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"So what if you come to the show? I meet you outside and you come backstage." He says. "We are less than hour away. Come see me."

I look at the time and know I have to work. "I have to work..." I can't believe he wants to see me. "If I do, I would have to bring my friend and her girls. Would you hug them? The youngest is in love with Hobi.. Think he would hug her?"

"We will hug everyone. I might kiss you though." He laughs. "Or I might just whisper in your ear that I need to hear you."

I sigh. "I would love to kiss you, Yoongi."

He clears his throat. "What you say?" 

"I would love to kiss you, Min Yoongi." I feel confused.

"What I tell you to call me?" He says I'm a gravely voice.

"Oppa... You say to call you Oppa..." I feel myself blush.

"Try again, Baby feet." He laughs.

"I would love to kiss you, Oppa." I whisper.

"Louder." He says and purrs.

"I would love to kiss you, Oppa!" I practically shout.

"That's my good girl." He says. I can't believe he remembered that I said I liked being called that.

I whimper. "I call my boss... And my friend..."

"And you call me back. If no answer, text. I'll be practicing." He laughs. "And thinking about how good girl you be."

"Yes, Oppa." I sigh. We start laughing and say bye.

I call my boss, she said she figured I would call out because she heard a rumor someone won tickets. I laugh and explain I have to meet my husband. She laughs and says if I did meet him, take a picture and send it to her. I say I will. I call my friend and explain I need her and her girls to be ready in 2 hours..  We're going to concert. She says they don't have tickets, and it's sold out. I yell her not to worry.

I call him back. "Hey good girl. You be here? When?" 

I take a deep breath. "I'm getting them in 2 hours. My boss wants a selfie with us... Oh... I dyed my hair since we saw each other... It's purple now... I hope you like it, Oppa."

"You dye your hair without asking me? Oh bad girl. I will think of punishment. So be here in 3 hours?" He snickers into the phone.."So I dye my hair purple? We match?"

I giggle and say yes. He asks for picture and I send one. He says it makes my eyes look more blue. I giggle. We start talking about what he thinks I should wear. 

"I thought about Van shirt and jeans... I wear combat boots... You don't like, Oppa?" I am looking at my clothes.

"You wear shirt from concert. Jeans. Baby shoes. What colors?" He sounds like he's eating.

"I have black, pink, and purple. What are you eating, Oppa?" 

"I'm eating.. Namjoon! What this? Energy bar. After concert we eat together. All together. You sit on my lap at least once." He laughs. "What? I tell her to. No, not drinking. Yeah, baby feet. She bring friend and kids. Hobi!!! You big hug the one. You favorite." I hear Hoseok cheering on the background. "Namjoon is other favorite?" He asks while chewing again. 

"You, Oppa... She says her bias is you." I giggle 

"No. You only. She likes Namjoon now." He laughs. "Namjoon says hugging kids is weird. He's a grown man, no hugging kids." He starts laughing. "But I hug you, baby feet. Hurry here. I want hug from you." 

I sigh and giggle 

"Oh you sigh for me? Being a mean girl? Oppa punish you for that." He whispers.

"No!!! I'm being good, Yoongi! Not touching." I squeak

"What you say?" He laughs a little.

"I'm being good, Oppa Yoongi." I giggle.

"Only Oppa. Say something like other night at work..." He sighs.

"I will in your ear, Oppa. I'll kiss you and whisper something in your ear." I cover my face and blush.


"Hey, Oppa.. Walking to front door. I just say "baby feet?" I text.

"Yes. Baby feet. You get escort." He texts back. "Also, good girl. You say Oppa."

"Yeah. Got the code. Let's go to the security guy. Hold my hands, girls." My friend holds one each like I do. We walk up and I say "Sir, hi... Sorry to bother you... I was told to say... Baby feet... Yoongi said to..." I whisper the last few words. He nods and starts escorting is through the crowd chanting, singing, screaming, and laughing.

"Damn, Auntie... You really did know a code!" The oldest says.

"Yeah. Pays to be a good girl." I laugh and squeeze their hands.

"We can take a cart if you'd like. Get there quicker." The guard says 

"Yes please. Thank you." We all get in and I lean on my friend. "I'm going to text him.. watch this..." I text him saying that I'm not let in. The guards told me to go away.

"I come. Where are you? I bring you. You have to be here." He texts back. 

"Open the door. Wait. Are you dressed? There's kids here." I text.

