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I'm watching a movie and talking to him. He's talking about the concert, a fan tried to kiss him but he ran away screaming. Everyone around laughed. "I wanted to scream that I have girlfriend. I don't need her kissing me." I try to stifle my giggles while he's ranting. "Why she think she can kiss me? Why?" He sighs. "Princess?"

I giggle. "Oppa, it's because she loves you. You do realize some ARMY are truly infatuated with you? I mean... Hello, Earth to Oppa.... Did you forget why I was so nervous around you?" 

"You are different. You didn't try to just grab my face and kiss me." He scoffs. "I didn't say hi. Hit her work door. Nothing. Just signing pictures. I look up and she tries to grab my face. I see she pucker up like going to kiss me. I pulled away, ran away, screamed, and everyone laughed." He laughs. "Such hard work. Everyone loves me. I only love my snack."

I start giggling like crazy and pause the movie. "You do any AgustD songs?"

"No. Only when you around. I like your eyes when I say tongue technology. You look like you crave me." He laughs. "I crave you too. Wanna make noises?" 

"You want me to make noises, Oppa?" I whisper.

"Yes, I want. If I could, I would listen to noises all the time. Make them into song." 

"That was done on a movie... The guy turns her moans into a song. I always cry during that scene.. Anyway, Oppa. I read you hurt your knee... You okay?" 

He starts laughing. "I cut my knee. Not bad. Like scratch but bigger."

"Like a carpet burn?" I think of how to describe it.

"Um.. No. Like rash. I slid on stage. Pants ripped. I have like rash.. No hurt." He yawns.

"Aww.. I should kiss it. Sleepy, Oppa?" I yawn back.

"Sleepy and need you." He sighs. "I sleep nice next to you. I don't wake up and want to sleep more."

"Yeah... I don't sleep well either.. I sleep better next to you. You're always so warm. I'm always cold."

"You are cold. No make noises." He laughs.

"And what would happen if you went to sleep while I made noises for you? I would feel horrible, Oppa.." I start to feel awkward.

"I could never sleep too your noises. They make need you. Need my snack, baby." He sighs. "We don't have to if you don't want."

"I want, but you need sleep.. Traveling tomorrow, right?"

"Yes, we fly tomorrow evening. We get there, sleep, then practice and soundcheck." He yawns again. This time it's longer.

"You need sleep, Oppa. How about this...? I make noises, send you clip. You can hear anytime.." I giggle.

"Yes please. I'll love it, baby." He yawns again and I giggle.

"Sleep well, Yoongi. Talk tomorrow. Deal?"

"Deal, baby. Goodnight, love you." He yawns 

I catch my breath and wonder if he meant what he said.

"Baby? You hear?" He yawns.."I'm so sleepy."

"I hear, Oppa. Get some rest... And, I do too."

He sighs. "Next time, say that. Okay, baby. I sleep now. Dream of you." He laughs before he hangs up.

"What the..." I laugh and drop my phone in my lap. I start the movie again and my phone starts ringing. I see his name. "Hey Oppa. Thought you were going to sleep..."

"Make noises. I need them. I can't feel you but I can hear you." He purrs.

I giggle. "Oppa... You need sl.."

"I need you." He sighs. "Okay, princess.. Are you not wanting it?" 

"Oh I want it all the time. It's just I'm worried about you getting sick.. Or not sleeping. If we make noises, you will sleep?"

He laughs a little. "Yeah. I sleep. I dream about you clawing me. Clawing like a kitten.." He stops talking and we just listen to each other breathe. "You're my kitten. Princess kitten baby feet." He starts laughing. "You like your new name?"

I giggle and cover my face.."You always saying baby feet. I swear..."

"You swear what? You love me? Well, my baby kitten. I love you. So I was first say it." He groans like he's stretching.

"You did say it first, Yoongi... I love you too. Okay, since I'm princess kitten baby feet, you're my kitty Oppa. No wait.. Oppa kitty meow meow." We both laugh at my cats meowing on the background.

