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I was born with a defect, 
Those that knew of it called it that,
A sHE.
Early in my years when I couldn't understand the truth,
It was kept from me.
All I knew of, is that I am different,
With them camping and covering me from the world views,
But mockery and snickering makes me realize,
The kind of abomination I am.
Some even called me a demon,
A stigma that cannot be washed.

I had to grow up fast,
Fighting against the world will teach you that.
It even taught me how to hate myself, and people.
All in my mind was suicide when the abuse is too much,
From friends and families.
Wearing multiple clothes gave me some comfort I needed.
It's indeed a shame!

A night call made me realize the danger my life is in,
When the world turned its back on you then you had to run.
And that's what I did,
I had to move out of my birth state.
Away from a hate filled family.
Away from the culture that infringe on human rights.
Away from the town that wants to bury me alive.

I ran out into the bush.
Living and toiling away to make ends meet,
Living like the barbarian they said I was.
Until I met the moon that shine it's light into my darkness,
And made me a star.
Telling me more about the world called LGBTQIA ,
Motivated me to accept my nature, by being me.

Now I am cured of the diseases of ignorance,
And I have accepted the world view on it.
I am a SHE and use the pronoun HE,
I am Hermaphrodite,
I haven't given up,
But I learned to love myself. 


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