He opens the door and I nudge my nieces towards him. "Look at you both. So cute!" He pats their heads. "Hobi!!! Namjoon!!" He smiles at them. "Meet you fans." He walks over to me and hugs me really tight. He kisses my neck and whispers "I punish you.. After concert." 

I giggle and hug him back. "Oppa, I want to taste you right now... I want to taste just the tip... May I, Oppa?" 

He pulls away and growls at me. "You friend? Hi. I'm Yoongi. Suga.."
She laughs. "I know who you are. She's only been in love with you since.." I glare at her. She smiles.."You are her favorite. She was going to name her dog Suga." He looks at me with his mouth open 

"You name dog after me?" He starts laughing.

"No, was going to... I was told I couldn't have 6 more so I would have everyone... So he was named something else." I start shuffling my feet. I look up and see the girls dancing around and laughing. They're so happy. I smile at Yoongi.."Thank you. They're going to be talking about this forever." I see them taking selfies and hear them screaming. Their mom walks over and starts teasing them.

"Come. Now. Follow " Yoongi grabs my hand and we walk towards a bathroom and go in. He doesn't say anything but has me walk in front of him into a stall. "Sit down." 

I obey him. I can't believe I'm alone with him. He starts undoing his pants and takes my hand and places it on him. "Do it. You said you wanted. So do." He purrs and rubs my cheek.

I lean my head down and start licking him. He moans softly. I look at him and he's looking down at me. He whispers something and I just smile at him. He rubs my cheek and purrs. I start sucking and when I feel him moving his hips slightly.

"Yoongi!" Someone yells.

He looks down at me and taps my cheek to signal I need to stop. I whimper softly and he kisses the top of my head. "More later. Now you taste me. Like?" He readjusts and pulls his pants up. "Yeah. Be out. Time?" He shouts back.

I sigh and lean my head on his stomach. "I wish there was more time, Oppa.." I whisper and look at him.

He's smiling and rubs both cheeks. "After. So. You like taste?" He smirks at me.

"No. Didn't like." I say 

"Didn't like? At all?" He starts looking sad.

"Nope. Didn't like. I loved it. I want more... Please Oppa.. More?" I pout my bottom lip out.

He smiles really big and winks. "After. Promise. Who drive? You or her?" He opens the door and there's a guy with a clipboard. Yoongi sighs. "What? We talk. Nobody see." He grabs my hand and holds it. We start walking back to the group and they start shouting something in Korean. He waves his hand and shakes his head no. I just can't believe I just had him in my mouth...

"You drive?" Yoongi asks my friend.

"No, she did. I mean. I can take her car if she needs to learn Korean." She winks.

"Yes, please. Pick out merchandise. Say it's for baby feet. You have . No problem. You go with us to eat after? We get steak. No problem. She learn Korean from me. Only me." He laughs really hard. 

I keep staring at him holding my hand. He looks at me and squeezes my hand. I gasp and look up. Everyone starts laughing. I half smile. Jimin comes up and hugs me tightly. I pat his back and smile at him.

We follow them to the stage and Yoongi kisses my forehead. "Listen for song about you. I talk to them about doing it." He kisses my lips softly.

I smile and nod. "Yes, Oppa. I will." 

I hug my friend and her girls are just taking pictures of themselves. I wonder if they got that kiss in the background.. "Hey girls! Come here. Show me pictures!" I start zooming in and see they both did. "Send me your pictures. Okay? No posting certain ones. Okay?" I look at my bestie. She nods.

"I'll look at them first. Okay?" She smiles at them. They go running to the sidelines and we walk up behind them. The show begins.


Halfway through they all sit down and start talking to the crowd. Yoongi looks at me and smiles. "This song.. It goes to a special girl here tonight." 

I feel my heart beating faster and I lean on my friend. "Did he just dedicate a song to me?" I scream over the singing.

"Yep. Sure did.."

Jungkook screaming as the others sing his song "Yes or no" is intense. He's tearing up and they all sing the chorus with him. Yoongi looks at me when singing. I cover my mouth because I know it's open.

I decide that I need to record the last chorus to make sure I remember.. I zoom in and see Yoongi smirk. He starts sticking his tongue out and licks his bottom lip. I shiver and stop recording.

"Damn. What did you do to him?" My friend yells.

"I don't know!" I yell back.

