their way
In their darkest hour
Found a road less traveled
Not trampled underfoot
They found a better day
Though trouble there may be
But the Lord showed them
Just who they could be

Many remained lost
Said, it’s not for me
But like the blind man
They just couldn’t see
The treasure up in heaven
City of pure gold
A loving GOD in heaven
With love pure and bold


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