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We are all sitting around a table laughing, drinking beer. Yoongi says I need to drink faster, he's had 3 and I'm only half way done.

"We're going to play a game tonight with soju. Don't forget." I whisper in his ear and kiss his cheek.

Jungkook screams at Namjoon "Dad!!! She's kissing on him again! Tell her to stop! Yuck!!!!" He starts laughing and drinks his beer. 

I smile and they're cheering every time Yoongi and I kiss. He will smirk, stick the tip of his tongue out at me, and I will grab his face and start kissing him. He smiles really big and laughs. 

"What game, wife?" He says before he takes a drink of his beer.

"Game of truth. Ask questions about us. We drink if we tell truth. If we lie, no drink." I nod and look at the time. It's only 8pm and Yoongi smiles.

"So we both get drunk on soju quick. Tell truth always. I know you do." He kisses my cheek. "My wife happy?"

I smile and nod. "Happier than any princess in any fairy tale."

He says "Korean fairy tale not happy like American." 

I nod "Same with Japanese and German. I'm happier than a pig in shit. How's that?"

Everyone laughs and only hears me saying shit. No idea whatsoever of the context. Yoongi laughs and screams shit.

I look at him funny and he licks the inside of his bottom lip and winks. I start laughing and lean my head on his shoulder.

Hoseok leans over and whispers "You really marry Yoongi? He really mean it?"

I nod. "We say we're married, but he said July 7th we will marry. So it's 07-07. He is so unlucky. Marrying me."

Hoseok says "Oh no! You unlucky! You marry Yoongi. He never keeps girls. You the longest. He said he wrote song about you but won't share. He said he wants surprise you tomorrow."

I poke Yoongi and give him a mad face. "Why you hide song? You said I'm the first to hear your music. You said I hear first."

He laughs and says "Midnight you hear. We have phonecall too. Someone wants to talk to you."

I start worry he's actually going to laugh in my face and I shake my head. Hoseok just said... I look in Yoongi's eyes and I bite my bottom lip.

He stops laughing and places his hands on my cheek. "Wife.... What's wrong? No worry. You want to hear? Okay. One moment." He starts messing with his phone and soon there's a video call going.

He hands me his phone and smiles. Kyo shows up and looks confused. "Yoongi?" 

I wave and say "Yoongi's kitten." 

Kyo gasps and starts screaming and says Yoongi told him about my love of mushi. He starts saying that I am so much better than self harm. I have a wonderful husband. 

I nod and start tearing up. "Yoongi is my Danna-sama... Danna-sama..."

Kyo stares and nods. "Danna-sama doesn't know that word.. You do. You explain." I shake my head. Kyo says "You explain Danna-sama later. When alone. You explain sama. You explain. He understand." I start tearing up looking at Yoongi. Yoongi smiles and sips his beer. Kyo starts talking about the song and asks if I know Japanese. I say a little. He says it's in Japanese, Korean, German and English. He says it's all the same thing being said. He had Japanese and German. Yoongi had Korean and English.

I bow my head to Kyo and cry. I say thank you in all the ways I can think of. Kyo smiles and nods. "You hear song. He wrote it for you, kitten. Nice to meet you."

I nod and keep looking at Yoongi smiling. I keep tearing up and keep saying "baka..." and pointing to myself. Kyo says "Not baka." I nod and start speaking German how I'm scared I'll lose Yoongi, how much I love him, and he's just perfection. I'm not. "Ich nicht bin...." Kyo yells that I should never say that about myself. I nod and say "Kyo-san... Not lying..."  Kyo says I needed to say that in English and with Yoongi alone.

Kyo takes a deep breath and says in German that Yoongi says the same about me. I start laughing hysterically and pat Yoongi's arm. Kyo says Yoongi said he knew certain words couldn't be translated correctly but he really hoped it could be done. Kyo says again he's happy for us and he knows we're going to last forever.

Yoongi jumps up and yells "forever!!! That means forever!!!" I start laughing and thank Kyo. He nods, waves, and says to call him anytime I want. 

