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I'm standing in front of him wearing a hanbok and he's smiling ear to ear. Biggest smile I've ever seen. He's sitting on his couch just looking at me. He's looking like I'm the most beautiful woman in the world. I start giggling and covering my face.

"Smile for me kitten. Smile for your Oppa." I smile at him and I know he took a picture. My phone vibrates on my hand and I see the picture in the group chat we're all in. They respond with how I look beautiful. 

"She almost looks Korean!" Jungkook responds with heart eyes. "She needs contacts. Then could pass. Ha ha ha ha! Beautiful!"

"Wow. Never thought anyone would look that beautiful. Beautiful hanbok!" Namjoon responds.

"She looks scared. You better not being mean. I think she's stunning. She could be my girlfriend any day!" Jimin writes. Jungkook loves his response.

"Whoa. Her eyes look so blue. Like the ocean. No wonder you love her! She better be screaming 'Marry me Yoongi!' She looks like a bride. Beautiful! Kissy face" Jin responds.

"Never seen a more beautiful, stunning woman. You better marry her, Yoongi! If not, I will!" Hoseok responds. "Better yet, hey be my kitten! I'll give you treats!" 

"What can I say? Everyone else has said it. Beautiful! Most definitely beautiful. Hanbok suits you. Even if you don't side with me in arguments always with Jimin. Beautiful. Model beautiful. Smile more. You're lovely. Good luck!" Taehyung responds.

"Thank you all for the kind words. Yes, I'm scared. Meeting his parents! Please pray for me. I really hope they like me. I live their son too much for them not to. Please pray, brothers. Love ya all! Hugs!" I respond. They all post praying hands. Yoongi laughs.

"See? Beautiful. They even say that. You post. You will hear the same." He smiles and keeps staring at me.

I sit on the floor with nothing but white wall behind me. I post a selfie. Immediately I get comments from friends saying how beautiful I look. Some ask if it's a kimono or something Chinese. I roll my eyes and respond "it's hanbok. Korean. I was told I was beautiful in this. I feel beautiful." I post the picture Yoongi took. Same responses. I look so happy and beautiful.

"Your new job really treats you well. Look at you being fancy!" My bestie responds knowing full well what's going on. Time zones be damned, we're still chatting. I laugh at her comment.

"Now. Take deep breath. They will love you." Yoongi stands up and reaches out his hands. I stand up and kiss his nose.

"I need my vape... I will calm down. Just nervous. I don't want to think about them hating me. I'm not sure what they will think of this white girl wearing hanbok." I start fidgeting and getting nervous.

"Time to go, kitten. It's a drive to get there. Better go before we leave." He smiles at me.

"How do I pee in this?! There's so much fabric!" I start panicking and waving my arms.

"Breathe, kitten. Listen to me, kitten. Listen to your Oppa." He does his sleepy, raspy, sexy voice and starts singing my song. He calls it my song, but every ARMY say it's their song as well. I feel my body relax and I lean my head on his chest. He kisses the top of my head and he rubs my neck. "It will be okay. I can help you. Let's try." 

We go into the bathroom and I end up holding all the fabric up and go. He cheers me on. I start laughing. "You're cheering like a Dad cheering for their little kid using the big potty." I laugh into the mountains of fabric. He laughs too. He holds the fabric while I clean and he smiles 

"I better not clean you. I'll be tempted to have a meal. I would be ripping this off of you. And I would only listen to you moaning in Korean. No English. You'd have to remember all the Korean I taught you, kitten." He looks down at sees my matching lacy panties I was wearing. "We better take other clothes. I might be tempted too much. When we get home, you will ride me wearing these. Like royalty being married. Beautiful beautiful kitten bride." He kisses me passionately and pulls away slowly. "Maybe we stay home. You spend all day having meals." He winks and kisses my nose. I wash my hands and he goes next. I reach in front of him and he laughs. "Helping me, kitten?" He laughs a little bit and finishes. I take a deep breath and sigh. We hold hands and walk out to the car. He holds the door for me and makes sure I'm inside before closing the door. I keep sighing and I smile at the driver. 

"May I use this?" I hold my vape up. He nods and I roll the window down a little. I start vaping and Yoongi softly sings in my ear. I relax into the seat and I shiver. Just realizing it's cold outside. Yoongi scoots closer to me and keeps singing softly in my ear. I start to purr at him and he starts smiling.

"That's my kitten. Need Oppa to still sing?" He holds my hands and I nod my head. He keeps singing softly. He rubs the back of my neck and keeps calming me down. "Sorry I can't have a snack right now. You always relax after that." I start giggling and hug him. 