"They say they want to meet their Korean Dad." He laughs. "Turn camera on. I miss your face."

I pull my phone away and see he's on cam. I turn mine on. "Hey there cutie. Mind if I kiss you? Would you girlfriend care?"

He smiles"You are girlfriend. You can kiss me whenever you want."

"No I can't... I want to kiss you now but you're too far away." I fake cry.

"You come? I fly you here. Well. I fly you there tomorrow. We be together. Even if we just snuggle and sleep. We have show then 3 days off. You come. I send you money. Or each tickets? I send." He sits up and turns another lamp on. "Really. You fly here? Well... There?" 

I get to and go look at my schedule on the fridge. "I work tomorrow night, but I have 4 nights off... I could, but you sure? I mean... I could look at tickets."

"Oh no. Hush, baby. Oppa kitty meow meow wants to sleep next to his kitten." He yawns again.

"How about I tell you a story? Noises when we're in person... We can have snacks." I wink.

"I just want my snack. You don't have to." He smirks.

"Did you not like it?" I honestly start worrying.

"Oh no, Kitten. I loved it. You are amazing. I just want to hear your noises. I know you enjoyed yourself. You squeezed my fingers.." He smiles. "So. You tell Selfie? What her name?"

"Shelby. I call her Shelbs. Yes. I show her pictures of you kissing me. She says it looks silly because I'm only a little shorter than you." 

"Why? You tall. I like that. Plus you're my kitten. My little kitten with claws. I think I cut my nails before feeling my snack... They look long.." he shows me 

"You can just kiss me.. I really loved kissing you. When I kiss you sometimes you growl in my mouth. I like hearing that." 

He smiles. "I like hearing you moan." He laughs.

"Okay, baby.. I'll rub. I'll make noises. You get sleep. We talk tomorrow.. Before work... Not at work. I get too turned on by your voice..."

He smiles and lays down "My voice? Really?" 

I nod "Your sleepy voice. Like now. I want to feel you so bad, Yoongi... I don't want.. I don't want you to hear a noise and laugh at me.." 

"Why I laugh? I love your noises." He turns his head and growls into the pillow. "I just think about them.. I get... Here look.." He flips the cam to front facing. He's stroking himself and purring. "Look what you do, baby... It's for you."

I start rubbing myself watching him. "May I see your face, Oppa?" I moan softly. "Please, Oppa?"

He switches again. "Why see my face?" He closes his eyes and growls again.

"I love you, Yoongi." I moan and his eyes fly open looking at me. 

"Say that again.. Please.." He groans and I notice his breathing is shorter, more shallow.

"I love you, Yoongi. I love you, Oppa." I moan and whimper "Please Oppa. I want you to feel good." I start gasping and whimpering his name. "Oh Yoongi.."

He moans "Oh kitten.. My kitten... I'm close."

I keep moaning and nod my head. "In my mouth, Oppa." 

He groans and grunts. I can tell he's came.

I smile at him. "You have no idea how sexy you are, do you?" 

He laughs a little and covers his face. "I make big mess.. Too bad you weren't here.." He winks and sticks his tongue out 

"You just like it in my mouth, huh? No where else?" I giggle 

"Only had your hand and mouth." He smiles.."So far." He winks again.

"Oh you think you should have that? You have had it already... Your tongue and fingers had it at least." 

He starts laughing. "I don't should have anything. Would love to have it though." 

I nod and smile. "Maybe soon... Anyway, Yoongi.. My love, you promised me to sleep after noises. You go to sleep." 

He nods and waves at me. "I love you, kitten."

"I love you, Oppa.." I smile at him and blow a kiss.


"We are flying. I miss you. I love you. Hope you are sleeping." He texts.

"I love you too. Just woke up. Dog kept kicking me. I woke up and I'm going to take a shower. Tell me when you land. Where are you going again? Texas?"

