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I'm laying on the couch in his home studio. I can barely hear the song but he will turn and look at me and smile. I smile back. I'm just playing games and chatting with my Jiji, Jimin. I started calling Jiji and everyone teased Yoongi about it. 

"What's he doing?" Jiji texts.

"Looking like the world is going to fall apart of he doesn't finish this song. He puts such a huge pressure on himself." I send a clip of Yoongi growling and muttering to the computer. 

"Maybe you should give him a snack." Jiji sends.

"I'll try. It's been a few hours since he's looked at me. Good idea, Jiji!" I send back.

"Oppa..." I whisper.

He looks at me. "Yeah, kitten?" He stretches and growls.

"I need a snack..." I start crawling over to him. 

He smiles and waits until I'm crawling up him. "Kitten, I know... You're wanting attention from Oppa." He kisses me. "I need to get these done. I love you." 

I lean my head on his chest and hug him. "Still love me, husband?" 

He laughs.."More than anything, wife."

I look up at him. "Can we see Omma tomorrow? She's been calling saying she misses you." 

He smiles and kisses my forehead. "Finally calling her that I see. Have you said it to her yet?" 

"Not yet, Danna-sama." I breathe in his scent. 

He tightens his hug and sighs. "My kitten. Always being cute." 

I giggle. "Oppa, do you mind if I go see Jiji?" I look up at him.

He kisses my lips softly. "No, go see Jiji. Get something for Omma. We will go see her. Maybe you can stay there and get to know her better. Maybe she will stop talking about you wearing her damn hanbok." He sighs and laughs. "When you get back from seeing Jiji, we will have a snack. I promise."

I scrunch my nose up and giggle. "Oppa!" I kiss him and lick his bottom lip. "You sure no quick snack?"

He growls and closes his eyes. I start undoing his belt and he looks down at me. "Really, kitten?" 

"I need a quick taste... I miss your taste." I try to look sad.

"How about one taste? Then if you want... Maybe quick meal." 

I giggle and start licking him and looking on his eyes. He rubs my cheek and purrs. I look up at him and back away. He smirks and stands up. I notice he pushes a button. He waves his hand and I take my dress off and lay on the floor naked. He crawls up me kissing my body. I giggle and kiss him.

He starts whispering in my ear and I squeal and giggle. "Good. You're learning, kitten." He kisses me and starts teasing me with the tip. I whine and try to not hold back making noises. "Good, kitten. Make noise for Yoongi." I coo at him and kiss him.

"Please Oppa... Please, husband?" I start whimpering and trying to push into him but he keeps moving. "Husband! Please!" He bites my shoulder and I squeal really loud. "Husband!"

He purrs. "Yes, wife?" He finally gives me my reward. I sigh and tuck my head between his chin and shoulder and moan his name. "Scream it, Kitten."

He starts pounding inside me and I'm screaming his name and kissing him. He smiles looking down at me between kisses. I start screaming I love him in as many ways I can think of.

He cradles my head and starts slowing down and growls again in my ear, this time it's longer and deeper. I can tell he's trying not to finish.

"Cum inside me, Yoongi." I wrap my legs around him and scream.

He kisses me and bites my neck. "Yes, my wife." 

I squirt on him as the same time he cums inside me. We're laying on the floor giggling and kissing.

He stands up and I crawl after him to clean him, like always. He laughs and rubs the top of my head. I finally catch him and start cleaning him up. He purrs and whispers to me.

"So what number is that, Husband?" I ask seeing him push buttons.

"140." He smiles. "One of these days I'm going to use these for a song. Nobody will know."

I giggle looking at the folder filled with our recordings. "ARMY will know. They can pick out you or Abby of your brothers burping... They'll know it's us."

He laughs and shrugs.

"Which is your favorite?" I point at the screen.

"This one..." He highlights one. "65. It's the first time you spoke Korean to me."

I smile. "I would repeat after you so I spoke before then.."

He laughs.."No, this was you saying it. No prompting, no reminding, just you screaming."

"Does Oppa count?" I lean my head on his knee.

"No, Kitten. I'm sorry, wife." He laughs harder. "Anyway, better go shower and go visit Jiji. Text me when you see something for Omma."

I look up at him and nod. "Yes, my King." He winks at me and starts getting lost in music again.

I walk to the bathroom and text Jiji. "140... Getting ready. Be there soon!"

"Damn. Since when?" Jiji responds.

"August. That's only in his studio. No wonder he always had candles in it, huh?" I send back.

"Remind me to never sit there..." Jiji sends a laughing emoji.

"Yeah yeah yeah. Evening had been cleaned. You know that Jiji.."

He responds with a selfie. He looks like he's going to be sick. I laugh. 

"Be there soon. Will you help me get gift for Omma?" 

He hearts the message and sends a heart.

I get take a shower and get dressed. 

"I love you. I miss you. You hurt me today, husband. I'll bring food. Need anything else?" I send Yoongi.

"You. Alcohol and you." He sends a clip of the newest song and I send a screaming gif. 

"Seriously, husband. You're talented." I send and walk out the door missing him. 

"Wife?" He shouts from the door. 

I turn and look at him. "Yes?" He motions for me to come closer.

I walk to him and he kisses me. "Have fun. I love you." I leave and giggle the whole way to see Jiji.


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