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Category : Adult

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I wish I were a flower .
A rose may be or may be a sunflower 
Which will be use as a gift for someone .
A bouquet of someone’s love a bouquet of someone’s hope or a bouquet of someone’s proposal .
I want to be a choice and a reason for some one happiness .
Which colour of rose you might ask I say all 
Red for true love , blue for mystery ,white for innocence or purity for each have their use in life I guess being useful for my loved one’s is my love language .
And someday I want to find other ways to love them .
A new and different way for it will be exciting and lovely .
I want to be a sunflower for sunflower are signs of hope and warmth ,positivity and strength , strong bonds and lasting happiness .
Could I ever be them or not,love I say I only want love for them . 


  • this is beautiful.

    Jan 30, 2024

  • Jan 31, 2024

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