"What did I do to win you?" I look at him and he smiles 

"You gave me food and soju. You didn't betray my privacy or try to blackmail. You proved that you were special. Last time I gave my number out, EVERYONE had it. I had to change. You didn't. You just kept the pictures to yourself." He kisses my nose and rubs my cheek. "I ask what I did to win you. I just make songs and dance. You take care of people. I'm just idol." He smiles softly.

"Honestly? Your lyrics. At least the translations. I read all about the man that was loved beyond words by so many people, but still felt lonely. You looked so sad. You cried at concerts and my heart would break. I would cry too. I would say 'Oh Yoongi.. So sad. I understand.' And I wished I could make you smile." 

He smiles at me and kisses me softly. He holds my face and whispers "I love you. Not just because I have snacks and meals with you. But everything. You are so beautiful."

I smile at him and squeeze his hand. "So how much longer?" I lean on him again and try to picture what he will look like as a groom. My face turns red and he winks at me.

"Not too long. I want to stop and get some treats to eat. Not saying snacks because I start craving my snack.." He growls softly in my ear.

"Wouldn't everyone know you? I'll stay here in the car..." I look at my hands and see the color isn't clear but iridescent pearlized rainbow. I wiggle my fingers and think they look like ice. 

He kisses my left hand. "No. You come with me. Nobody will say anything. We wear masks. They think we going to wedding." He says something in Korean to the driver and we pull into this little store. "Let's go kitten. Remember, little steps. Baby feet, little steps." He smiles at me and gets out first. We're walking in wearing masks and nobody gives second glances. We are holding hands and a woman looks at our hands, looks at his face, but shakes her head slightly. I try to hold in my giggles but he turns and looks at me. I stop snickering and full on giggle. He laughs too and squeezes my hand. We pick out different 'treats' as he puts it, and we're standing in line to check out. He pulls his wallet out and winks at me. I wink back at him. The cashier says something to him and he responds sounding happy. He holds our hands up and I can tell he's smiling ear to ear. He also buys cigarettes and a lighter. I giggle and squeeze his hand. 1 tight, 4 quick, 3 pulse type squeezes. He looks at me and says "I love you." I am looking around amazed at the little store. I want to ask if we can come back, but I don't want to talk too much. He pays and we walk out. I swear I hear his name but he says "keep walking, kitten."

He jumps in the car after I get in and he laughs. "I think that lady knew I was me! Then someone called my name! No idea who it was. If they knew me, they'd text." All of a sudden his phone goes off. He starts laughing and answers the phone. I watch him talking and I hear my name. Well, the name he calls me. "Kitten." I lean my head on his lap listening to his voice and the road. I start to doze off when he nudges me gently. "Kitten. Look. My old school. I was very little." He points to other buildings and I see that young boy dreaming of being where he's at now in him still.

"What does it say underneath your name? I can tell that's your name on top but under it." I point to a sign while we are at a red light.

"Basically hometown idol. This is hometown. We are close." He kisses me a few times and whispers "No kissing in front of parents. Big no." He nods and I follow.

"I understand that. They don't know me. I could be a bad person for all they know." I nod my head slowly.

He pulls me closer, sniffs me, kisses my neck, and whispers he loves me no matter what. The car pulls up to a house and we get out. He helps me fix my hanbok and he smiles. "Breathe deep, kitten. Just breathe."

I smile and before I say anything people run out of the house and swarm him with hugs and kisses. They are talking over each other then he points at me. I bow and repeat the phrase we spent so much time on. I bow again and repeat it. I bow a third time and say it even faster. He gives me a thumbs up and winks.

They both stare at me and I can see where he gets his features. He's a perfect blend of both parents. I see a toddler walking out screaming something but he walks to me. I pick him up and just hug him. He laughs and I pinch his cheeks. I kind of dance kinda bounce him and he's cackling. I put him down and he grabs my hand. He's pulling me towards a swing I wonder if Yoongi played with when he was a child. I pick him up again and put him on the swing and push him gently. He licks his little legs and squeals. I clap the same as he does and I push him again. A man walks out shouts to Yoongi and walks to me. 

"He loves to swing more than anything. I wonder what he is thinking about." The man says and lights a cigarette. 

I turn and smile at him. "It feels like you're flying when you swing with your eyes closed. Maybe he's pretending he's a bird?" The man laughs and waves to Yoongi again. I smile at him and he winks getting covered in hugs and kisses, much like I do to him every moment I can. But he seems to enjoy mine more. I giggle a little with I see an older woman messing up his hair. He frowns but still half smiles. I wave at him and push the little boy in the swing again. 

