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I'm looking out the window watching it rain. Yoongi is focused on music and I talked him into taking a break. He said he could watch the rain but I have other plans.

"Hey wife." Yoongi gives me a huge hug from behind. I giggle and wrap my arms around his. I start pulling him over to the desk he set up for me to do stuff at so we can be together. I usually write stories about him and his brothers to post for ARMY. Nothing super personal, just silly little things along with pictures. So far the most popular thing has been the "Meet kitten" section Bang added. "Where we going?" He laughs and kisses my neck.

I lean against the desk, still holding his arms, and feel him press against me. I giggle. "Wifey needs her Husband meal... It's been 8 whole hours!" I giggle while I let go of his arms and lift my dress up. "See husband? No panties."

He starts rubbing my hips and nibbling on my neck. I moan softly and he stops. "I need my phone. I have an idea. It's from that one movie you like." He hits record audio and he starts rubbing against me and he growls softly.

"See tattoo or see face?" I ask him knowing I'm not going to be able focus within a few minutes.

"Tattoo. Haven't seen your perfect ass in long time, wife." He undoes his pants and I hear them fall on the floor. He sighs. "Wait. I want to have my snack first. I want your voice only. Be hard taking both voices and separate. I could do it but more time." I nod and sit on the desk and have the chair in front of me. "I love you so much wife." He starts nibbling on my inner thighs and I squeal.

"Oh my Yoongi. Oh, yes. Right there... Yoongi!" I squeal his name when he bites a little hard on my thigh. He smirks at me and kisses it. I rub my fingers through his hair and he sighs.

"Is my kitten ready to be my snack?" He starts rubbing his fingers up and down along my wetness. I push into him hoping he will lick me. He smirks again and whispers my name. I look at him with pleading eyes. He sighs "Oh kitten... Those eyes.." 

I put my legs down and I ask what's wrong. He smiles and says nothing. He says my eyes look intense. I nod and whimper the phrase that gets him to fuck me hard.

"Breathe in, baby" he whispers. It takes me by surprise because he normally doesn't say baby unless we're having 'slow, gentle, long' meal. He starts devouring me and it takes me no time to me a whiny, whimpy mess. He looks up at me and winks. I run my fingers through his hair again but hold his head. I want to see his eyes so bad. I cover my mouth but he removes my hand and starts choking me gently.

"You better scream for your husband Yoongi. Scream for me." He says before going back to his snack.

I bite my lip and start panting and whimpering louder, he nods his head, and I scream "Swim, my love" and he starts licking, sucking and nibbling more knowing I'm going to squirt on his face. And he doesn't move, only drinks me. My head is fuzzy, but I feel another one building.

Afterwards he doesn't stop and scoots the chair back a little. He keeps smiling at me and I start to scream again. After, what feeling like hours of squirting on him I'm laying breathlessly on the desk. Everything is soaked and I'm so happy Yoongi took his shirt off. He gets his phone and smiles at me. "I now have 45 minutes of your beautiful, magical, kitten noises. I use some to make song. I'm going to add you saying Korean, German, and English in your song. No worries, nobody know it's you. Only me."

"And your brothers. They've heard me scream so many times they starts calling me screaming Kitten." I cover my face and giggle.

He stands up and places his phone on his desk and comes back to me. I watch him and I can tell he's thinking about his songs. I sit up and grab my dress and put it on.

I go to behind him and hug him tight. "Husband, you want to go back to work?" 

He nods his head and says he wants my song done by the end of the week. We are having our 'practice' wedding on Saturday. He's rented the houses in joining backyards so everyone can just walk over. But if the blinds are closed, no coming over to see us. He's working. 

I breathe in his scent and kiss his neck. "You have messy face." He snickers and hugs me.

"If I smell and hear you, I know best parts.." He is wrapped up in his music so I decide to go make us lunch. He doesn't eat but snacks, not always on me, while working. I make him a little pot of tea, a sampler platter of cheeses, meats, crackers, and don't fruit. When I walk in with his things, he's oblivious to me. I rub his head and neck and he looks at me. "How long you there?" He laughs. "I make music in my boxers." 

I nod and pull his chair out a little. I sit on his facing him and kiss him deeply. He smiles and starts eating. I get up and kiss him again. Our usual ritual. I go back to my desk and start cleaning it and watching him. 

"Meet Kitten. Hello ARMY family! Yoongi and I are having our 'practice' wedding on Saturday. He plans on streaming. Okay, the question of the week. 'How did you make such a whole impression on our Suga? Okay, on their first concert after they recorded the album and did a world tour, I made them food. Kimchi-jjigae to be exact. I was so nervous about meeting them. I was triple checking I had everything, Yoongi slammed the door backstage on me. Neither of us were paying attention. Nothing spilled, good!!! We talk and I was head over heels. All OT7 ate and thanked me. Yoongi meow meow asked if I could make it again. I nodded. We ended up talking most of the night about each other. My advice is, don't show off. Just be yourself. Nervous is fine, I was nervous as hell!! And don't be aggressive. You might catch your bias, unless it's Yoongi. Sorry, ARMY he's taken.