I say "oh. Before you go..  Kyo-san... Kawaii desu!" He laughs really hard and says "Been forever since someone said that to me. That's over. That was back in Gauze days. Wait. You been fan that long?!" I say "2000ish. Maybe 2002." He laughs and says "Too bad you didn't meet me. You were young." I laugh and he waves and says bye to everyone.

I can't stop staring at Yoongi. He keeps glancing at me while he's playing around with his brothers. Hoseok and Jimin stay with me while the others are running around, laughing, and yelling.

Hoseok grabs my hand. I look at him and says "I know what sama mean. It's God. You know Yoongi just man." I nod.

Jimin asks what "Danna" means. I finish my beer and sigh. "Danna-sama is very old fashioned way of saying husband. It means Lord, Master, and sama is the highest honor you can give someone... So I'm basically saying he's all that matters. Fuck life, fuck breathing. Fuck money. Fuck being alive. If I can't walk besides him as his wife, I'll be a ghost protecting him. That word causes females to become Hannya. Demons. They lose their humanity. They become only living for their Danna-sama."

Jimin and Hoseok both smile and nod. Jimin says "Get Yoongi drunk. He will say he's the same about you."

Hoseok slaps Jimin on the arm. "You say she should ask her husband! Not tell her!" Jimin laughs.

The three of us get up and run towards the others but I'm the only one screaming for Yoongi.

Yoongi and I are sitting in our bedroom soju bottles on a tray with cups. 

"Okay. You ask first. Person asking, takes drink for hard questions. Other takes drink, shows truth. Understand?" I pour the first round.

"What you think about me when we first meet?" He doesn't do his drink, I drink mine.

"I think pictures don't do justice. You look like porcelain doll. I wanted to kiss you. I was very nervous. You just looked so beautiful. So untouchable. So close but way, way, out of my league."  I pour our drinks and drink mine and sigh. "When you realize you liked me? Like you wanted to kiss me."

He takes his drink. "The moment your eyes got big checking the food when we met. You were so concerned about us. Making sure we ate. You were so nervous. I wanted to feel your lips.. I wanted to know what you'd sound like when I had a snack.. Very much lust. Like? The moment you hugged me and kissed me." He pours drinks and drinks his. He looks in my eyes. "When did you realize that you loved me?"

I drink mine and smile. "The moment you ate the food." I pour another round and think..  I smile. I wink and drink. I pour another one for me and drink it. "What did your family think of me when they meet me?" 

He takes the bottle, finishes it, and wipes his mouth. "My mother said she thought you weren't good enough. Cultures fight. My father and brother thought you were like magical. You danced with my nephews and giggled. Brother said I needed to marry you. Aunts and Uncles said you seemed nice. Father called you daughter that night. Mother called you daughter when she watched you clean the kitchen in hanbok." He opens another bottle and drinks and hands me the bottle. I drink without hearing his question. "Why did you act so strange when I gave you money the first time?"

I drink again, feeling really fuzzy. "I thought about how long I would have to work to repay you. I was scared. Scared you were joking with me." I drink again and hiccup. Yoongi laughs and takes the bottle and drinks. "Why did you hide the song?"

He drinks again and finishes the bottle, opens another. "I think bathroom break. Be careful standing up. You don't drink much." He helps me up and I stumble into him. "I help, my wife." We walk to the bathroom and he waits at the door. I get done and he goes in but kisses me first. I wash my hands and I wait for him. He washes his hands and wipes his hands on my face. "Does wife think I washed my hands?" I start giggling and he laughs. "You wrong, me right! No wash hands!!" I grab his hands and start kissing him. He tightens his grip on my hands and whispers "I wanted song to play at our wedding. It starts out in Korean, me. Goes to German, Kyo. English, me. Japanese, Kyo. Then Korean and English. Everything is the same. I wanted you to hear before you say 'i do' and become wife."

I kiss him deeply and whisper "I do. A thousand lifetimes, I do." He smiles and we walk back to our spot on the floor. I take another bottle and chug half of it. "When you decide that I'm wife?" He chugs the rest. 

