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I'm exhausted walking through the airport and think about getting a coffee when I see his face on a sign and I smile. "I see you, husband." I send a picture of the sign. I was with him during the photoshoot and I whispered in his ear that I was craving him before that set was taken. I can tell he was looking at me by his eyes. I smile and keep staring until I hear his ringtone. "Hi husband!" 

He starts laughing and says "That was day you were teasing me. Mean wife." I can hear him typing and I listen closely and hear music very quiet.

"I'm getting coffee with my husband. Are you okay with that?" I giggle and stand in line. I start looking around and seeing these beautiful younger women wearing shirts of his band and face on them. "I think it was leaked you were here..." I whisper in the phone. One of the women look at me like she recognized me. I turn my head quickly and take my hair down. I try to hide my face and wish I had long sleeves on. My tattoo is pretty unique. I know it was seen in backgrounds of pictures he's taken. "I think one spotted my tattoo, husband..." My heart starts beating fast and I sigh.

"Wait. What? She know you? How?" He sounds nervous. "She see tattoo?" 

"My arm yes. Back no. Nobody see that but you.. Wait brothers see it. When we were swimming. Mister Cookie saw it and pulled my arm closer to him and look at my spine. He laughed and said we have to get married since your name there." I notice that I don't really speak correctly anymore. I speak in broken up English or switch words in Korean. Being with him and learning Korean has been good and bad. "Then he tell everyone. My spine has your name. I say it my brand." 

He laughs. "My teeth marks are brand too. Husband brand. My wife. Don't touch." He laughs. "Wait. Jungkook saw it? He didn't ask where his name was?" He laughs harder.

"No. He say I'm your wife. I'm good sister. He said he may say something dirty but he doesn't mean it." I giggle and whisper "I'm going to drink you."

He gasps and screams "What?! You what?!" He starts laughing then he gives me his full attention..  "Ach. I need my wife here. I miss her. How many coffee you get? Wife, are you wearing panties?" He sighs and I know he's counting down until I'm there. 

"One of each. And yes. Going to not be when I get there." I whisper and hold the phone close to my face so I can be even more quiet.

"You better get here soon." He stretches and sighs. "Wait. You are waiting to drink me? Come home and drink the real Husband!" He starts laughing. "You wait for coffee with my face? I buy 3 each. I have them send 5 each. Now come home. I need you." 

I giggle and whisper "Husband, sing my song..." 

He starts singing softly and I step out of line listening to him and looking for the driver. I see a man that's driven me before holding up a sign "Wife Baby feet" "Excuse me. Wife Baby feet? You promised we were going to use different names... Someone might catch on." 

He laughs and stops singing "You are my wife, kitten. Next time I'll put kitten. Okay?" He picks up where he left off and he starts the song over. This time he says "Baby feet" during the song and I start laughing.

We start talking about what he wants to eat, actual food not our 'meals' or 'snacks.' He says he will send someone to get the ingredients for the German soup I made. He calls it 'Wife kitten soup." So I'm writing things down and write down "Please get 3 bottles red and green soju. No telling him. It's a secret. I'm going to surprise him. Thank you." He starts talking to someone and I look out the window.

"You look happier now. I drove you before. You look sad. Like you were worrying. Now you look so happy. Married now?" The driver looks in the rearview at me.

"Thank you. Not married actually. We say we are though. He gave me a ring and he wears a matching one. He has to be careful not to get a tan line on his finger. I am happier. Thank you so much. So. Going to take a tip this time?"

The driver shakes his head and says "Here we are. Is that your husband?" 

I look and see his back through the window. I nod. "Yeah. I know we look silly together. I don't care. I love him. He makes me happy." The driver smiles back and helps me with my suitcases. Yoongi sees me and comes running outside.

"Hey. Thanks. I got my wife. Thank you, Sir." He tries to tip him but the driver refuses and drives off. 

"Hi my husband." I hug him and kiss his nose.

"Hi my wife." He kisses my forehead. We walk in the house and everyone waves and yells "Hi Mrs. Yoongi!" 

I squeeze his hand and giggle. 

"Oh! Really? You say hi Mrs. Yoongi but not hi Mr. Yoongi? Really? Ach." He laughs and everyone laughs as well.

