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Bright teal jeans 

Sequin color changing shirts

Flower crowns, and tiaras 

Princess fluffy shoes 

My little ponies 

A cute little grocery cash register 

An American girl doll business 

Decorations that I like to put on my head 

The TV shows and books that used to be so engaging

A cute little kitchen and a table that was pink with a chalk board top 

The forts I made 

The attitude and crazy stories I used to make up

The way I waited for my friends for hours

The way my sisters used to talk to me and the way I believed every word they said 

And the magic of life

I say this was when I was a child life was better than this

yet I’m still a child we’re all still children because tomorrow will look back at today and say I wish I was then I was a kid and one day the high school and the old mascara, the pretty lip gloss The 70s outfits the endless finals the products I use that I believe I need to look pretty, the overwhelming stress the weird corny friends and the magic of life will seem so precious

And you’ll think to yourself that seems like a lifetime ago 

I wish I was then


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