"So this is what a loving family looks like. Nephews playing, parents excited to see you, siblings waving and aunts and uncles showering love. No wonder he loves his family so much." I think to myself and push the swing again. Screams pierce the air and I turn to see the little kicking his legs more and laughing harder. I place my hand on my chest thinking he was hurt. My little friend scared the shit out of me. I start laughing and he wiggles off the swing and takes me to see all sorts of things. I pick a leaf off a tree that he's pointing to talking. He squeals and runs around waving the leaf in the air. I smile at his innocence and wish I had that kind of confidence. I look back at Yoongi and he waves me over. I get the toddler to walk with me and we walk over to meet more people. I repeat my phrase, bow and do that twice more. Yoongi e and gives me a thumbs up again.

"She is learning Korean. She is American but German." He stands besides me and picks up the toddler. The little boy screams something and squeezes his neck. I giggle thinking about it's a good thing soap exists.

"She is nice. I like her. Plus he likes her. Yoongi, think you lost your girlfriend to your nephew!" His brother shouts and starts laughing. Yoongi holds my hand and says something in Korean. I hear a few gasps and he smiles at me. 

"I say you will be wife. Not just girlfriend. You much more special." He squeezes my hand and I keep thinking how I want to feel his lips on mine so bad. I see his eyes grow darker like when he needs a meal. I quickly turn my head and tuck hair behind my ear. 

"Look. She is such good girl. Can't look in his eyes without blushing!" His brother shouts. "Way to go Yoongi!" 

I bow to his brother and repeat my phrase. Yoongi squeezes my hand twice and I do it twice more. He rubs his thumb on my wrist and I try not to shiver.

"She is cold. May we go inside?" Yoongi smiles and we get rushed into the house. I take my shoes off and a little brown dog walks up to me and I crotch down to be on its level. It sniffs me and licks my hand. Yoongi laughs. "Well, she got more approval." Almost everyone laughs seeing me pet the dog Yoongi says doesn't like strangers and hardly likes anyone in the family. I look around and see pictures of him growing up everywhere. 

"May I go see?" I ask him softly.

"Yeah. I go too. Show you what I look like as baby " Yoongi takes my hand again leading the way. We get into a room and he pushes me against a wall. "Lift it up. I need to feel. I miss you so much. I need quick meal. Really quick." He starts kissing me and grabbing my tits. "Come on kitten, give it to Oppa." I giggle and protest.

"Oppa, last quick meal I screamed. You know I can't be quiet with you. You're too good." I whisper between kisses. 

"Then let me feel my snack. Waiting for me?" He presses against me and groans softly in my ear. "You snack is ready for you. Want a meal, pretty kitty?" He bares his teeth and licks my bottom lip. I lift my hanbok up and he slowly, gently rubs my lips.."Oh kitten. So wet. My snack is missing me too? I think we need a really quick meal. Just feel each other." I shake my head and he sighs. "You're right... Damn kitten. So beautiful. We get home, I'm devouring my snack in this. I can't help it." He growls and moves my hands down his pants. I gently grasp him and kiss his neck.

"My snack needs to be licked. I miss tasting my snack, Oppa. Use my hands like your snack. Please? I want to feel how badly you need me." I purr softly in his ear.

He starts grunting softly thrusting into my hands. I can tell he's really close and he slows down. "No mess. Only in you." He sighs again and presses his forehead to mine. "You feel what you do to me? My kitten makes me lose control." I nod and kiss him deeply. "This was my room when little. I dream so many dreams in this room. Big, big dreams. I dream about finding a girl like you. One that cries with me. Not laugh at me. Not cheat on me. Not teases me." He sits on the bed and I sit next to him. "This room.. In closet." I nod knowing what he's going to say next. "I was so lonely. We not debut yet. I think I go nowhere. That girl. I saw her when I deliver food. My heart shattered. I come home. My shoulder hurting. My heart hurting. I cry all day." His beautiful eyes clouding over with sadness.

"Go in the closet. I taste my snack. That way God memories." I squeeze his hand and he smiles at me. 

"Only quick lick. Your tongue feels amazing, kitten." He pulls his pants down and I grasp him in my hand and lick the tip.

He groans softly and I keep licking and start sucking. He starts thrusting his hips slowly and I look up at him. He smiles down at me and growls softly and rubs my head. I take his hands, place them on my head, and move faster with his hands on my head. Trying to tell him to fuck my face without stopping. He gets what I'm trying to tell him and he starts fucking my throat and grunting I smile at him and he bites his lip. I look down again and rub his legs.