"She's nicer than you. She will make food and have everyone taste it. She dances around while making snacks." One of his Entourage says.

"Not snacks! Treats!!!" I squeal. "I do not make snacks for anyone!" Yoongi kisses my forehead again and tugs my arm to keep walking.

"I need snack." He whispers when we get to the bedroom. "Maybe snuggles first. Wife looks sleepy.."

I lay down and sigh. "I'm off officially for a month and half." He sits next to me and rubs my cheek. "I missed you so much. I can't even drink you! I left the line. To hurry home." 

He laughs and undoes his pants "You drink?" 

We start laughing and I lift my dress over my hip. "You drink? I took them off before getting in the car."

He starts rubbing my hip and saying it. "I miss those hips so much." He leans down and kisses my hip. "You want quick meal?"

I nod and take my dress off over my head and unhook my bra. "How you want meal?" 

He takes his clothes off and snuggles up behind me. "Need to think. So many ways to have meal. I think looking at you. Next time, looking at your spine and my name." 

I giggle and roll forward a little. "You like it? Honestly?" He starts kissing my back and I arch my hips up.

"Okay. Meal looking at your spine." He grabs my hips and I whimper. "No. I need your face. I need to kiss you." 

I giggle and reach back and rub his arm.."Just like this, husband. Kissing next time." 

"No. I finish too early. Your hips are dangerous." He laughs and keeps kissing my back.

"Then we cuddle. I have a snack. Wait. I haven't heard any new music yet. How many songs you write?" I took on my side after he lays down to face me.

"I think I write 7. Good number. 7." He smiles and I kiss him softly.

"Yes. Very good number. We are not having that many babies.... Too many!" I laugh and he frowns.

"We have 6. I name after brothers." He nods and I smile at him.

I feel my eyelids getting heavy and he starts singing my song softly and cuddling me. I smile and wrap my arms around him and whisper "Mine."

I wake up to him moving around. He is whispering in his phone and I look at him.

"What's wrong?" I sit up and rub my eyes. "What time is it?"

He smiles. "Meal time." He pins me to the bed and starts kissing me aggressively. I moan in his mouth and before I know it, we're cuddling again covered in sweat. "I missed you. I love you."

I kiss him and whisper "I missed you so much. I love you too. I better make 'wife kitten soup' you said you wanted it."

He smiles and nods. "I will have wife drink later too. After soup." We start kissing and I hug him and don't want to let go.

"Better shower. I can't walk around smelling like Yoongi meal." I stretch and giggle.

"You are my meal. And snack. Wife snack. Sound like a cracker." He laughs.

"I am a cracker." I start laughing really hard he asks if I'm okay. "How much whiskey you drink today?"

He smiles. "None. Waiting for you. Why you ask for soju? What surprise?" He looks at me wondering why I wrote it down.

"We drink soju tonight. We are celebrating. Say 'i do' Yoongi."

"I do?" He looks confused.

"We're married now. You said 'i do' so that means we're married. We are celebrating being married." I smile and start getting off the bed.

"We shower first. We order food. No cooking on wedding night. We drink soju alone?" He follows me to the bathroom.

I start brushing my teeth and putting my hair up in a messy bun. "Yep. We drink beer with them. Drink and eat. Then we come back to bed and celebrate. Soju and kissing." 

He smiles and starts texting while smiling ear to ear.

"Are you coming, Husband?" I lean my head out of the shower and he puts his phone on the sink and rushes in the shower with me.

We start kissing and just letting the water spray on us and we keep giggling and calling the other husband and wife.

"Husband, we better actually shower... All we're doing is kissing." I can't stop kissing his lips.

"Wife, don't care. We have 100 years. No. 100 lifetimes together." He wraps his arms around my waist and grabs my butt. "Big ass. My big ass." He kisses my nose. "You don't feel sad when I say that, right?" 

I kiss him and whisper "Nope. I call you skinny husband." We start laughing.

He grabs the body wash and starts washing his arms. "I smell like my wife."

I take his and start washing myself. "I smell like my husband." 

We finish showering and start kissing again. We just can't stop kissing each other the first few days we are together. Basically non-stop kissing. Yoongi says we are like young teenagers. Always kissing, whispering, giggling, touching, and making little jokes nobody else understands.