I hear Daechwita start playing and they start laughing and imitate his sword dance. Yoongi comes running to me, kisses me softly and winks. "I'll be thinking about licking you." He says I'm my ear.

I barely hear it. He takes my phone and takes a selfie. I look stunned. "Send to boss." 

I smile at him, he rubs the bridge of my nose, and runs back out on stage. He starts rapping and looking at me. I shiver again and my friend starts laughing. I send the selfie to my boss. "My bias. Yoongi." 

"Damn. You really did meet them. Have fun. You work tomorrow night. Have fun." I nod at my phone.

I go back to watching the concert.


"Why do we have to wait here?" The youngest asks me.

"They're taking showers and changing clothes. Yoongi said he wants us to eat with them. You girls want to?" 

They both start squealing and screaming. 

"Can I sit by Hobi?!" The youngest starts screaming. 

"Ask him. I don't care " their mom says 

"Can I sit next to Namjoon?!" The oldest asks.

"He might be really sleepy, so ask him. Maybe sit next to V." Their mom says 

"Why don't we just wait and see how they want to sit? They might want to sit across from us." I say and see the back of Yoongi's head. "There's Suga. Ask him."

They go running up to Yoongi screaming. He smiles at them and says "I don't care. I sit next to your aunt. Only thing." He smiles at me.

"I can't believe he just said that..." My friend whispers. I nod 

"Baby feet. Come here. We talk..." He holds his hand out.

I walk over and home his hand. "We talk? Only talk?" I giggle.

"I want to kiss you. We talk, kiss, and I feel you taste me. How about that?" He whispers in my ear. "Hey girls. Go get stuff. Take Mom. Tell the people 'baby feet ' and they give. Okay?"

The girls go running to their mom and they start dragging her to the doors.

"Someone might hear them say that.." I start to get nervous.

"Nobody know what that mean. Only used few times. You use it to get back and they use it to get stuff. What you want? I get." He smiles and we start walking to another hidden place.

He pushes me gently again the wall and we start kissing. I moan in his mouth and he takes my hand and sticks out down his pants. "Feel? You do that.." 

I giggle and start stroking lightly. He moans in my ear. I quicken my strokes and he starts thrusting into my hand. "Almost... Where you want?" He moans and grunts in my ear. I keep watching his face and kissing him.

"My mouth. I taste you." I whisper in his ear. I start going to my knees and he can't undo his pants fast enough so I pull them down and shove him in my mouth and start sucking. He puts his hands on the wall and bites his lip. I look up and he's looking down at me. I wink and suck harder. He growls and cums in my mouth. 

We hear the girls screaming and singing and we jump up and act like we're just talking. I lean on him and giggle. We watch them pass with so much merchandise. We start laughing. He kisses my nose and holds my hand. We start following them.

"Let's go eat!" Yoongi yells. 

The girls cheering and I giggle.


At the restaurant, Yoongi tries to explain how to properly do the Korean BBQ. The girls aren't paying attention and he laughs. He comes back to our table in the corner, only the two of us, and he holds my hand. "Owner said if we post pictures of food, saying good, he will keep quiet of anything he sees. Meaning me and you. Nobody else know. We keep quiet." I nod and can't stop watching his lips move.

A huge plate of meat and veggies gets placed on both sides of us. He starts grilling and we talk about how the concert went. He asks why I haven't asked him many questions. I shrug, drinking my tea.

"Okay... I'll ask you questions, Oppa... How long since you been tasted like tonight?" 

He smiles. "That good? Never. Only half that good? Before I went into military. That's when girlfriend broke up with me. No. Before D-Day tour. So before that. She say I care about ARMY more than her. I tell her ARMY made us. I love ARMY. She bring up things I say years ago to ARMY. She get mad. So she leave." 

I nod and rub his hand. "I'm sorry... Anyone with you should know with ARMY it's all fan service. Keeping us happy. Every member... You all need that... ARMY can get possessive, for sure. I know I do in regards to you..." I start giggling and he picks up a piece that's done, blows on it, and offers it to me. I pick up a plate and he shakes his head and opens his mouth. I open my mouth copying him. It's so good and I moan softly. His eyes get big and he stares. "Wow. That's amazing.... Anyway... You all need someone that understands you. You know?"

He nods and we sit in silence while the others are laughing and singing to the girls. We start watching them and even my friend is having fun.

"Next question, good girl." He blows on another piece and feeds me. "Why Oppa your favorite?" He smiles and eats a few pieces and adds more to the grill. He takes a few pictures. He looks at me. "Thinking?"