"I decide I think you wife when in New York. Our first time. You sounded so perfect. And in Japan... You cry... You were my wife then. Then in Germany.. You didn't look at anyone with soft eyes. I mention to brothers. Namjoon said he noticed it too. You'd look like you will rip heads off. You looked kind to brothers but soft to me." He opens the last bottle and I start feeling dizzy. He chugs half and hands me the bottle. I chug the rest. "What Danna-sama mean?" 

I start tearing up. "Danna means husband, but old fashion word. Means Lord, Master, and patron. Sama is highest honor. It means I give up everything to be at your feet. I cut my own throat if you wish to see my blood. I cut my own heart, hand it to you... If only for a chance to watch you smile. I would walk by your side as a ghost if I couldn't crawl in life." He tears up. I start crying.

He pounces on me and starts tearing off clothes and kissing me. I try to pull off his clothes but we keep bumping into each other's arms. He pulls my panties to the side and pulls his pants down. "No time. Need now." 

I smile "Anywhere. Anytime. All yours." He starts breathing heavy and gently slides into me. I gasp and whimper. He growls and starts fucking me so hard I feel like I'm going to split in half. 

"You are mine. My wife. My kitten. Mine." He starts choking me and bites my chest. I scream out and claw at his back. "My kitten has claws.." He kisses me softly and doesn't stop.

I start whining and whimpering trying to be quiet. He tightens his grip on my neck and he pushes me harder into the floor. I scream but cover my mouth. He takes my hand off and shakes his head no. 

I start crying and cling to him and whisper "I love you, Yoongi." He starts tearing up and says he loves me too. I scream again when he slams into me. He lets go of my neck and cradles my head against his chest.

"Kitten, you're my wife. Never let you go. My name on your spine." He starts slowing down and starts crying. "I'm so scared you decide to leave..." I look up when I feel his tears. "Scared, Kitten.. That's why I wrote song. It's all about you." He cries harder and I pull him closer and just hold him.

He starts sobbing and begging me to not leave. I start sobbing as well. "I'm scared as well... You can have anyone. You're Min Yoongi from BTS.... I'm just stupid girl from Midwest USA..." He slaps my face. I gasp not prepared.

"You never talk bad about my wife again." He says loudly. I nod. He kisses my cheek and rubs it. "It's a little pink, kitten. I'm sorry. I should have asked.." I lick his chin and giggle. "I want to have snack.. Let's go to bed. More comfy than bed." We start laughing.

I put my hand over his mouth because I think I hear something but then I don't. "You want snack? I need my meal... Please, husband?" He kisses me and nods.

"I told I better at snacks than meals... You only girl to want meals as much.. You love meals and have no problem. Why? I'm good?"

I nod and whimper. "I need my meal, Yoongi. I want to always have meals with you. Same with snacks. I never really liked being a snack until you.. You're the best I've had." He smiles and kisses me.

"You always kiss me after being my snack! Nooooooooooooooooobody ever do that!" He starts laughing and I start rocking my hips slowly. He sighs. "Is my kitten hungry?" I nod and bite my lip.

"Will my husband have meal with me?" I whisper and smile at him.

"Always. Always with my wife." He whispers back. He kisses me gently and holds my hands. "Gentle, kitten?" 

I nod and whisper "Gentle, Danna-sama." I see his eyes brighten and he smiles. "My husband.."

He cradles me again and before too long, I'm screaming and clawing his back. We kiss and he whispers "You better explode on me, wife. Gimme." He fastens his pace and I grind into him and scream his name. I don't cover my mouth. I don't care who hears. He holds me while I catch my breath. "My wife wants more? Any hurt?"

I kiss him. "Always want more from my husband. No hurt yet. Can I be on top? You always cum so hard.. I wanna feel." 

He smiles and nods. We switch so I'm on top. He always wants to help slip his dick inside me. I just giggle when I feel him get a couple of clit rubs in. "Had to feel my snack..." He laughs a little. I giggle and start riding him hard.