"I have texting on plane. Yes. We go to Dallas. I think. Yes, Dallas. We have concert then we are off for few days. You know that. Anyway, you fly tomorrow? I get tickets for you. You stay with me in hotel. Promise, no soju."

"I would love to, but tickets can be pricey this close. Please, no worries. I miss you terribly."

"It settled. I order tickets. You fly tomorrow after work. You get here and nap. Then concert, we sleep together."

"Oppa, I don't need tickets.. please..."

"You're girlfriend. Let me. Deal?"

"Yes, boyfriend."

"Okay.. You kitten, my good girl."

"You there? Tickets bought. You go to airport and I send you email." He sends the email in the text. "You follow those. You see me. I meet you there."

"I'm here, Yoongi.. I'm just shocked... My flight is at 10. Correct?"

"Yes, kitten. 10. I meet you at airport. They let me."

"I'm not sure, Yoongi.. We will hug in the hotel though."


I'm standing at the gate waiting for now boarding. I hear now boarding. I don't pay attention to what 'class' I was in and assume I'm economy. I was wrong. He bought first class. I never been in first class. I'm shocked and amazed. He even bought a WiFi package so I get a password and told not to give it out.

"On the plane... Really? First class? Yoongi..."

"You deserve. Hush."

"Thank you." I send a selfie with a drink. "I'll get drunk so I don't worry so much."

"What drink? I buy some for you."

"Champagne. Not a huge fan. Mostly drink beer if I drink."

"Good. I buy beer. We drink together. Then sleep, my kitten."

I giggle and send a picture of my shoes. "No baby feet. Tennis shoes."

"Such baby feet. My baby feet."

"My Yoongi."

"Excited? Only 1 more hour!!!!"

"Very! Aren't they going to know something is up with us?"

"Brothers don't mind. They tease me. I say they're jealous."

I laugh and cover my mouth. "They tease you now?"

"Yes." He sends a clip of all of them making kissing noises, shouting his name, and they're laughing.

"Tell them that's not nice. They need to be nice to Kitty Yoongi.." 

He sends a clip of him yelling "Be nice to Kitty Yoongi!" They start meowing. Then they all laugh. I barely make out someone asking "who is she?"

"Who asked who I am? You have so many girls they can't track? LMAO"

"No. Only you. They talk about some stage woman. They know you " He sends a picture of a female holding a clipboard. "They ask who she is. Not kitten."

"Just announced almost landing. Only a little longer and I hug you!!"

"Want me at airport? I can wear mask, hat, and nobody know me."

"Everyone would know it's you. Your eyes. Are least ARMY knows you and your eyes."

"Only you know my eyes, kitten."

"Oppa, I can't wait to hug you." I sigh and put my phone on my lap. It starts going crazy and I look again.

"I miss you. Here pictures of me and my brothers." 

He sends pictures of them being silly. Making faces, laughing, play fighting, sending finger hearts, blowing kisses, and mostly selfies of him.

"All adorable, Oppa. You're the most beautiful though." I wonder if he will get tired of me calling him beautiful.

"You beautiful. Now. Come to hotel. Driver with sign say baby feet. You come to me. I need hugs."

I sigh and grab my backpack from overhead and my messenger bag. I smile at everyone and thank them for everything. I'm walking around following signs when I see them looking at me.. I have to buy the magazine to show them. At least my Oppa will laugh.

"You lost? Driver not get you yet." He texts. "Fuck text. Call me."

I call him "I'm on my way. Yes, got lost. I'm okay." 

He starts talking about how we have 3 hours before we all eat together. He wants to cuddle before eating.

I giggle. "Cuddle before eating? Always?"

He doesn't know what I'm giggling about. "Yeah. You and me cuddle then we eat."

I giggle more and whisper "Eat what?"

He catches on and laughs. "Oh no. No no no no no! I don't do that before seeing brothers. I need more time to have my meal properly." He purrs and I sigh.

"I see the sign, Oppa.. Baby feet in purple." I giggle 

"Yes. Purple, my kitten. Like your hair. I dye my hair too. Well, think about it. What you think?"

