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He is standing in front of the window and drinks hot chocolate I made. "I think you stay for few more days... Snow is really coming down." 

I walk over and look out the windows and only see snowflakes. "Damn.... Better call my boss... I told her I was taking a vacation with some friends to Seoul. She asked if I was seeing 'that group' and I said maybe." I wrap my arms around him and he sighs.

"Call boss. Take pictures and video. You can say this hotel. She won't know. I take pictures for you." He takes another drink. "Damn. This good... I keep drinking I get fat." He laughs and takes another drink.

"That's the idea... You're so skinny... You're skinnier now than you were. I worry." I kiss his back and I can see his reflection he's smiling.

"You know I don't eat when missing you. Been so long since I feel you." He taps my arms and I let go. He places his cup on a table he normally uses for song ideas. "I get fat for you. More fat than one of the sumo we saw." He laughs. "You say 'Yoongi. You too fat. You lazy. You not handsome' and I lose weight and you say 'Yoongi, too skinny ' I never win." He laughs and kisses my nose.

"I never say that. I say 'Yoongi, you're so skinny. I worry. You need to eat. Let me make food. You eat. I treat you like King. Long live King Min Yoongi.' and I worship you and you only mine." 

He raises his eyebrows and smirks "Worship like king? You have snack and be snack? Anytime King Min Yoongi wants? We have meals? All kinds? Long, short, rough, gentle, quiet, loud? I like when you scream my name.. You scream 'Yoongi' like dream.... Damn. I need you. Worship your King..." He laughs and I kiss his nose.

"Sit down, King Yoongi. I worship you. I worship you like nobody ever done." I kiss him and he grabs my hips.

"I want to hold on to these while you worship me." He squeezes my hips a little. "Such big hips. Beautiful."

I pat my stomach. "Everything is big... I'm big."

He shakes his head. "Talk nice about my kitten."

I nod and take a picture to send to my boss and send a text: "Sorry this is text and not call. Still in Seoul. View from hotel. The group postponed concert. Too dangerous for fans. Seoul is so beautiful. I'm sorry "

Yoongi kisses my chest and says "I love you." 

I look at him and smile. "I love you too. I see the back of your head in the window. I love the back of your head. I love everything about you." 

He smiles and whispers "About yesterday... Thank you... I take brothers to meet family and they hug me like you did when I tell them.. Not wife things you did but the hugs. They let me cry then tell me to go outside. They stay with me. Like you... Plus the closet will be happy to be near. You had Korean boyfriend snack and promised to have meal there."

I hold his hands and nod. "Every sad place, we do something to make happy memories. So you smile when you think of place. Feeling my mouth, hands, inside me... Whatever you want."

He pulls his pants down and points. "Have snack, kitten wife." 

When I start licking him he says "I tease! You don't have to!"

"I want to. You look sad. I make you happy. Have my snack and maybe ride you." I go back to licking, sucking, and stroking him.

He breathes heavy and starts grunting more soon than normal and I put his hands on my head. He starts face fucking me and I try not to gag. He whispers "I'm close, kitten..." I nod and keep sucking and licking him. He cums in my mouth after I swallow he just holds my face in his hands. "You are best. The best.."

I kiss his belly button and lick his chest. "Only best because you're the best." 

He sighs and pulls his pants back up.

"What are you doing, Yoongi? I wasn't done." I try to sound sad.

He smiles and walks over to get his cup. "I need drink." 

I take a drink of water and he sits on the couch. He smiles and says I'm beautiful. I tell him he needs glasses. 

He keeps looking at me and I wonder what he's thinking. He says "To me you are beautiful. I love you."

I half smile and say "You're the most wonderful man I've ever met. I love you."

He holds my hand and sighs. "Concert cancelled because too much snow. Way too dangerous. We stay home and cuddle."

I smile and lay my head on his lap. He starts softly singing my song and rubbing my cheek. I giggle and I start to feel sleepy. Whenever he sings softly and touching me, I get sleepy. He whispers "Let's go nap. Bed much warmer." I nod and we walk to the the bedroom. 

We get snuggled in and we watch it snow. I ask him "Are your brothers okay? They haven't text much today." 

He nods and whispers "They say that they take naps and do lives. I need to do one too. I don't want to. That means I can't talk to you." I nod and kiss his chest. Before I know it, he's sleeping and I'm follow closely after 

"Wife, wake up. I need you. I miss you." He wakes me up every time but saying that. He needs me, he misses me.

"Hello, husband meow meow." I stretch and giggle. I open my eyes and see it's still snowing, harder now. "My flight is cancelled, isn't it?"

He nods and shows me the email.."You stay home. My wish come true. I have you with me." He starts playing with my hair. 