He grabs my hips and starts growling softly. I speed up and start moaning loudly. He lets go of my left hip and starts choking me. I start to get lost looking in his eyes. I whisper the phrase he taught me and we are both close. I'm screaming and clawing at his chest. He digs his nails into my hips and he whispers "I'm close, Kitten." I nod and go faster. I start screaming and he pulls my closer to him and won't let me move. He knows I'm trying to make sure every drop is in me. I get up and start cleaning him up and he yells. I look at him and he pushes my head back down and laughs. I keep cleaning feeling him go back to being soft.

I get up and see him laying there breathing heavy. "You okay, Husband?" He laughs and nods. "Shower?"

He stands up and laughs. "What will it be like on wedding night?" I

 shrug and lean my head on his chest. "Magical. We will feel all sadness leave. All brokenness heal. Only love. Plus we need to drink a lot of soju." We both laugh.


I wake up intertwined with him and knocking on the door. He yells and I giggle. All of a sudden the door bursts open and we start trying to cover the over. Then we hear them laughing.

I look and see Jungkook, Hoseok, Jimin, and Taehyung standing at the door. I throw a pillow and lay on Yoongi's chest. "Your brothers think we need to get up." He hugs me and grumbles.

"They are you brothers too. Marry me, get brothers." He laughs and kisses the top of my head.

I sigh and sit up. I realize I'm not wearing a shirt and squeal. They start laughing harder and Yoongi opens one eye. "Who see my wife's tits?"

They all yell "Not me!" at the same time. Then they start laughing.

"I think all of them... Think we better go beat them up?" I yawn and cover up with the sheet. Yoongi nods his head and jumps out of bed all of a sudden I squeak.

"I'll beat you all up!" He starts laughing and running after them. I get up and see I have his teeth marks all over my chest. I giggle and a picture.

I get dressed and grab a shirt for Yoongi. He's being held by Namjoon and the others are acting like they're going to punch him. I start giggling at them. They're all laughing and acting like they're fighting. I stand in the doorway and watch. My phone rings and I see it's Yoongi's brother. I answer and we start talking about him and his wife and kids flying tomorrow. Yoongi wants them here when we have our 'practice' wedding. It's more a civil ceremony for the people we call brothers and sisters. Yoongi comes up and takes my phone and starts to walks away. I grab his arm, hand him his shirt and he kisses my cheek. We smile at each other.

"So. You okay? You must have had really bad nightmares last night, sister..." Jungkook says with a big grin on his face. 

I giggle and cover my face.

Jimin yells "We promised not to say anything! Yoongi said we'd never beat it out of him. He was yelling too. Nightmares about being married." He laughs and winks at me.

"Yeah. Nightmares about never being to get rid of me!" I start waving my arms around and sticking my tongue out.

Jin smiles and says "I made breakfast. Go eat. After we go on adventure. Yoongi agreed." I nod and take the plate from Jin. I only eat a few bites and go to find Yoongi. 

He's sitting outside smoking and I hand him my plate. He starts eating and hands me his cigarette. Jimin comes outside and jumps in the pool and he looks like he's dancing in the water. I smile at him being my brother.

Yoongi hands me my phone and says "Mother wants you to wear her hanbok. I say no." 

"I will if it makes her happy..." I rub his knee and feel he's gained weight. I smile at him.

"No. You need your own to pass to our daughters." He keeps eating and hands me the plate back. Jin comes outside with another plate. Yoongi eats that one as well. I just smile and watch him. He's eating as fast as he did the kimchi stew I made for them when we first met. I stretch and just keep looking at Yoongi. "Plus our sons will have your rings to give their wives." He smiles at me and kisses my hand. "That finger is not going to empty anymore."

Jungkook walks out and laughs. "I do live last night. ARMY heard you both screaming. I said it was murder outside." He laughs and shows a clip someone uploaded with the caption of "isn't that Yoongi yelling?" Jungkook starts laughing really hard and covers his face. There's another one where he's talking and dancing then you can hear me screaming Yoongi. 