I shake my head and just keep looking at him. "Honestly?" He nods. "Because I felt you had sad eyes... I wanted to see them happy. So I started reading about you. I read about your shoulder and the reason.. I bought the book. I felt heartbroken for you... You following your dreams and she couldn't stand by you to support you. I wished you knew love..." I stop talking as I see platters being delivered.

"So you fall for me?" He offers another piece. I take it and nod while chewing. "Want soju? Your friend say she take your car. You stay with me. I won't get drunk. Just little soju." I smile and nod.

"Yes. I watched all of BTS shows. I cry when every member leave for military. I cried harder for you. Everyone teased me. I even said "Yoongi is my bias! He's my husband! He just doesn't know it yet.." I cover my face and he pokes my hands.

"Soju... Drink." He drinks his shot and I sip it. He is focused on the food.

"Okay... How come you wanted to see me, Oppa?" 

He looks up at me and drinks another shot. "Because you not like others. You don't try to get anything from me. I offer, you accept. Don't try to get more. By way. Merchandise for you at hotel. I know you wear baggy so I pick out biggest on all shirts. Don't know size." He drinks again and scrunches his nose while dealing with the food.

I giggle and meow at him. He looks up and meows back. Jimin comes over and whispers something in Korean. Yoongi nods, responds, and I look at the table. The girls are yawning. They all get up and come over to say they're leaving. We both hug everyone.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't" whispers my friend when we hug.

"I want to hear all the details' whispers Jungkook and winks.

We wave and watch them all leave.

"Now. Big question... Why you taste me?" He smirks and starts licking the inside of his bottom lip and winks. "You really love taste?"

I sigh watching him and wanting to kiss him terribly. "Yes. I loved it. I wanted to know what you tasted like. All of you."

He smiles and shouts something in Korean. "I order more meat. I will pay and post. This business will grow. He's kind. Deserves it." 

I smile and keep looking at his mouth and looking at his hands. "Why you let me taste you?" I start to feel the soju.

"You deserved it for being good girl." He smiles and lights cigarettes. I take it and keep staring at him. I'm amazed I'm sitting there with him. I'm amazed that I have kissed him. I'm amazed at do many things. "I think of good question. Eat." He offers another piece and eats.

"I saw the picture. Damn girl! He's really cute! Serve one to me!" Shelby texts.

"I'm eating Korean BBQ. One moment." I take a picture of the grill, getting his hands in the picture. "His hands are so beautiful." I send another text.

"They're okay. Damn. Food looks fire! Eat some for me!" Shelby texts.

I put my phone down and look up. Yoongi is smiling. "I have question." 

I nod and drink the rest of my tea. He hands me his. "Will you let me taste you tonight?"  He starts licking his lips and purrs.

I nod. "if you want.. I need a shower first... I think." He laughs.

"Okay. Shower and I taste you. Deal. You always say deal." He laughs again.

"I think you need glasses if you like me." I blurt out. "I need to pee..." He stands up and has me lean on him. "No. I'm fat. You can't hold me." 

He smacks my butt and glares at me. He walks me to the bathroom and I wash my face before going pee. I wash my hands and wash my face again. I look in the mirror and don't see what he sees. "He needs glasses. Big time..." I dry my face and hands. I sigh looking at the mirror again. "Yeah.. He needs glasses." I open the door and see him standing there talking to someone. He's laughing and nods. I walk towards him and he smiles.

"Feel better? You need to eat more." He has me lean on him but I don't really need that. We walk to the table and the owner comes running and takes pictures of him. They speak in Korean and I finish my tea. Well, his tea. The owner's wife brings more tea and meat and Yoongi stands up and bows. I watch them interact and decide it wouldn't work out with us.

After they stop fawning over him he looks at me and smiles. "After this, we go to hotel. The girls are sleeping in Taehyung's room. He's staying with Jimin. You stay in my room." I nod knowing this is the last time I'm seeing him. 

"Sounds, good." I start feeling better after I drink more tea and eat more. "More questions?"

"What do you say?" He smirks.

"More questions, Oppa?" I smile at him. I feel relaxed knowing I'm not messing anything up because there isn't anything.

"Why you say I need glasses?" He stares at me.

"You heard me, Oppa?" I look at him feeling curious.

"Yes. Oppa heard. So. Why?" He doesn't smile.