"No, kitten. Look at me. Look in my eyes." He pants. I look feel in his eyes and he starts growling again and I feel his dick starting to explode in my mouth. I keep sucking after he fills my mouth and swallow every drop. He starts laughing and panting rubbing my cheek. "You are a Goddess, kitten. I love you so much."

I get one last really good suck in and stand up. I smile at him when I'm wiping my face. "I love you too, Yoongi."

He hugs me tight and it sounds like he's crying. "I was so sad. So hurt.. Now all I will think about is giving you a snack. Kitten, you are the perfect girl for me. Now I get emotional..  You promise? Us forever? Never leave?"

I nod slowly and try to remember the phrase he says when I'm upset in Korean. I attempt it and he kisses my forehead.  We look in each other's eyes. I take a deep breath, wipe his tears away and whisper "Yoongi, more than anything. I love you. More than Japan. More than sushi. More than kimchi. More than food. I would cut my skin off if you needed it. I would drain my blood if you needed it. I would leave everything to be by your side. I would sell my organs if you needed money. I would work myself to death to see you smile. Ich liebe Dich, für immer und immer und immer. I love you, forever and ever and ever. Für immer. Forever."

He holds my face in his hands, presses our forehead together, and sighs. I feel his tears and I just hug him.

The door opens and his brother is standing there. "Thought you'd bring her here. Okay, Yoongi?" They speak in Korean and Yoongi sits on the bed again and hugs me. His brother listens intently and nods. Yoongi wipes his tears and smiles at me. "So she said what you needed. Good thing we all approve. They agreed. Now, it's almost time to eat. Smile. They like your white girl. Needs work in Korean though." We all start laughing and Yoongi just squeezes me tight.

"You make the sad seem better, kitten." He whispers and kisses my neck.

"When we get home, let's make love. No fucking, no rough. No rushing. Just gentle, slow, and lots of kissing. I think we both need it today. We need to take a bath together too. Warm bath and cuddle." I kiss his lips softly and he giggles and starts laughing.

"You smell like mint and me." He laughs harder and hugs me more. He starts laughing each time he looks at me and I get in the little purse and pop a bunch of mints in my mouth. 

"Now I should smell like mints. Not you." We both laugh and he pins me to the bed playfully.

"One day, I will pin you for real and love every inch of you. Not today, one day." He kisses me softly and whispers "Thank you, kitten. You don't have idea."

I nod my head. "I do... That's why I loved you before... I knew your pain. I was there. Been cheated on, forgotten, lied to, used, and just felt so tired. So done.. 'Mushi' was played a lot on repeat. I will show my scars when we're home. You can see." I nod and he half smiles.

"We better go eat.. treats... They will come looking for us." We stand up and help each other straighten out our clothes.

We walk back holding hands and hear laughing. Everyone starts singing Korean and I clap along not knowing the words. He smiles brightly and kisses my forehead.

On the ride home he's quiet. He's on his phone and I text Jimin.

"He took me to meet his parents. He's quiet. I'm worried." I send Jimin.

"He show his child room? The one he cried in? He took us once. He sobbed and talked about the closet. He was so sad. So much sadness in him." Jimin sends back.

"Yes. I had a snack while I had him stand in the closet. That way good memories. He looks at me and smiles but he is so quiet. He drank soju tonight. Just little though. His mom hugged me when we were leaving." I see the chat bubbles start and stop. "Jiji? You there?" The chat bubbles start again.

"You are so beautiful. He's lucky to have you. He's the saddest. His eyes look happy now. Don't let him go. I will hit you." I laugh at the response and I look at Yoongi. He's looking out the window and I tap his arm.

"I'm okay, kitten. Sleepy. Too much food and soju." He yawns and I hug him. He sighs happily and I hold his hand.

"Oppa?" I whisper and nudge him. He's fallen asleep and I wake him up enough to lay his head on my lap. I play with his hair and hum my song. He smiles up at me and kisses my hand. I take a picture and send Jimin. "Jiji. Look at the sleeping Yoongi. He's smiling in his sleep. The sadness is gone for today." 

I get a heart in response and I smile and look out the window.

We get to his home, and we go inside. He starts taking his clothes off and turns and looks at me.

I smile at him only in his boxers. He smiles back and steps closer to me. He starts showing scars and I strip off my clothes and show him mine. We spend a lot of time talking, showing scars, and crying. Not for ourselves, but for the other one. I tell him each story and he does the same.

Once we're done he lays me down on the couch and whispers "Let's go in bed. Making love needs the bed. Fucking is for other things. Let's go, kitten." I nod and follow him to our bed knowing at least right now, neither of us is sad. Just overflowing with happiness.


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