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I'm standing at the airport in Berlin. I can't believe I'm in Germany going to see my love. I straighten my shirt and pants a little bit and see an arm waving from a window. I start giggling thinking it's him. The vehicle stops and the door opens. There sits my love.

He gets out, adjusts his mask and hat then grabs my suitcase and throws it in the backseat. "We sit in very back. Nobody see us." He winks and we climb in. "Hotel really nice. The others are shopping. Just you and me tonight. Well. Until we eat. We always eat together. Unless you don't want to." 

"Oh no! I love being with everyone. I feel included so it's not weird. I feel like I'm their sister. Even if they make jokes about having sex with me. I don't feel offended. I enjoy their company." I smile and he kisses me softly.

"How does it feel to be here? Your family from Berlin?" He looks at me lovingly.

"Not Berlin. München. Munich. It's Bavaria. Think we could visit? Or no time?" I start reading the signs for him and ask what the hotel is called.

"We have time. Concert tomorrow. Then 4 days off. Then 2 shows in Seoul. You go to my hometown. You stay with me. We stay in bed for days. Kissing, having snacks, and meals. Lots of snacks and meals." He winks and laughs.

"Oh really? Don't you think we will need water and food?" I giggle and hold his hand.

"That's why we have snacks and meals." He laughs harder and kisses my hand.

"Where do you want to go first? Museum? Opera? Movie? Sleep? What?" I giggle at the car next to us blaring his music.

He smiles and kisses my nose. "How about we cuddle. I just miss you." 

"I missed you too. Terribly. Haven't seen you since Japan. My body misses you too." I start remembering the hot spring and my little breakdown. He squeezes my hand and kisses me softly again.

"My kitten always tasting like mint." He laughs a little.

I lean my head on his shoulder and we both sigh. Happy to be together.

I thank the driver in German and shake his hand. Yoongi smiles at me and says my voice changes. I shrug and we walk into the hotel and head to the room. I feel eyes on me but I ignore the feeling and think it's was more for him.

"Welcome home, wife." Yoongi says after he opens the door. I giggle and start kissing him franticly.

We start ripping each other's clothes off and I sit on the chest of drawers the TV is on. He's down to his boxers and I'm in my panties and bra. He snatches my panties off while I unhook my bra. I wrap my legs around him and whisper the phrase he taught me in Japan.

He growls and whispers "are you sure? Rough?" I nod and bite my bottom lip.

He holds my hips and starts violently thrusting into me. I start whimpering and begging for more. He lets go with one hand and holds on to my neck. I purr at him and he growls. I feel an orgasm building really quickly and I start getting loud so I cover my mouth, like usual. 

He uncovers my mouth and growls loudly "scream for your husband. Scream so everyone knows who is having a meal." I moan loudly still not wanting to get really loud. He pulls me closer and I lean back to hold on the chest of drawers better and start screaming. My orgasm is more intense than before and not stopping. I end up squirting all over him and he slows down after he fucks every drop out of me. I giggle and kiss him. "I'm not done yet, kitten. Keep screaming." He grabs my hips again and starts fucking my swollen flesh and I'm screaming in no time. My legs shaking and he puts them on his shoulders. I'm laying on my back mostly and I feel my eyes rolling in the back of my head. So much pleasure and I can barely handle it. I'm losing my mind. He grabs my neck and squeezes. "Kitten, don't stop. Give me my meal." He growls, thrusts harder into me, and kisses my legs. I pull him closer with my weakened legs and start begging for him to fill me. He sighs, throws his head back while I'm screaming "I love you" and squirting all over him again. He punches the chest of drawers when he cums. He slowly pulls out and plops down on a chair. "I'm so dizzy kitten. Need to sit down. I'm sorry." I giggle and keep trying to catch my breath.

We hear a knock on the door and we look at each other stunned. He yells in Korean and then silence. "Guess they heard you." I can't stop myself from cleaning him with my mouth. He leans his head back and  moans with each lick. "You are angel. Really. Sex angel." Then there's knocking again. He yells in Korean again but the knocking won't stop. I get up and put my shirt back on and pants. He puts his boxers back on while I go and open the door.

There's a guy standing there in a suit. "What is it?" I ask him. He explains the front desk for calls about screaming. They're just checking everything is okay. I nod and say "Sorry. My husband just didn't know how pent up we both were. Sorry."

