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I'm sitting at work laughing and chatting with my boss. I see his name pop up on my phone and squeal. "Hello, Oppa." I whisper so nobody hears me.

"Ach. My kitten. I miss you. Do you miss me?" He sounds sleepy and I giggle.

"Always missing Oppa. I'm at work, Oppa. So I have to be good." I whisper and look around to see if anyone is watching me.

"Ach. Kitten. I wanted to make noises with you. Had dream about you. You were laying next to me and kissing me. Then we had big, long meal." He starts laughing and sighs. 

"Oppa... I wish we were together. I would have snacks all day. I would just eat my snacks and drink them down to my tummy." I smirk hearing him breathe deep.

"Kitten... I need you. Need your noises. Whimper for me." He growls softly into the phone. "I will show you what you do to me." He keeps breathing deep and I swear I feel his breath on my neck and I shiver.

"I can tell what I do, Oppa.." I whisper and try not to whimper. Hearing him sigh makes me shiver like I'm standing in a cold breeze. "Are you rubbing?" He makes a throaty growl that I take as a yes. "Watch the clips we made together. It will be like we're together." 

"Not same. I miss those hips. Your eyes... I miss your lips mostly. So soft." He breathes heavy and groans.

"Thinking about me having a snack? Or having a meal?" I lay my head on my arm to hide my face so nobody can see.

"Meal. Long meal. Not fast. Like last time. Ach. Kitten. You have to be here soon. When you come home to me." His voice sounds sad, not filled with desire like a moment before.

"When you want me home?" I start looking at the schedule laid out for the month. I have 4 whole shifts. I start thinking how I can get them all done this week and be off the rest of the month. I could fly to him in 5 days. "I could talk about switching shifts. 5 days. I fly after work." I look at who is working and their days. Writing down the shifts and knowing I'm taking the whole next month off to be with him I smile.

"In 5 days I be there. In California. You stay with me? I write music for album." He takes a deep breath. "You can listen first." 

I giggle and picture me sitting behind him on a chair rubbing his shoulders and back listening to beats he's writing and hearing everything first. "I stay with you. Should I pack clothes or just panties and shirts?" I hear him laughing at that mental picture.

"Others be there. So clothes. Unless you wear dress. Then no panties. Have snacks and meals easy." He laughs and whispers something I can't make out.

"Rub for me, Oppa. I hide and make noise for you." I stand up and start thinking about where I could hide. I grab my earbuds so nobody can hear him but me. "I want to watch..."

He is silent and sighs. "I watch you too." I can hear the smile on his lips.

"Oppa, I'm hiding." I turn my camera on and flash him my tits. His eyes get big and he smiles.

"My lovely kitten wife. I want to squeeze them." He acts like he's squeezing them but it's just air. "I miss you too much. Miss you all the time. I spray your perfume from Jimin on my pillow. I smell you. I miss you." His eyes look sad again.

"Oppa. Let's talk now. No noises. We miss each other too much. We will have a good meal soon. I'll even drink soju with you. We will both be drunk and have meal." 

He starts laughing "We have drunk meal? You said only sober." He laughs harder. "First night meet, I try to have you on my lap. I sniff you and want to taste. You say no. You say no like mean bride." 

We both start laughing and I sigh. "I didn't want you to regret tasting when you were sober. I worried about you. Now we can both be drunk and it's okay. We love each other, my Korea husband."

He smirks and I say it again. "My husband." He smiles really big and I feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the world. I have him.

"So. You fly to me in California in few days? I kiss you when I want?" He smiles and blows a kiss.

"You can do whatever you want whenever you want." I blow a kiss back to him. We keep smiling and looking at each other. 

"Nurse kitten. I think I'm sick." He fake coughs and winks at me.

"Oh no! Husband! You need to feel better if you want snacks." He starts laughing and waving his hand. "If you are sick, I might have to take your temperature. Let me kiss your forehead." He puts the phone close to his forehead and I blow a kiss. "You just need kitten cuddles for an entire day. No leaving the bed. Only your kitten wife snuggling with you. Maybe have meals... And of course we have to have snacks. You will be fine in no time."

We both start laughing and he sighs. "Miss you so much. Too much. Miss you all time. I love you, baby feet." I scoff at the baby feet. He laughs. "You have baby feet! What shoes you wear today?"

I take one off and show him. He starts laughing really hard and pointing. "Yes, I got these in Korea. Jimin and Jungkook were with me. They said they were cute. Like me." I puff out my chest and make a face at him. "Only you laugh at my shoes." 

He smiles "Namjoon laughs too. You wear baby shoes. I love your baby feet though. I love all of you. Mostly your tongue, lips, hips, and noises. I joking! I love all of you, wife."

I sigh and look at the time. "I have to go back to work. No more hiding. Still want to talk?" He nods and curls up with a pillow and smiles.

"I watch you work all night. We charge phones when can. I see how you treat patients. Better not be nice to them." He winks and I giggle.

I start my accuchecks and he laughs at me saying "see him? He's my Yoongi meow meow." to a patient calling me sis. He waves and says "I think you should call me husband next time." 

I whisper "Marry me Yoongi!" and wave my arms.

"Okay! In California. We marry." I giggle thinking he's joking. "We wear hanbok. You use my last name at work? They think you from Korea." 

I nod my head "Nobody would get it. Nobody here knows about you, your music, or anything. They only know I have a work backpack that says BTS and I have pictures of 'some guy' as my wallpaper. The guy is you. You're sleeping in the picture after we had meal. You looked so peaceful. I wanted to save that moment."

He sighs and smiles.. "Of course I peaceful. I had my meal. Wait, fast or slow? You remember?"

I nod "It was the first night in Korea. I couldn't sleep because I was so excited and nervous. Tons of screaming people and you said stay in car. You meet me around back. I worry about you. I cry. The driver said 'He will be okay. They just want to know him life you do.' I still cry though. He gave me tissue and I still cry until I see you holding door open. I ran to you and just hugged you so tight. I watched you guys practice and we went home.. We had the first meal right by the door. Then we eat food. Then we shower. You had snack and wouldn't let me have my snack. We had another meal and had to put towels on bed.. You were laying on the towels." I send the picture to him and he smiles.

"I look happy. I am in love. Even if have to lay on towels." We start laughing and I continue my rounds and go chart. He sees me drinking soda and frowns. "Soda? Tea, kitten." 

I nod and whisper "I need caffeine." 

He shakes his head and says "make vitamin drink like Namjoon. I buy for you and you take home."

I smile and nod "Yes, Husband. Have you eaten?" He stretches and I can't help but stare at his belly button. I want to nibble on it and lick his chest.

"Going to eat now. No meal. No snacks. Only food and treats. Such sad life." We giggle and he starts his day and I'm working. We almost feel like we're together.


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