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"Hey kitten." He purrs into the phone. "You okay?"

"Yes, husband.. You really want me to fly to you tomorrow? I mean... You really sure?" I start counting the flights I've taken in the past few months. It's more than I've ever flown in my life.

"What's wrong? Tell me. And yes of course. I need my wife. You act strange since Germany." He yawns.."I drink coffee and we talk. Okay?" 

I fight off tears and try to sound happy. My "bad thoughts" as he puts them are haunting me tonight. Maybe it's because I am missing him, feeling insecure, or just need sleep. Not sure. "Yes, husband."

He starts whispering about what we're going to be doing together in the next few days. He purrs and kisses the phone. I giggle. "Turn cam on now." He does his "D" voice. 

"I'm a mess. Plus it's dark.." I start to panic and wipe my face.

"Turn light on. I see your face." He demands.

"Yes, husband.." I turn the lights on and my cam.

"You crying. Why? Bad thoughts?" He looks concerned. I nod. "Stop. Korea husband says stop. My wife will not have bad thoughts without me. That why you have to stay with me. Soon. Move with me." I nod. I hear someone talking and he ignores them. "My wife need me near her all times." He sips his coffee and stares at me. 

I feel his eyes burning into my soul.."Do you think we knew each other in different life?" I half smile at him. 

"Yes. You my wife then. That why you love when I touch you." He smiles. "Want coffee? Wait. I change ticket. You fly soon. Call back."

I go and grab my bags and move them to the front door. I wait until he calls back.

"Yes. Car get you in 30 minutes. You fly here. Change ticket." He yawns. "I pick you up." 

"Yes, husband. Better hang up. Need to get ready.."

"Yes. Call when in car. Kitten..." He sighs. "I love you more than anything. My kitten."

I giggle a little but just wanting to cry. "I love you too, husband.."

"Shower with me when you here." He says. "Now, go finish. You come soon." 

I smile and hang up. I write a note saying I'm leaving earlier than planned. I'll check in later. I put the money he sent me through a wire transfer on the table. "Mortgage" I wrote on the envelope. I get my bags and go outside when I see headlights. I run to the car feeling the air on my face thinking about how I will be hugging him soon. I text "In car. I'll text when at the airport."

"No. You call." He responds. He calls when I don't call him fast enough. "I tell you to call." He snaps. 

I giggle. "I didn't want to bother you."

He says I'm a loud voice."I want you bother me. You wife. Stop bad thoughts. Yoongi says so." 

I sigh and glance at the driver. I see the lights on his earbuds and know I can say whatever I want. "Oppa, will you...." 

He purrs. "What, kitten?" 

"Do like before... When I cry.." I look out the window and see the landscape rushing past.

"Yes. I will. Oppa will, kitten. Almost to me." He sighs.

"Yes, Oppa." I sigh. 

We sit in silence but I swear my soul is talking to his and we don't know what they're speaking. 

"Listen to music. You smile. Then I make you happy by tasting." He laughs. 

I talk about work and start crying. It's been a rough feel days. I told my boss I need time off. I swear I don't know what I would do without him. He supports me so matter what I decide.

"I see the airport, Oppa. Wait..  driver was speeding.." I laugh. 

"Good. I paid extra. Now go in. Fly here. Text when you get on plane." He sighs. "Not long now."

I walk in the airport talking to him about nothing really and regretting I wore the shirt he gave me. I'm getting looks and some cheers. It says "Suga" across the back and has the BTS emblem on front. He said to wear it when I miss him. So I wear it a lot. He talks about nothing really but we're just filling time. The plane starts boarding and we hang up. 

I send him a selfie and notice my eyes look sad. He sends one and his look sad as well. I try to remember what it was like when he was just my bias and not my boyfriend. I sigh and close my eyes waiting for the moment I can just hug him.

"I'm outside in car. Hurry. I drive." He texts.

"Walking to outside. At blue exit." I take a picture.

I see a car flashing it's lights and I decide to just cut through the traffic and I see him waving. I jump in. "Drive, drive, drive!" I squeal. 

He carefully gets through the traffic at the doors and floors the pedal. I start squealing and he hands me his cigarettes. "Light, kitten." 

I light one and have it to him. "You have one too." I light one for me. I crack my window and just watch him driving. I wonder what it would be like being with him in Korea watching him drive as his wife.

We pull up to the hotel and he throws the keys out the window at a valet. "Tip in car." He walks over to me and takes my backpack. He smirks at it. "Really? You carry this?" He points seeing it's the BTS backpack I carry to work. I nod. He laughs again and kisses my forehead.

He tugs my arm and smiles. "Let's go. Shower. Then I take care of kitten." I smile, really smile, and he kisses my forehead again.

He slams the door and starts taking his clothes off. "Come on kitten." He takes my shirt off. I get naked and we go shower. He hugs me and whispers Korean to me while I cry on his chest. He washes my hair and we get out. I'm drying off when he pushes me towards the bed gently. 

"Oppa.. Snuggle?" I ask softly.

He nods and we lay in bed and snuggle until we both drift off to sleep.


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