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When I Look to You

By R

When night is chased away
By the dawn's early light

And I face another day
That cuts me down to size

I find inside myself
What I do not wish to see

And I'm afraid of what you see in me

But when I look to you
I'm in a state of shock

I hear of a destiny
Standing on a rock

And with every tic of failure
That tics on every clock

Failures disappear
When I look at you.

When I look to you
My life is not in vain

My hope's not overdue
There are no stains on my name

There's a garden in my heart

Growing dreams both old and new

And I have it all
When I look to you

My speech is of fairy tales
To  lives lost in polluted air

Polluted with disappointment
Exhaust fumes of despair

These words do not the justice
To your praise long overdue

Only justice is found when I look to you

When I look to you
There is no black or white

No unwanted babies
No meaninglessness to fight

You fill my heart with joy
And my mind loses its noise

And all things are new
When I look to you...


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