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"Fuck no! What the fuck?!" He screams and I start laughing. He starts making random noises and covering his face. I keep laughing and hug him. "Oh come on!!" He looks for the remote. "Wife! Turn off this stupid shit!" I keep laughing. He scrunches his nose. "I would not do that! You would not like that!" I keep laughing and start crying. He winks at me. "Wife!!!! Stop torturing me!!"

Hoseok walks in the room and sees Yoongi trying to find something but I'm laying on him so he can't move. "Nope.... Not seeing anything..." He walks out.

"Brother! Come help!" Yoongi yells and I start cackling. "Namjoon!!! Taehyung!!! Jin!! Someone!!! Help Yoongi!!" 

"Noooooo!!! Don't help him!! If you love your sister don't help him!" I yell and keep laughing.

Yoongi tries to wiggle off the couch but I keep him from falling. Jungkook walks in and laughs. "What am I watching?" 

"Help me! I'm being tortured!!!" Yoongi yells.

"He says he would watch whatever I wanted! I wanted to watch this! Help me!!! He's trying to escape!" I squeal and start tickling Yoongi. Jungkook takes his phone out of his pocket and starts laughing and recording us. "Husband! You said you'd watch whatever I wanted."

"I don't say that!" Yoongi shouts.

"Yes you did! I heard you! You said 'Wife, you pick whatever you want to watch.' Then she picked that! You have to watch!" Jimin screams from the other room. I point at Yoongi and nod.

Yoongi huffs and whispers "I won't have snacks for 2 days... Only 1 meal a day..." 

"I have fingers. I am sure someone would make me their snack if I asked." I laugh and he frowns.

"My turn!" Multiple voices come from the other room.

"What is she watching and killing Yoongi with?" Taehyung asks walking in the room. "Oh. This drama. This is so stupid. Move over, Yoongi. I make her my snack. You go read." He waves his hands and smiles. "She will be my wife now."

I start crying from laughing so hard. I kiss Yoongi on his nose and he licks my chin. He starts tickling me and I squeal and slap at his arms. 

"We need to save our sister!!" Taehyung yells. "Some asshole is slapping her!" 

The others walk in slowly and all make faces on the camera as Jungkook is recording.

"Help me brothers! My husband is being mean! He promised." We're all laughing and Jimin runs and jumps on the couch and elbows me in the back of the head.

I'm laughing too hard to care. "Help me defeat this demon!" Yoongi starts laughing really hard and starts kicking his legs.

They all come over and pull Yoongi off the couch and hold him on the floor. I lay on the couch and cuddle with Jimin. We're laughing and I wave at Jungkook. "Are you doing a live?" He nods. "Hi ARMY!!! Who you side with? Me or mean Yoongi?! Me, right?"

Jimin yells "Side with her and I will do a live with a body part exposed." Jungkook starts cracking up and the others are acting like they're trying to beat Yoongi up. "Looks like the princess is being saved!" Jimin hugs me and kisses my forehead. I smile and kiss his forehead back.

Yoongi gets up and growls. "My wife try to destroy me?! Never!!!!" And he acts like he's going to punch everyone in the room while we all laugh uncontrollably. "Where's my wife?!" He bellows. "ARMY! I will play the song I wrote on live if you side with me!" He winks, sticks his tongue out, and smiles at the camera.

"Not fair! You know EVERYONE loves you tongue! I know you've seen the fan service there is about your tongue and the things it does. You stop using your sex appeal. Not fair!" I yell at him and throw a pillow. Yoongi catches it and starts dancing. I jump up and get to Jungkook before Yoongi can grab me. "ARMY, look... Yoongi said he will watch whatever I want. So I say we watch 'my demon' he says okay. Then he has a problem with it. Says it's stupid. Says turn it off. He's wrong. I'm right."

Yoongi, Hoseok and Namjoon all start singing "You wrong, me right" and dancing.

"That's not fair!" Jimin yells and throws another pillow.

Yoongi sees the remote to the TV and Jimin sticks it down his pants. I start cheering and jumping.
Yoongi starts laughing and says "I will go in after it!"  I fall over laughing. Jimin winks and shakes his hips. I creep up behind Yoongi and grab his butt. He screams and I hide behind Namjoon.

"Hey! Don't get me involved with this lovers quarrel! I did not grab Yoongi's butt!" Namjoon says and laughs.

Jungkook says "ARMY, only you can end this tragic fight.. Should Yoongi watch the drama with his wife? Sorry.... ARMY wins..." I go and look at the chat. "Drama" is flooding the chat.

I start laughing harder and squeal "They all agree with me, Husband!" Yoongi huffs.

"Fine, see if I do a staring live soon. I'll make her talk about this stupid drama." He laughs. "ARMY betrayed me!" He falls over and plays dead. 

Taehyung nudges him with his foot and says "Who's next Husband, Kitten?" He winks at me. 

"Hmmm... Maybe ARMY answers for me.." I look at the camera. "Which one?"

Jungkook says "Me. I'm be next husband." 

Yoongi sits up "Like hell you are!"

"It's a miracle! He's saved!!" Namjoon yells.

I lean on Jin who is just shaking his head. "You two are too much... We're supposed to be relaxing. Not fighting." 

"He broke his promise, brother.." I say to Jin.

"Oh. You lie to my sister? You lie?!" Jin acts like he's going to slap Yoongi and I run over overdramaticly and lay on Yoongi. "No! I shall die for him. Even if he says dramas I like are stupid. Even if he's mean husband. ARMY agrees!" Yoongi starts laughing and pushes me on the floor and lays on top of me.

"Oh hey there... This is getting way too much...." Hoseok says.

"Now it's better!" Says Namjoon.

"What are you going to do, Yoongi? Make her scream your name again?" Jungkook starts laughing.

Jimin, Jin, Taehyung, and Hoseok starts screaming "Oh Yoongi! My husband!" And I start laughing more and covering my face. "Oh my husband! You hungry?! Let's have snacks!"

Yoongi starts laughing and leans down by my ear. He whispers "I will make you scream my name so loud the Gods will feel your orgasms." I shiver and kiss his nose.

"Oh they made up. Boring now. Bye ARMY!" We all wave and yell bye.

"What did you say to her? Her eyes got really big and she rolled her eyes in the back of her head." Jimin snickers and Taehyung looks confused. "What?" 

Yoongi looks up and says "If I have to watch, everyone has to." They all groan.

So I snuggle next to Yoongi and cover with a blanket. The others are acting like they're snoring and I say "Since they're sleeping, you can do what you want now..." They all turn and look and start laughing.

"Fine. I'll change the drama. Jimin!! You pick!" Jimin pulls the remote from his pocket.

"I trick everyone! I pick this one. Looks good.' he winks and we high-five.

"I knew you were my best friend, Jiji." I giggle and blow him a kiss. Yoongi acts like he grabs it.

"Mine! My kiss!" He laughs and sticks his tongue out.


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