We get dressed and he runs downstairs and yells "We're ordering food!!! We're married!" He starts laughing and screams "I do!" 

I walk in and he starts dancing. "Wife!!!" He shouts and we both laugh.

"Husband!!!" I shout back and throw my arms in the air.

We start hugging and kissing again and someone says "Gross!" and everyone laughs.

"Brothers say they were be calling video to celebrate. We need more beer and soju. And food." Yoongi starts looking at menus and he starts asking what everyone wants to eat. "We get so much food. We eat, drink beer and soju, and laugh. Yoongi is married now. Nobody believe it." He stops and makes a phonecall. He grabs my hand and rushes to the area by the pool. He switches to video call and I see his mother's face.

She's smiling at him and waves. Before she can say anything he yells "Married!" She starts screaming and crying. I can't understand what she's saying but Yoongi kisses my nose and says "She's yelling I'm married. I married the girl. You."

I half smile worrying if this will be the newest scandal or drama that everyone talks about. I start worrying about him. "If you tell everyone.... Someone might say me.... You are ARMY husband... You say... You tell ARMY to leave ring finger open." I start chewing on my bottom lip and he kisses me.

"I say that when I was lonely. I give all to ARMY. I have you. Might be good... Other ARMY think they marry brothers. So we go from 7 to 14." He starts laughing. "ARMY wives." 

I giggle and lean my head on his shoulder. I smell our body washes and sigh. "You know... Not really married.." I look at him and he looks down at me.

"We say married, we marry. You now Min Kitten.. Change name to that. I like that. Min Kitten." He wraps his arm around me and we start laughing as his mother keeps screaming at someone. 

"Your father? Or is she calling people?" I kiss his hand.

"Calling. She forget to say congratulations. She is happy. Words she use. She says daughter. She said kitten. You called you Min Kitten. I don't say real name to her maybe. Brothers text. You go get phone. We video them." 

I get up and start worrying maybe we're just crazy. It's been a few years, but some don't get married this fast. Didn't really even get engaged... Unless I count the ring. Been 3 years. He joked about being 7 years before being married. I said we should get married July 7th. So it's 0707. He seemed to like that idea. 

"Hurry, Min Kitten!" He shouts and starts laughing.

I realize I'm sitting on the bed crying. Not from sadness or worry. I feel happy. Like when he wanted to fly me to New York... I couldn't believe he wanted to get to know me. I go look in the bathroom mirror and smile. I don't look like I did when we met. Every change was my choice. He held my hand and kissed me before everything. He didn't care. I nod to my reflection. "He loves you. Enjoy." I text our group chat "He said I do so we're married."

All of them respond with hearts. 8 purple hearts. One extra to include me. I start crying remembering the nights I couldn't sleep, listening to their songs, battling with self harm and thinking I shouldn't put faith in their words. 

"Kitten? Where you?" I hear his worried voice.

I wipe my eyes and smile at him. "Sorry. Feeling better now." 

He holds my face and covers it in kisses and I start laughing. "Why tears? Happy tears?"

I nod and kiss him aggressively, he moans in my mouth. "Of course! Just can't believe it's all true.. want a snack?"

He smiles against my lips and lifts me up and sets me on the bathroom sink. "No snacks. Only meals with my wife."

I giggle and start wiggling out of my panties. "Meal is served!" I throw my panties on the floor and we both laugh.

"I think of you as wife since New York... Is that wrong?" He lifts his shirt and presses against me. He looks like he's tearing up and I hold his face and kiss him.

"My husband. No tears. Hold on. Cry... I'm your wife.. You thought I was crazy for getting your name tattooed on my back, I'm crazier now." I start laughing and look in his eyes.

He smiles and starts sniffling. "I want brothers here. They need to be here." I nod and hug him.

"They shouldn't be here right now. I don't want them to see us having a meal.." 

He starts laughing and presses against me. "Meal or snack, Min Kitten?" He starts nibbling on my neck and I reach down and push his boxers down and feel him getting hard on my hands.

"This. I want this... Oppa... I love you." I whimper softly and start stroking him. 

