Sometimes I Want To Be More Read Count : 48

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I wish I could have been a little extra ,I will someday I am sure of that ,
An extra cherry on a ice cream that would have made her happy ,
An extra sweet which she would have loved to have ,
An extra romantic song of her date night ,
Or an extra paragraph in her love letter ,
An extra piece of chocolate in her chocolate bar ,
An extra lover ,giver ,doer ,
I want to be extra in everything for her ,
For I know she has been extra happy in someone’s else happiness when she was sad ,
 I know this she had been extra strong when she just wanted to be weak ,
I know she did extra while she was criticised what she did for others ,
I was a critic in her life now I just want to be a lover in her life ,
I want to be the extra cherry she would have loved eating ,an extra mile ,I want to work extra little 


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