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"Ach! That is so not sexy! I mean. Come on!" He yells at the TV and looks at me because he hears my giggles. "What does my kitten think? That guy is sexy? Really? He looks like dog's ass." 

I laugh more and rub my hand on his chest. "Not every man in Korea can look like you, my love. Only you look like you." 

He throws popcorn at the TV "Nobody in their mind would listen to him! Kitten, come on! Let's watch something else. This guy is stupid. Stupid stupid stupid."

I cover my face with the blanket we have covering our laps and I can't stop giggling. "My Oppa, you are much sexier than him. You telling me you don't want to fuck his face?" 

He starts laughing and shakes his head. "Not my type. You my type." He kisses my lips softly and holds my face in his hands.

I giggle and whisper "If we watch the first 3 episodes, you can do whatever you want to me afterwards." I wink and hold his hand.

He smirks and whispers "Anything? Really? Anything?" I nod and he leans on me and he can't stop making noises.

I giggle and say "My love, pretend he's you and she's me. His hair looks like yours."

He breathes deep and says "My hair is not stupid like his. Mine if fluffy." He starts playing with his hair and I giggle. He takes my hand and has me play with his hair.

"Yes, my love. Fluffy hair. Look at me for a moment." I smile when he does. "I thought so. You're not my Yoongi today. You're AgustD. The badass. Well, Mister. If you can't watch just 3 little episodes, I guess you don't want to have your way with me. Anything you desire. I do. No questions. Just do." 

He shivers a little and smirks more. "Okay. 3 episodes. Almost done with the first, right?" 

I nod my head and giggle watching him from the corner of my eye. "Hey. Detective. Watch and see if you can solve it before the end." 

He winks at me and kisses the side of my head. "You're lucky I love you, girl." He smirks at me again and snuggle closer to him. 

We watch half of the second episode until he screams again.

"What the fuck is this?! He gets the girl? What?! Shit! His hair is stupid! Looks fake." I turn my head and keep laughing while he yells at the TV, me, whatever. This show really annoys him today.

"My love, come on. Only 1.5 episodes left. You're doing so well." I try not to laugh but he keeps yelling again. 

"No girl would ever fall for him. He is nerd." He nods, points to the TV, and eats more popcorn. "I need drinks. You want?" 

I nod my head and smile. "Yes, my love. Drink please."

He gets up and I watch him leave the room in only his boxers. I shake my head at how much I love him. Even when he gets upset over shows or movies. I just giggle and kiss him.

He walks back in and I throw the blanket off my lap. "Want a little snack, AgustD? You look like you need one." 

He smiles at me and nods.."Little snack? Not big snack?" 

"Big snack after episode 3. So little snack now. Or do I need the snack?" I crawl towards him smiling.

"Big snack for you and big snack for me?" He raises an eyebrow. "After episode 3? And I do anything?" 

I nod. "Yes. Big, big snack. Little snack now. Deal?"

He sits on the couch and nods his head. "Sit on my lap, girl." 

I giggle and whisper "That's a meal, not a snack, my love." 

He winks at me and nods.."Little, quick meal. Then long, big meal after." He starts pulling at my shirt for me to take it off.

"My love..." I sigh and kiss his nose. "I said snack. You think we need a meal?" 

He nods his head and pulls me closer to him. "I miss my meals. Haven't had a meal on this furniture yet. So sad. Meals on tables, bed, stairs, floors, and even in shower. Not right here though. Feel lonely." He smirks and I sigh.

"My love, you are going to destroy me..." I giggle and straddle his lap.. "How you want?" 

"Just like this." He hugs me tight to his chest and starts rubbing my lower back. "Just like an angel. Perfect angel." We start kissing and I moan slightly in his mouth. "That's my kitten..."

I smile against his lips and slowly lower myself onto him. He groans feeling me. I gasp and start whimpering. "What do you want to hear?" I whisper feeling myself getting adjusted to him being inside me again for the 2nd time since we woke up.

"I think I was hear you call me Baby. Sounds good to me." He breathes deep, squeezing my hips. "Yes, baby."

I nod and slowly rock my hips. "Oh my baby... I love feeling you love this.." 

He sighs and rests his head on my tits. "You feel good too, baby." 

I squeak a little and he groans. I start picking up speed and get louder. He keeps groaning and holds me close to you. "I want control. You need to scream my name." He flips me on my back and slowly, gently thrusts into me. I wrap my legs around his hips and we start kissing.

He's so gentle I whimper in his ear "Baby, I love you so much. I love you."

He growls when he hears me saying that I love him, I keep whispering and whimpering for him to destroy me. 

He kisses me again and whispers "Destroy later, just savoring. You feel so amazing." 

I moan and whisper "Baby, you like my pussy?" 

His eyes grow darker and he looks in my eyes. "Yes. I love your pussy. It's mine." He thrusts harder into me and growls "Mine." I gasp and whimper while clawing his shoulders gently. He thrusts harder and keeps growling "Mine "

I start to get louder and feeling like I'm going to squirt I warn him. "Baby, all yours... All yours. Oh baby. Fuck.. I'm close." 

He nibbles on my neck and I scream out. "I'm close, baby. So close.. Please fill me." 

He holds my face, keeps thrusting hard into me and kisses me. "My baby. Mine." 

I nod my head and start begging for his cum. He pulls out, and cums in my mouth. He starts using 2 fingers on me and I start cooing and purring. "Oh my baby. Oh baby... Please..." He leans down and starts licking my clit and I start screaming and I put a pillow over my face.  He keeps fucking me until I start not making sense. 

"That's my good baby. All snack and meal done?" He kisses my forehead and hugs me.

"Yes, baby.. I'm done with the show too.... Worth it because I got to feel you." I pull him closer to you. "What do you want to watch?

He smirks and whispers "You. Your faces. You."

I giggle and pull him on top of me. "Nap, little nap!" 

He nods his head and keeps kissing me.


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