"I just don't know why you are nice to me. You could have picked so many beautiful girls there. You picked me..." I fight off tears. He lights more cigarettes and I smoke not looking at him.

"You only one to bring food and soju. You give us all the same. You get gifts on favorite colors. You mention silver for being My alter... You understand? You are special." He looks fierce.

I nod. "So I watched this drama and I freaking love the song... Made me think of you for some reason. Wanna hear?" I start playing music on my phone before he can answer.

He takes my phone and listens. "You know the lyrics?" I shake my head no and start humming the song. "It about girl not sure why boy loves her. She begs him to tell her. She no believe. He say it's love. You think of me? Really?"

I nod slowly and try not to meet his eyes. I feel tears starting to fall.

He gets up and wipes my tears. He brings his chair next to me. "That song really makes you think of me, baby?" I wait for him to add the feet.

I cast my eyes down and nod. "Yes, Oppa. I thought about kissing you during the song. I thought about other things too."

He holds my hand and starts pulling meat off the grill and adding it to plates. "Eat. You feel better." He kisses my right temple.

"No thank you... I'm fat enough." I can't stop my tears.

He loads the grill up again and hugs me tightly to him. "Cry all you need, baby.." I wait for him to add feet again.

"Why calling me baby, Oppa?" 

"You are baby right now." He keeps hugging me. I start crying harder and cling to him knowing this is the last meeting. I feel calm about it. I pull away and he slaps my hands away and wipes my tears with his sleeve. "You be good girl, baby." I look in his eyes and he looks so beautiful.

"Are we done?" He pulls the test off the meat and veggies of the grill. He starts putting it in boxes and nods.

"We go to hotel. You eat and shower. I taste you. Plus I want to kiss you lips." He goes up to the counter leaving me at the table. I notice his walk is different. I watch him grab something and start wiping our table off. He doesn't really look at me. I notice he's squinting his eyes like he's thinking hard. He turns the light off. He motions for me to get up and I obey.

He hands me the boxes and he walks up to the counter again and starts writing something down and I see him pull money out and leave it. He takes my hand and we walk out. We get in a car and he lights more cigarettes and we smoke in silence. 

"You no drink soju again. Too much for you. I drink all the time. You only have 2. Don't drink?" He smiles at me, still looking different. I can't explain. 

I nod. "Not often. I sometimes start crying and get scared. Sad things go through my head. So I don't drink often." 

He nods and looks at my arm. "Like that? They look old. Good. Oppa proud." He lights another cigarette and puts it in my mouth 

"It's been years. At least 10.. Yeah. Last time I really cut bad was when Grandfather died. He was my everything." I start missing him and look out the window.

"Mine die too. Not close to him." He starts playing with my hair. "Where you get done? It's cute."

"Myself. I danced in the bathroom with my dog and cats. I was playing your music. D-Day... My dog has a crush on you. He only licks your face on the Butter poster I have on the door." 

He starts laughing. "I don't think I want to kiss him like you." 

"I live with 2 boyfriends." I turn my head to face him.

"Why love me then?" He looks at his pack and sighs. "Only 5 left. I get more." He says something in Korean and then we're in a gas station parking lot. I watch him walk in and it's started to rain.

"Wow. He really is AgustD... Look at that walk..." I say it loud.

"Yeah. You scare him. He likes you. That's why he do that. His walk changes." The driver says.

I watch for him to walk out and he walks to the car and gets in. "Now we smoke more." He lights two more and he puts it in my mouth again. "Tell me answer."

I shrug. "I guess because I don't feel loved. I know what it's like feeling like you wasted time and love on someone's that not for you.." I watch him smoke and when we get to the hotel he opens the door for me.

He takes my hand and he walks to the elevator and takes his phone out. He posts pictures and tags the place we ate at. I look at the boxes and smile. He walks down the hallway not letting go of my hand. He opens the door and he smiles. "Bathroom there. Go shower. I get shirt you wear. Come out when done." 

I'm amazed at how big this bathroom is. I decide to take pictures and post them. I don't post any of the pictures I have taken around him and I feel guilty. I get an instant like.

"How's my queen?" Someone texts. I don't respond. I've broken things off with them. They can't take a hint.

I take a shower and I see a shirt on the sink. I'm shocked he didn't say anything. I walk out wearing the shirt and it's really big on me. I shake my butt at him sitting on a chair watching me.

