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Her heart weeps for what is feeling critically inevitable a defeat that could not be won!
A battle of poor decisions by her loved ones which they keep making over and over again.

She weeps internally though hiding it mostly and only sharing some of just how much this does rip her up causing mourning to set in for what she can't prevent, Her own sister with multiple sclerosis and a wicked dude 
as a her husband who is all ways of abusive, Yes this woman with ms and two kids 
she loves so deep ages 8 & 10
 So desperate that she now 
cannot make a safe choices now!

So she weeps and weeps 10 years encounting buckets gods keepin 
of my tears for I can't save my sister🥹

Now for this one her husband I cannot 
blame so it hurts my soul my entire 
being😓 that she decided to add 
another giant dog who's pup right now 
but will be huge, It was her choice
to add another pitbul /healer mixed dog
when the first one has been causing 
them such a ruckus but my sister must of been high I know she was not thinking!!!

And now it's obvious to me her critical thinking skills are that of no more & a husband who doesn't give a shit and thinks hahah now look who'll be on the floor 🫨

He is mean and he's not wise with a narcissistic tongue a double edged sword
day in and day out screaming profanities 
and Yes she does engage defending 
herself as she Should be yet both 
could learn to calm themselves down
but now I come to realize there's nothing not nothing I could do to make things improve for her if she continues down this path so I pray jesus I pray oh God I Pray to you to Protect and Guide her since I cannot be there in jesus your name I pray. Amen


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