He groans and starts thrusting into my hands and moans "My wife... My wife.." He moves his right hand from my back to my thigh and starts rubbing my clit.."We do this on wedding night? No snacks or meals?" He whispers between groans.

"It's appetizer, husband. Just enjoy.." I squeak when I feel his lips on my neck and his fingers rubbing me harder. "Meal... Now..  please..."

He pushes my hands away, grabs my hips, and thrusts inside me harder than ever. We both gasp and I start tearing up from all the physical and emotional tension. He doesn't move, just stays deep inside me. I close my eyes, lean my head on his chest.

"My husband.. I love you so much. Never go away.." I start sobbing and clinging to him.

He starts sniffling and I look up at him, in his eyes. "You promise that too. Never go away. Never say 'Oh Yoongi is so weird. Yoongi not good enough. Yoongi always work.' I promise never go. You go where I go. My wife." He leans his head on my shoulder and cries. "Nobody love me like this. Well, except ARMY. You do. You wife. My wife." 

I hold his face, watching his tears and crying as well. He moves slowly and he says "You take implant out soon. You be wife for real. We marry in Seoul. Fly anyone you want. They stay in hotel. You stay home, with me. Where you belong." 

We both are crying, kissing, and somewhere decided to just hold off having our 'meal.' We both start laughing and keep kissing and he whispers my song in my ear.

"When you first call it my song, I knew I wanted to be Min Kitten." He wipes my eyes and smiles.

"When you get nervous about someone finding out I love someone, I knew you were my wife. When you study Korean and ask how to say things, I knew. You ask what to call my parents... You special, Kitten." I wipe his eyes and he keeps kissing me. 

He sighs and I smile at him. "You want to marry me? Really? So I can scream "Marry me Yoongi!" And you will yell back "I am, bitch'!" I giggle and cover my mouth.

He slaps my face playfully and looks mad. "You never call my wife, bitch. Only I say that." He kisses my cheek and whispers "Wedding night, you get hand necklace. Okay?"

I nod and put his hand in my neck. "Practice wedding night... We need practice." He laughs and squeezes my neck a couple of times and I moan.

"Oh my wife. You need me to snack?" He backs up a little and winks. "I will eat my snack.." 

I kiss him on his nose. "After we eat food. Burn calories off." He laughs and pulls me off the sink.

"We need to dress... No panties, tonight... No wait.... Yes. Wear them. Nobody see my snack but me." 


We are all sitting outside laughing, drinking beer, but I'm still on my first one. Yoongi says I need to drink more. Our phones are on the table propped up and his brothers are cheering each time we kiss.

I whisper in his ear "I drink soju when we alone. I get drunk with you. We try to make baby... Just practice. I see about implant removed soon." 

He takes a few more drinks and whispers back "We practice all night.. Soju make it hard to give my wife her Yoongi drink."

We giggle and kiss again.

Jungkook screams "Dad!!!!! They're kissing!!!! Yuck!!!!! Tell them to stop!!!! She's kissing my brother!!!"

Everyone is laughing and he keeps screaming at his brothers on the phones they need to be in the wedding. "We grow together. You see me married. You all have to be there. We marry in Seoul. Soon. Tell you day later." Everyone smiles at us and they shout congratulatory sayings. If it's in Korean I scream "Pro├čt!!" 

Yoongi smiles and says "I write D-Day here. I write new album here. I think it called something wedding related. My wife is here. Never thought I marry like her. Thought I'm wrong. She make my wrong feel right. Bad feel far away. Wish I meet you sooner." 

I smile at him and squeeze his hand "Me too... Wish we met before you debut. You never get hurt. I would take care of you. I would have you get it looked at. I wouldn't be mad you keep us secret. You idol. That's part of the mystery. Idol are everyone's partners. I understand. I would be happy you happy. Yes, I would be jealous at times, but I would just have my snack after you flirt online. Or I would make account to flirt with you. Mention snacks or meals or something only you know. Could you imagine... Memes of you about liking snacks online... I would save all of them and laugh for hours..." 

Everyone laughs and Jimin screams "snacks are when they use their mouths!!!! Meals are FUCKING!!!!" I hide my face and start laughing.

Yoongi yells while laughing "She only likes my Korean snacks!" 

I feel like nothing matters in the past... I'm with my Yoongi.


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