"Do your live soon. Even if you don't really want to. I can make food, you eat it on live. I'll join and I'll laugh watching you flirt and eat. I know you only love me."

He nods and sighs. "Good idea. I'll probably just eat and not talk. So I'll eat loads of food. What you make?"

I shrug. "I'll have to check what we have here." I smile at that. 'what we have'

He squeezes me and we hug and just watch the snow. He takes a deep breath and whispers "Why you do that yesterday?" He seems bothered.

"I had my snack because you need to smile more. You've done so much for everyone... You've had such sadness. You deserve happiness. I do anything for you to be happy."

He smiles and kisses me. "I want meal... Makes me happy." He starts laughing. "You eating your snack and when I have my snack. All happy times. I dream about you." He looks at me and smiles.

"What was it about? I dream about yesterday." I half smile at him.

"I dream you were dancing in your panties and a shirt while making food. I sit and watch. You jump when you see me. We talk while you make food. I ended up having a snack before the food. You keep saying you want snack too. I say no, wife. I eat! You watch me eat and I tell you eat. I feed you bites and you whisper you want snack. I say you can have snack if you want. You do and I say I need meal you say you have snack. You miss me. You end up sitting on me. I love you. In dreams, in real. Love you always." He kisses my nose.

I whisper "I love you, husband." We start kissing and exploring each other's bodies.

His phone starts ringing and he groans. "Oh fuck." He answers and the more he talks the more he sounds upset.

I touch his arm and he looks angry. He smiles at me but his eyes look upset.

He hangs up and says "I have live now. I go and miss you." He kisses me softly and gets up.

"No. You stay here. I go make food. I watch. You talk about what you want... You are King Yoongi." I kiss him and he laughs.

"Yes, my wife. Also I do live with brothers. I know they will talk about eating snacks.." he sighs. "They tease when you're near."

I kiss him and get up and load the app to watch his live. I start making dinner for us and I open the door quietly and place his food on the bed. He smiles and gets up and kisses me softly. "I have my meal after live. I need you. You watch?" 

I nod. "I'm the one that made the comment about you eating snacks..." I try not to giggle.

He winks and says "I will flirt and talk about eating snacks. Only for you." He grabs my hips and whispers "These need to be held tight."

I cover my mouth and sit in the hallway watching him on his live. They all join him for a few minutes and I see he still looks sad.

During his appearance on the live, Jungkook says "I've been missing American snacks. Do you like having American snacks, Yoongi? How about watching Americans have Korean snacks?"

I start laughing and cover my mouth hoping nobody heard me. Yoongi says "I have my favorite American snack. I'm sure American has favorite Korean snack."  His eyes are looking back to happy. 

"I guess I do make him happy... He starts talking about me, indirectly... Covertly...? That's me he's talking about..." I think to myself.

The others join again and ask about snacks. Everyone is laughing and he says "I love eating my American snacks." I cover my mouth from shock and he finally says bye and ends the live.

I open the door and he asks "Did you see I say I love eating my American snacks?" He laughs.

I nod. "You said you love eating your snacks..." I'm blown away. I'm in shock.

He comes over to me and stays singing my song. I always get hypnotized when he sings it to me. I just do whatever he wants me to do. No questions.

He grabs my hips and squeezes them. "Good handles to hold on to. I need you." My body shivers and before I know it, I'm screaming his name, begging him to cum inside me. He keeps slowing down and I think I'm not good... After he does that 3 times I'm spent. I'm starting to hurt a little, but a good hurt. I beg him more and I feel him crying on my back. I try to move but he's holding my hips and can't. "You leave soon.. I miss you so much.. What if I get sad again? You won't be here to help me." 

"Be happy now. Finish in your wife..." I know that makes him, usually, finish faster so I try to remember it in Korean. He starts thrusting into me harder, and grunting. I know I said it right. Our bodies moving in perfect harmony we have simultaneous orgasms and collapse on the bed. Both of us feeling absolute bliss. "Now, if you feel sad. You better call me. I'm wife. Remember?" 

He nods and says "I fly to you when feeling really sad." I nod. "I call you and brothers." I nod again.

I kiss him and he says we better eat if we are doing anything else tonight. I agree.

After eating and taking a shower, we're cuddled up on the couch reading. I watch him for a few moments before he looks at me. "What wrong?"

I smile and shake my head. "We are like old married couple. Cuddling while reading and drink tea. Watching the snow fall. Could we dance in the snow"

He puts his book down and gets up. "Let's go! Slow dance?" I nod and we get bundled up and sneak outside to dance in the snow. He holds my hands and whispers he loves me so much. I repeat. 

We run back inside and cuddle up under the blanket and start reading more.

"You are perfect, Yoongi. Every single moment. You are perfection to me."

He smiles and kisses my nose.


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