"Hi.. Baby feet? And... What else should I say, Oppa?" 

"Say 'Min sent me.' I think."

I repeat and the driver smiles at me. I follow him to the car. "I'm in the car. I hangup because it's rude.." He laughs.

"Driver is not paying attention to you. He's driving." He laughs. "Tell me when close to hotel. I come and meet you."

"No! Someone will see you..." I close my eyes. "You get hurt.."

"No, nobody know me. I make sure. I want to hold your hand. We come to room and cuddle."

"Okay, Oppa. You do what you want." I sigh.

I see him in the lobby looking around and when he spots me he waves. I wave back. He comes over and grabs my bags. I take my backpack back and smile at him.

"Boyfriends carry bags. Not girlfriends. Definitely not kittens." He elbows me in the arm gently. I sigh and hand it over to him. He holds his arm out so we're linked. "Now, girlfriend. We go nap." We ride the elevator and we get a few weird looks but I just look at him and smile.

"Yay!!! Cuddle time!!!!" I squeal.

He lays down on his side and I climb into bed next to him. I start feeling sleepy smelling his scent and kiss him. 

We snuggle and both drift off to sleep. We wake up to someone banging on the door. I jump and squeak. He smiles and hugs me. "I protect." He yells something in Korean and I hear the door open. "Kitten, Namjoon is here." I try to turn my head but he isn't letting me. "We sleep more." He fake snores.

"Where does your kitten want to eat? They decide she picks." The voice behind me says.

Yoongi looks down at me. "Where? You pick."

I shake my head. "Oppa picks." 

He says something I don't really pay attention to and they start talking. I just hug him and look at his face. He's so beautiful.

"Oppa, I need to breathe.." I giggle. I roll on my side and see Namjoon sitting on a chair texting. He smiles at me and waves. I wave back. "Hi. How are you?" 

"Good. We only have the show then off a few days. You staying? I told orders. We eat soon." He sighs and looks at me.

"I guess? If he wants me to." I guess I sound sad.

"What you mean? Of course I do. Stop those thoughts." Yoongi says in his aggressive voice. "My America girlfriend." He hugs me.

I smile and close my eyes. "I sleep more."

They both laugh. There's more knocking and I hear running footsteps and someone pounces on us. I scream and see Jungkook smiling. "Hi." I cover my face with the blanket and laugh. "She is sleeping. What you do to her?" Jungkook laughs and gets up.

"Cuddle." Yoongi yawns. He scoots closer to me.

The room is filled with their voices and laughter and I just listen feeling happy. Yoongi yawns again and kisses the back of my neck. "Want to go to other rooms? We wait for food together." He whispers in my ear.

"Yeah. Sounds good." I yawn. "I need coffee I think. Still sleepy.." 

He yawns and stretches. "We get coffee."

We get up and everyone is looking at me. I climb back into bed and just cover up. He sticks his head under the blanket. "If you don't eat, how can I have my snack?" He licks my arm and winks. I smile at him.

"I'm shy..." I whisper and he nods. When he pulls the blanket off I shiver. "I'm cold.." He hugs me and I laugh.

We all go to another room and Namjoon is asking about how I'm feeling. I say I'm shy when people look at me a lot. He says I must feel shy around Yoongi because he's always staring at me. 

"What? No he doesn't!" I laugh and look at Yoongi. He's staring at me from across the room. His serious eyes... I sigh. "I love his eyes..." 

Namjoon laughs. "He loves yours. Says they're like ocean."

The food arrives before I can say anything and Yoongi has me sit next to him. I pick at my food and Yoongi starts feeding me. I stop after a few bites and he shakes his head.."you eat all for me, baby." I giggle and cover my face.

"You eat too, Oppa.." I turn my head when he offers another bite.

"You want me to eat?" He smirks. I nod my head and take a drink of his water. Making sure I put my lips on it. "Okay. I eat." He pulls me up from the chair and starts dragging me out the room while I giggle like crazy.


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