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"No! I'm serious!" He yells into the phone. I keep giggling while at work. 

"I have a feeling you aren't... You're Suga... The baby kitty EVERYONE loves." I look around and see a coworker staring at me. I make a face at her and laugh. "Anyway, I don't normally talk on my phone... I'm at work...." 

"I am relaxing after concert. Flying to new place tomorrow. Want gift?" He yawns and makes a noise that we, ARMY, call his purr.

"How about my gift be you? I have you." I cover my face not believing I said that and giggle nervously.

"You already had kisses. Not enough?" He purrs again and he laughs softly. "What wrong? You breathing change."

"Your purrs... Your raspy sleepy voice... Dangerous... All I keep thinking about is you looking at me when you were performing AgustD... You and your tongue technology... Wondering dirty things..." I get up from the desk and walk outside. "I need a cigarette but only have my vape... Such a hard life I live." I laugh trying to change the subject. I've been way too open to him.

"You want to know my tongue, huh? Okay. Where you want it, America girlfriend?" He purrs again and sighs. "I want to know how you sound. What have you been told?"

I sigh and see my coworker coming outside. "Shelby is coming. Can't talk about that..." He laughs.

"Tell her about my lyrics saying tongue technology." He laughs harder.

"Hey Shelby. You remember that guy I was showing you pictures of?" I hear him whispering something. "What did you say?"

"I said if you say tongue technology I'll show you what I'm doing. I'll send clip." He purrs again. 

I shutter and whimper into the phone. "The Korean guy... Do you remember?"

"Oh yeah. The one you said you wanted. He's cute. Go for it." She lights a cigarette and looks at her phone. 

He starts laughing. "What you say about me? You want me? How you want me, baby feet? On top of you? Giving you my tongue? Or kissing you? How?" He purrs and sighs. "You should be here. You'd help me."

I nod and whisper to him "I said to her I wanted to know what you sounded like when I bit your shoulder and fucking me so hard you break my pelvis.." 

He breathes deep.."I won't break anything. Well. Maybe headboard. Or bed. Want to break the bed, baby feet?" He sighs again. "You have clip waiting. Tell me more."

I walk in a circle trying to breathe. "I said I wanted to know what your cock tastes like.... I also said before meeting you I was going to ask you very politely to fuck my face and throat until you came. I would just be your little fuck doll." 

He growls. "Oh you're so lucky you're not here, baby feet..." I giggle.

"Hey, girl. What about that guy? Just thinking about him?" Shelby shouts.

"I just remembered anything thing... One of his songs, he mentions tongue technology and making someone cum." I hear him laughing.

"Damn. He's not my type but those words are. Fuck. Show me him again." I show her my lock screen. "Him. The one I said drank the soju I took... He was really nice. And when he was drunk I really wanted to just shove my tits in his face.. But I didn't. He couldn't consent to anything. I wasn't going to do that."

"You should have. Those big tits in my face. I would have broken the bed fucking you.." he whispers. 

I gasp and Shelby looks at me.."What's wrong? Thinking about him or something?" 

I nod. "Always think about him. I want to know what my legs feel like on his hips." Yoongi laughs really hard.

"He's really small isn't he? I mean shit... He's Asian. Small dudes. Small dicks." Shelby says and laughs.

"It's not small. I will show you. Not her." He laughs. "One moment. I send more clips. Keep talking." He purrs and I hear him rustling around, like he's moving the phone against the bed.

"I don't think it is.... I mean look up Suga man spreading... I mean... Fuck.... I would still take it.. I don't like huge anyway." I hear him laugh.

"Okay.. let's see... Eh. Not bad. Oh fuck his eyes there.. Look at him here. Damn girl. Wait. Isn't that you?" I look at the picture and see the back of my head and Yoongi giving this intense look.

"That's not me. Looks like that chick is skinnier than me. That's a concert. They've been performing their solo stuff as well as new and old songs. Look up AgustD. The song, AgustD says tongue technology." My phone vibrates against my ear.

"Keep talking.." He whispers again.

"Oh. Check out his purring and raspy voice. Of the things I would do to him if he was sober..." I start to feel nervous and he laughs.

Shelby pulls up a video clip. "So he's Korean? Why does he look like that? His voice is hot. Seriously though. Why does he look like that?" She points at the screen.

"Yeah, he's Korean. He's a precious Yoongi. That's why. He's the porcelain doll... I want to see what would break first..." I take a deep breath.. "His cock or the bed... Anyway, the reason is the group were having a contest and loser had to eat without hands or something. Been a long time since I watched it."