"Feel better?" He lights a cigarette. I see the ashtray and quick count 10 cigarettes.

I nod and sit on the bed, making sure everything is covered. I see a bag on the table and I point at it. "What's that?"

He tosses it to me."Merch. Thought you like."

I see everything is Suga based. I giggle and nod. "Are you laying claim to me?" I take a pair of socks out and put them on. I'm loving them for being one socks. I take a picture and notice you see his shoes and legs. I post it. "So. We talk?"

He nods slowly. "You mean that? You say that about love... That's why I wrote Fake love."

I nod. "That's one of my faves..  I've always turned myself into someone's doll and lived for their lies." 

His eyes get big. "You? What?"

I nod and lean back on the bed. "Oppa? Can we cuddle?" I stare at the ceiling. The next thing I know he's climbing into bed next to me in only his boxers. "Damn. You're so beautiful..."

He laughs and pulls my towards him. I wrap my arm around his chest and I smell his chest. He smells like a hint of smoke and notice the room doesn't smell like smoke at all. I close my eyes and just breathe in his scent.

"You still feeling soju?" He whispers. I nod my head on his chest.

My eyes fly open. "Wait... Yoongi... Is your shoulder still okay? I read that you reinjured it in the military... I won't lean on it."

He laughs. "Baby, it's fine. Come, lay on your Oppa." I nod and lay back down next to him. "You belong here. Stop those thoughts."

I start sobbing immediately. I cover my face and he pulls me closer. "It's okay, baby. Just cry. Oppa here.." He starts rocking me slightly. I feel his lips on the top of my head. I keep sobbing and start whimpering. He doesn't let go. He just holds me.

I start stopping and I breathe in his scent.

"You be okay, baby." He kisses the top of my head. I nod against his chest. I look up at him and he smiles at me. "Yeah. You be okay."

I feel him wiping my tears and I whisper "Close your eyes, Oppa.." He closes his eyes and I kiss his lips gently. He places a hand on my cheek and keeps kissing me. I place a hand on his chest and he sighs. I pull away slightly and he shakes his head no and starts kissing me again. He slowly sits up and I'm laying on my back. He starts feeling down my neck and chest. I pull my head away slightly and look at him.

"You want?" He whispers. I nod. "You make noises for me. I want to taste you. Just touch once. Then taste. Deal?" He smiles and I nod. "Stop those thoughts, baby. Oppa says to."

I sniffle and nod. "Yes, Oppa."

We start kissing again and his hand makes it's way down. He sighs and whispers "Because of kissing me?" He looks in my eyes. I nod. I notice his eyes look gentle again. He whispers "You still want?"

I nod again and lean my head back right as he starts rubbing my clit. I moan softly and he sighs. He rubs more and slips a finger inside me. I squeak and shiver against him. He pulls me closer to his chest and goes faster based on my noises. He starts breathing heavy in my ear and sucks on my neck. I shriek and he laughs. "Oh little baby feeling good, huh?" I nod and bite my lip. "You better feel really good.." He sighs and I start whimpering. "You close, baby?" I nod and start gasping and clawing at his chest and moaning. He smiles against my forehead and speeds up and when I squeak against his chest he lifts my head and kisses me. I feel my body go limp and I'm just putty under his touch.

"You want more?" He whispers after I catch my breath. I giggle and he kisses me again. "I taste or go in. Which you want, baby?" He kisses my nose and I giggle again. 

"Oppa picks." I kiss his nose. "Oppa picks first." 

He smiles. "Only taste. First time will be special. We have date. You be mine?" I tilt my head. "You only love me. Be mine to love. Deal?" I nod and kiss his lips softly. "Lay head on pillows. Get comfy. Oppa is going to have long taste." He smirks.

"Wait.... Sometimes..... I..." He puts a finger to my lips.

"No, baby. No talking. Oppa wants you to feel really good. Feel loved." I nod and still feel nervous about it. He kisses down my body and I feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. 

He looks up at me. "Ready, baby?" I nod. 

He starts licking my clit and I shutter. He holds my legs open and keeps looking at me. I start getting louder and I cover my mouth. He keeps up his tongue technology and I end up having 4 orgasms right after each other. I hold back and not squirt. I decide not tonight.

He whispers "Baby, want more?" I shake my head no and keep shivering. He laughs and kisses up my body. He lays next to me and he wipes his face with his hand. I lay on his shoulder looking up amazed at him.