Our colors for the 'practice' wedding are purple and white. So please, celebrate with us wearing any purple or white. We all love you and miss seeing everyone. (That was demanded by OT7 to be put in there. I've seen ARMY because I am one.) 

The special update on our Yoongi. He's making final touches on songs, but yes completely redoing others. They've already started writing songs. The ones I've heard are beautiful. And look out for the special release coming in a month! It's a date, set the date, Yoongi is off the plate! ( I know, is cheesy. Put your guesses in the comments who you think wanted that in here.) -Kitten."

I send my email to Bang, and start working on the other updates. Jimin in the pool playing with a frog, Hoseok and Jin having a hose fight, Taehyung sleeping in the sun and getting a little red, Namjoon , Jungkook, and Jimin are all putting vocals down on tracks today. Little updates but enough. Pictures added of Yoongi looking at me with a piece of meat hanging out of his mouth smiling, the guys standing around a mic, Taehyung looking pink, Jimin floating in the pool. I take a selfie but realize Yoongi is in his boxers and socks only. He refuses to be fully bare. I give him his shirt and point at my phone. He nods and puts it in y. Looks like he's in shorts and shirt. Send that of for approval.

I put my ear buds in and listen to the songs Yoongi gave me to listen to. One is just an instrumental, one is him rapping with Namjoon about being on the road and missing your loved ones, one is about Yoongi feeling like he's a new person and he's going to be the best son he can (basically he's singing about getting married), and the last one is the newest. I notice the title and the time length. I look at him and want to ask but I take notes instead.

06132013=7 1 time is 7:07. I listen for the first time. Yoongi is singing he promised. Then I hear Kyo screeching in German. It's about he promised, he won't break it, but please promise back. Kyo and Yoongi both do their painful, gut wrenching screams. I pay more attention to Yoongi's voice and I can hear him cry. I hear his backing vocals are "in the hot springs, you confessed. In New York, you were already my wife. You look beautiful before and after. I would give you my life" I start sobbing and stop the song. I take his headset off and just stand in front of him. "You.. You never said until... You never said you were that scared... You mentioned hiding in the closet waiting... Oh Yoongi... My Danna-sama.." I sit on his lap and sob. "Our soju game... You... Kyo-san said... Oh Yoongi..." I hug him tightly and I feel him shaking. I look in his eyes and he's fighting tears really hard. I kiss him and he pushes me to the floor. He takes off his shirt and boxers while I take my dress and bra off. He looks at the window and see one of the blinds is broken.

"Crack the shutters... The daylight seems to want you as much as I want you." He lays his head on my chest and cries. Worse than our first argument... I just hug him and rock side to side. "You know now. You know how I feel. You know. You call me Danna-sama. I feel that way."

We start kissing passionately and he slowly enters inside me. I whimper softly and hold his face in my hands. We start kissing and he keeps going slow and gentle.

Our phones ring but we ignore them. We're only focused on each other. 

He glances at the phones and they are ringing again. "Fuck them. I'm making love to my wife. Right?" I nod and start feeling my orgasm build. He smirks and whispers "I cum inside you. No implant... Right?" I nod and kiss him again. He starts picking up his speed and we're both so close we're right on the edge. He kisses me one last time and whispers "Scream my name, baby." He grunts and I scream his name.

We're laying on the floor just holding each other. Our phones going off line crazy and he sighs. "I answer... I just wanted to make live to my wife.." He answers and he tears up. He smiles at me and motions for me to come to him. I crawl to him and start cleaning him. He smiles and sighs. "Yes, she is. Why?" I stop and look at him. "Brother say he finished tracks. He said they're the most beautiful lyrics. He called to talk to me. He had Taehyung call you. No worries seeing calls and texts. We go to food soon. News on my collab with Kyo. Bang call and didn't get us so he called Namjoon." 

I nod and go back to cleaning him. He rubs my cheek and smirks at me. He hangs up and just enjoys feeling me clean him.

"We need shower... Food then I need finish this song. You listen when we get back." I nod and we both head to the shower. 


We're in a restaurant, basically nobody but our party. Namjoon says"They want to make music video for your collab. Kyo wants her in it. He thinks the parts with the German and Korean will fit for you. Bang said up to you " 

I shake my head. "Not in a music video. Phone hides a lot of things..." They laugh.

"They would only see the back of your head. Maybe my name.. Would you show my name?" Yoongi asks.

"I shake my head. "Your name is private. Only you see." I start getting nervous.

"Okay. Us 7 and plus you. They just there to as cameo. Maybe we stand and she bumps into me. Then I hold her... Now I figure out music video?!" 

I grab his hands. "Yoongi, baby. Not tonight. You finish song, come to bed with me. Then think about video. Deal?" He looks in my eyes and nods. 

He kisses my nose and smiles. "My kitten. I love you."

I kiss his lips softly and whisper "Min Yoongi, I love you."

Everyone cheers and we look at the door. His parents walk in and he grabs my hand and rushes over to them. We start bowing to them and they cry when I ask them to please keep me safe and always support Yoongi.


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