"The bed. I would just drink soju and last longer. So what would last longer? Me or you?" He growls and whimpers a little. "Feels so good.. You do it too? Watch clip?"

I whimper softly and sigh. "No, haven't watched anything, Mister M.. I'm trying not to..." 

He groans "watch. Tell me what you think?"

Shelby is busy looking at clips of Yoongi so I watch the clip he sent. I gasp and feel myself drooling. Watching him.. wishing i was his hand...

"You okay?" He growls and sighs. "What you think?"

"I wish I didn't care you were drunk... But I didn't want you to regret anything.." I sigh.

"I don't regret you. I regret not knowing what you sound, taste, and look like." He growls again. "I'm going to finish."

"Think about my mouth." I whisper. He groans loudly and breathes heavy. I giggle. I go inside the building and sit at the desk again. "I wish I was there."

"Me too. You could have been drinking it." He laughs. "Unless you don't like it in your mouth."

"Oh no. I love doing that! I would swallow." I say and giggle.

"Swallow what?" A coworker asks behind me.

"Oh. Soju. It's really strong. A friend said most Americans don't drink it. They don't like the burn." I try to make it sound innocent.

He starts laughing. "You say I am soju? You drink me like soju?" He laughs harder.

I sigh. "I really need to not talk to you while I'm at work..." I giggle and lay my head on my arm.

"Call me when you get home. I listen to you. Only fair." He yawns. "Thank you, baby feet. Yeah.... I think it took bad you didn't take chance 10 days ago." He yawns again.

"Go to sleep, Yoongi... I'll call you when I get home. Promise." I smile.

"Okay. Watch the clips and think of me." He yawns and we hang up. 

I put my ear buds in and start watching the clips of him being drunk screaming "I'm Korea boyfriend now!" I start thinking about him sticking his tongue out at me during the second concert and watch clips from that night.

"This song for a certain girl who is my number one fan!" The crowd goes crazy and I giggle. "Scream along if you know it!" He looks right at me during the part about his tongue turning me on. I feel my face getting hot just like then. He sticks his tongue all the way out and he smiles. He winks at me. The other members join in and he just dances around and makes his way to me. He smiles at my phone. "So. Watch this and think about those lyrics.. I'll translate if you want, baby feet." He winks and goes back on stage.

"Damn girl. You really love the shit out of him!" Shelby says. I jump not really thinking anyone is paying attention to me.

"Sorry! It was from the concerts. He was drunk and I just wanted to get clips... Want to see one?" I start scrolling until I find one he's screaming "Baby feet! You have baby feet! Let me see them." We both laugh and she shakes her head.

"That was fucking funny shit. Anyway, Anna says she needs a pain pill." I nod and start clicking one out. 'I'll take it. Thanks." I hear his ringtone in my ear. His name is flashing on my phone. "Hello? Thought you'd be sleeping.."

He yawns.."I had dream I tied you and using your mouth. I need to know your noises." He purrs. "Come on, baby feet. Just a little."

"I need about 5 minutes.... I'll try..." I whisper.

He stays on the phone while I complete my task of delivering pain pills and wash my hands before going to hide in the bathroom up front. "Okay... I make few noises..." I'm feeling really nervous about this. "Only few. No more.. deal?" He agrees. I start rubbing my clit and he starts whispering in Korean to me. All I understand is him saying his name... I moan softly. 

"Oh fuck.. That really you?" He sounds surprised.

"Uh huh.." I moan again and he growls.

I keep rubbing my clit until I feel like I'm going to get loud so I stop. "I'm going to get loud... I need to stop, Yoongi.." 

"Few more. I finish soon.. Hear you. Come on.. For your Yoongi." He pants, growls and moans.

"3 more moans.. That's it." I whisper.

This time I slide a finger inside me. I squeak and start whimpering.

"Oh fuck.. Yes, princess. Do that. Just that. Do that for your Yoongi.." he moans and I start regretting not knowing what he feels like...

"Yes, my Yoongi." I like the way that felt coming out of my mouth... 'my Yoongi' I moan softly for him and keep whimpering.

"Princess, repeat me.." he says something and I try my best to repeat. He growls loudly and I giggle. I just heard him cum for me twice in the same night. "Now your turn when you're home. I want to hear you finish. Thank you, princess. Your Yoongi can sleep better now. Unless you come in my dreams. And you better." His sleepy voice makes my shiver.

"I hope I do." He laughs, sounds like he kisses the phone, and we say goodbye.

"Your Yoongi thanks you very much, princess." I see the text and smile. Then I was my hands, and go back to work.


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