"Oh fuck..." Yoongi says. He looks at me and laughs. "The one time you don't cover your mouth.." I cover my face. "I guess we tell ARMY.." He stretches and gets his phone. "Ready, kitten?" I nod slowly scared what ARMY is going to do or say.

We're sitting next to each other and I'm laying my head on the desk. He starts talking and he taps my arm. I lift my hand and wave. He starts laughing and kisses my hand. "So... ARMY.... Yoongi is getting married. Only one ARMY is marrying Yoongi. Say hi, kitten." I raise my head and smile.

"Hi fellow ARMY. I'm Kitten. Sorry, his fourth finger is not empty anymore. We're growing old together." I see the chat flood with hearts and congratulations. I look at Yoongi and start tearing up. "They aren't mad? You aren't mad, ARMY?" The chat floods with no. 

I hug him and he starts telling the story about us meeting. I just smile at him and kiss his hand. He smiles and says "Kitten, have anything?" 

I nod. "Please don't think I'm taking Oppa Yoongi meow meow away. Please still love him. Please know I am ARMY as well. That's why we meet... I was just sad, lonely ARMY then met my bias. It can happen. Be yourself and be confident. That's why Yoongi fell for me. Soju didn't hurt." We both laugh.

He says "So ARMY... Meet your sister. Min Kitten." I stand and bow. He bows with me and we start answering questions. The others slowly come in and I hug them and they stay. There's 8 of us and everyone in chat is so nice.

One chat catches my eye and I ask Jungkook how to go back to read it. I read it and say "Hey. I want to read this...." Everyone stops talking. "Hi Kitten. I'm sorry to lose Yoongi, but he deserves happiness. He never seemed happier. Just know if you hurt him, we will all come after you. We will get you. So, Kitten. Welcome to the family as sister. You give us all hope to catch our bias. When is the wedding? Getting married in Seoul?" 

Yoongi holds my hand and smiles at me. "That message is what being ARMY is.... Yes, getting married in Seoul. We will live the wedding.. The wedding is a day that means a lot to us." I nod and he kisses my cheek.

Jungkook screams "Dad!!! They're kissing again! Make them stop!" Everyone starts laughing.

"ARMY! Please make that clip! He does that every time we kiss!" I cover my face and giggle.

We all sit on the live for what feels like all day, but it was 3 hours. I get up and say "I'm going to go cook. Enjoy our true 7." I bow and Yoongi hugs me and whispers he loves me and kisses my nose.

Jungkook yells again and I laugh. Yoongi yells "You just jealous you not being kissed!" 

I'm starting to make lunch and all of a sudden I hear them all talking behind me. I look at Yoongi and he smiles.

"Want to make sure you feed me well." He smiles and sits on the counter. 

"Oh. I feed you very well.. Every snack and every meal. You say it too." I say without thinking. I gasp and look at Yoongi.

Jungkook laughs and starts dancing around and singing "Yoongi likes snacks. Yoongi likes meals." Everyone laughs and he keeps dancing around and sings.

"Okay... First lunch live. I'm making is called "Kitten beer soup" Yoongi had this in Germany when we were there. I made this there." I start making the soup and give everyone little pieces of meat that get done cooking. "Husband.... Can you grab the beer? The German kind.." Yoongi jumps off the counter and he and Namjoon act like they're fighting and they each take a drink of the beer then it gets passed around and everyone takes a drink. I start laughing. "I need both bottles, husband." Yoongi laughs and kisses my cheek. "I need more bacon...." Jungkook takes the last piece and I laugh. "Brother, get the bacon. I need it for the potatoes...." Jungkook hands me the bacon and Yoongi takes another drink of beer. I just shake my head and laugh. "You know. This is why you don't cook with hungry men in the kitchen." Everyone laughs and keep taking ingredients to eat and I laugh and kiss Yoongi on his cheek.

"Okay, ARMY. We go now. We love you. We need to go get food." Yoongi winks at me. We all wave do hearts with our hands.

Jungkook says "We aren't eating. You are, Yoongi. You have to eat your wife." I cover my face and giggle. "See? Her face say."



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