"Oppa?" I whisper.

"Yeah, baby?" He answers. He sounds happy.

"I want to taste you again." I start rubbing his chest.

"You don't have to." He whispers.

"I know, Oppa. I want to. I loved tasting you." 

He kisses the top of my head. "I loved tasting you. You seem to love me tasting you." I nod and giggle into his chest.

"Yes, Oppa. I did. You really do have tongue technology..." We both start laughing and he rubs my back. 

"You can taste if you want. Only if you want. I no force you. Okay, baby?" He looks in my eyes. I nod.

I start kissing down his body and he purrs softly. I lick slowly and feel him twitch. I keep licking him and watching his face. He rubs the top of my head and I start sucking. I try to 'give my best performance ' and I hear a phone vibrate. I keep sucking, licking, and stroking him. 

He growls and whispers "I'm close, baby." I nod my head and keep sucking after he cums in my mouth. He taps the bed and he sits up. He breathes heavy looking at me. I half smile at him. "I get cloth to wash faces." I nod and grab my phone.

"RM said you're sleeping in Suga's room. Just wanted to check in with you. You okay?" My friend texts.

"I'm fabulous. Seriously... I never thought I would get this lucky. I think I might scream 'Yoongi marry me!" I text back and see him walking back in. I notice he's walking different than before. "Hmmm. I guess this Yoongi.. So Yoongi is Oppa..." I make a mental note. He starts wiping my face off and I giggle. "You're not Oppa. You're Daddy."

He starts laughing and wipes his face off. "You love your taste, baby?" 

I nod. "Yes, Daddy Yoongi." We both start laughing. I watch the moonlight dance on his body where my kisses did a moment ago.

He kisses my forehead and throws the washcloths in the bathroom. He walks back to me and climbs on the bed. "Want sleep or snack?" He whispers.

"Didn't we already have snacks?" I giggle.

He says "Hey. I like that.. Snacks. When I say I want a snack to you that means I want..." He smiles and kisses my nose.

"And I will gladly let you. Seriously, Yoongi... You're fucking amazing.... Damn. I wanna call and brag..." I cover my face feeling embarrassed.

"Then do. Call who?" He laughs and lights cigarettes and we sit on the bed smoking and I call Shelby. She answers. I scream "It's fucking real. No joke. He isn't lying. Yoongi is fucking amazing. Oh my gawd girl!"

She starts laughing really hard. "Good for you. He's not my type. I'm happy for you.. Wait. You.... He... No way!" She starts laughing. "So he wasn't talking shit?" 

I watch him trying not to laugh. "Nope. He was humble in my opinion. That man.. Shelbs... Yoongi is fucking talented. In many ways.." He starts laughing.

"Is that him laughing? Wait. He got done and you called me?" She laughs.

"Yes, him laughing." He kisses my cheek and I giggle. "We cuddled and he got washcloths and wiped my face off. I had to taste him too."

"We had snacks! I like my snack." He laughs and holds my hand watching me talk and blush. 

"Anyway, be jealous. Super talented.. How's work going?" I start to yawn and he rubs my leg listening.

"Going well. Not as well as your night. I work tomorrow night. You have to tell deets, bitch."

I laugh and agree. "Anyway, I'm gonna go cuddle with my Oppa. I'll talk tomorrow at work. Bye." She laughs and we hang up.

"You talk about me too much you miss my tongue." He yawns and stretches.

"I miss more than your tongue. I miss your hugs all the time." I snuggle close to him and he covers us both up with the blanket and we slowly drift off to sleep.


I wake up to him talking to someone. I stretch and feel next to me. He rubs my arm and says "Oh. She's awake. I'll ask. What for breakfast?"

I grab him and smile "I want this.... Please, Oppa?"

He smiles really big and says "Same as me. The girls still here? They eating now? Okay. We will eat and I'll send her to your room."

He smiles and kisses my lips.."Not unless I can have you." I giggle feeling kinda sore.

"I feel sore, Oppa." I feel embarrassed.

"You will feel more sore after I have you as a meal.." He smiles. "I be gentle. Or no?" 

I smile at him. "Depends on what feels right...."

There's a knock on the door and he jumps up putting his boxers and shirt on. "Hey. Thanks." He brings in a cart and says "Eat. You need it. And stop those thoughts.." 

I feel my bottom lip quiver. "Yes, Oppa."

We sit on the bed feeding each other and laughing.


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