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We're both in a bad mood. Woke up in a bad mood. We're both grouchy. 

He sighs and asks why I left the kimchi out. I say I'm getting some. He stomps away and stomp after him. We start bickering about nothing and everything. Wedding, moving, paperwork, music, remixes he's doing, and just stress. 

We both raise our voices and keep bickering. 

We're both tearing up but can't stop. I grab my phone and walk out. I call Jimin and ask if he can pick me up. Yoongi and I need time apart.

Jimin, Namjoon, and Taehyung show up and I'm outside crying. "I'm not going in they right now. We're so stressed.... We need above time. Jungkook called and he's been grouchy since. I've been grouchy all week. Purple is not matching...." I sigh and start crying again. They just stand there and look sad.

I leave with them and I lean on Namjoon and cry my eyes out. "This is just your first time arguing. Every couple does. He still loves you. Just stress." He rubs my back and I just cry.

Taehyung is driving and Jimin say we need to go shopping and eat. Taehyung says no. They start bickering.

"See? They argue all the time. They still live track other though." I nod and start laughing.

"He gets mad over kimchi begging on the counter. Oh fuck. I left it...." I sigh and hold my head in my hands.

Namjoon says"We used to argue all the time living together. You both, eat, sleep, work, live together all the time. Bound to argue!"

We end up going to a little cafe and nobody gives a second look. I try to look happy because I don't want anyone taking a picture and starting rumor. We've already had a few. Not fun. Like last week, there was a rumor I was pregnant and had an abortion. I got my implant removed. I had an IUD put in. Yoongi called it "IED." I don't believe the rumors but we're asked a lot. It's just stressful.

We are sitting hidden away and they start talking about pre-me Yoongi. We are moving kinda fast when you count in person time, we're still in months... I laugh and cry at stores. 

"I keep wanting to call, but I know he's wanting on me to call... We're both stubborn. I'm an Aries both in year of rat... Stubborn!!!" I say and Namjoon's phone rings. 

"It's Yoongi... Tell him I have you?" He asks before answering. I shrug. "Okay. No. Hey Yoongi. No. Haven't seen her. You okay, brother? Do I need to go smack her? Oh. Ok. Well, you do get uptight when you're stressed.. Oh... No shit man. Not, I didn't hear.. I'm sorry. The fabric you want for the hanbok was ruined... Yeah. That sucks. Wait. That does sound familiar.. Yeah.  Damn my brother. When I hear I'm let you know you're looking for her."

Taehyung's phone rings. "Yes? No. What did she do? Oh. Left the lid off the kimchi and was looking at you. I see. What bad news? Is everyone okay? Your.... Oh. The fabric is wrong. Oh damn. Yeah. I know how set the colors are.. Yeah. No, I'm not with Jimin. They get together on every argument. She's probably with him. Yeah. It does fucking.... If I see her I'll tell her. Okay, bye." Taehyung smiles and we all stare at Jimin.

His doesn't ring. We start talking again and his rings after 20 minutes. He answers "Yes, brother. Yes, I know you fight. Yes, she told me. She was crying. Yes, like she was talking in German to Kyo. No. Oh yeah. She did mention the fabric. I told her.... Oh she did that. Oh. Your mother wants her to wear hers. Then do it. Look. Her mother is a piece of shit. I doubt she knows that Kitten is even your husband. It's stressful. A girl needs her mother but when they're bad like that.... She told you worse stories... Oh man.." Jimin covers his mouth and he tears up. I tear up looking at him. "Yeah. I'm tell her... No worries as she says. Yeah, brother. No, I didn't.... Yeah..." Jimin rubs his eyes. "Yoongi said he is looking for you. He is scared of what happened when you....." Jimin tears up again. "He's crying... Call him."

The others look at us a little confused but I stand up y call Yoongi. He picks up after a half ring. "Wife! Are you okay? Where are you? I get you! I miss you. I'm sorry! Where the fuck are you?!" He starts sobbing and it sounds like when he's going in dark place. I say "Some cafe. I walk. I come back. I love you too. No, just missing you... Want coffee? Of course. Only soju. Of course. I'll get some. I love you too my husband." 

They cheer and we leave. They stop at a cafe closer to where Yoongi lives. I get out and walk to the little store we buy little things from. I get a bunch of bottles of soju. They remember me and give extra. The lady says "Husbands can never have enough. You learn. Koren men love soju. More than.. You know. You're a wife."

I giggle and say "He says he loves me more. We had our first argument today. Why does it hurt so bad? The first one just hurts something horrible.." 

She nods. "I think it's because everything is so perfect. He's perfect. You're perfect. Nothing's wrong. Then you argue. Some don't last after that."

I nod. "We last. Love too much."

"Wait until you're together 40 years!" Another lady laughs.."He drinks more more he's retired. Doesn't know your routine. Smack him right in the head!" 

We all laugh and I see Yoongi walking down the alley. I call it his Agust walk. He's on a mission to find something or fight like hell for it. "That's my husband!" He doesn't see me and I bow and lean e after him. "Yoongi!" I yell for him. He doesn't turn. I scream "Danna-sama!" He stops and sees me. He comes running towards me and almost knocks me to the ground.

We start kissing like crazy and he's crying so Incredibly hard. "I look for you. I get so scared... That movie last night... I don't want to lose you."

I nod and hold up the bag. "Soju for my husband. I'm so sorry. We needed time to be angry about the fabric... It came in yellow. Not purple... I say I wear your mother's... My mother isn't coming. Haven't talked to her in years... You know.." we start walking back home and holding hands. 

I tell him about the ladies in the store and he laughs. "Let's go see them..." We walk in and they wave.

"Found my husband!" I point at Yoongi. Her smiles and bows slightly. "Thank you for keeping her safe." I bow as well. "Thank you for taking care of me." The ladies laugh and he decides to grab treats.

They keep calling them snacks and he pinches my butt. I try not to squish but I do. They look at me and I say "I just am happy."

We walk home and he pinches my butt every single time we pass someone. We get home and we just start crying. 

"Our first argument is over, Yoongi. Now, if we do argue it won't hurt as much. How's the song coming?" I kiss him once more and he smiles.

"I need a cigarette!" We go outside on the balcony and smoke a cigarette. We lean on each other and keep kissing.


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