Yoongi waves and points to himself. "Husband. Sorry. I don't think at times. Just need wife." He smiles his adorable gummy smile and hugs me. "Not happen again."

The man nods, smiles, winks at Yoongi and whispers "She has good Bavarian hips. Good for breeding. She is good wife. Keep her happy." He looks at me and whispers "If you get tired of not having German. Come get one here." 

I hug Yoongi tight and say "I'm happy with Korean husband. Danke." We start speaking German a little bit and he says he couldn't believe a Korean man knows how to make a Bavarian wife scream. Impossible according to him. Only Germans can do that. I feel uncomfortable and Yoongi can tell. He says thanks again, and politely backs the man out of the room.

"The room smells like sex. He saw my panties and bra on the floor. He knew what happened." I start laughing and looking at his fist. "It's a little red but should be okay. Didn't look swollen." He nods and kisses me. 

"Do I make you happy? That asshole said.. " His voice starts to trail off.

"If you didn't make me happy, do you think I would have squirted on you twice? You make me so very happy. Much happiness. You. My Mister M." I miss him gently and he smiles 

"You don't want German?" He looks in my eyes.

"No. I could get a German if I wanted one. I dated a German guy. He was mean to me. Yelled all the time. Didn't hit, but acted like he would. I left after he did that twice. I was young. I love you. You're the one that I love. Feel my heart? It has butterflies when I'm near you." I put his hand on my chest hoping he could feel my beating heart. He smiles and kisses me deeply.

We take a shower and dress then we write down things we want to see. Namjoon calls him and we decide to meet at his room. Our room smells like sex, horribly.

Namjoon opens the door and we all hug and talk about what to do. We have a few hours to spend before meeting up with the others to eat. We decided to go shopping for some souvenirs. We're all laughing and linked arms when we walk down the sidewalks. Yoongi asks for me to order beer and some to eat. He elbows Namjoon while I'm ordering in German. I pay and we go sit at a table showing the things we got. 

"Wait. Isn't beer sound like beer?" Namjoon asks me after taking a sip 

I nod. "I said "Drie bier und drie brezel wit Käze. 3 beers and 3 pretzels with cheese. And I said bitte which means please. When he handed them to me I said danke. It means thank you. German was easier for me to learn than Korean. I still don't understand anything. After all these years of music, movies, and shows. Not even a few words. Japanese, few words... I guess I'm just a silly dummy." 

Yoongi slaps my thigh and says "No saying dummy. You are smart. Korean hard to learn." 

I smile and explain German and English are closely related because they're Germanic languages. Namjoon nods and says he can kind of catch on because some words sound English. Then Yoongi plants a big wet kiss on me and makes a face at some guy walking past us.

"What was that for?" I start giggling and hugging him.

"That guy. He look at you. He stare at your body. Make me mad." Yoongi says and glares in the direction of the strange man.

"Hey, Oppa. They can look. You get to touch. Not them. Every fan at your concerts is looking at your body. They can look, I get to touch. Same thing. Let the stupid guy dream. Do not want him. Only want you." I kiss him and look in his eyes.

"You have body shape like so many. You really are German." He laughs. "German wife." He squeezes my hand and kisses it.

I giggle and think I see Jungkook and Jin walking towards us. The guys look and we get up to run over to meet them. Jungkook takes my beer and starts chugging it. I laugh and offer my pretzel as well. "Beer is in the cheese. Germans love their beer. I make a really good soup with beer in it." Yoongi smiles and says he eats me to make it tomorrow before the concert.

Jin talks about losing Jimin and Taehyung in a store. They were bickering about some lamps like an old married couple. I giggle and hug Yoongi. We are walking down the sidewalk looking at buildings and some guy walks past us and Yoongi gets mad again.

"He was staring at you ass! My ass! Not his!" He starts turning red in the face but I kiss him.

"Remember, Oppa.. You get stared at by all your fans. They can look but not touch." I kiss him again and squeeze his hand. "My Korea husband." He laughs and calms down. "I just hope that AgustD stays inside there and not come out beating up everyone that looks at me. We're in Germany. That's why. My body shape is the traditional Bavarian housewife. Big hips, good for breeding children, big tits, good for the children and husband, and big ass... Fun to fuck from behind. Good for husband."

He laughs and whispers "next meal, from behind. I watch your ass jiggle. I'm husband."  I nod and he kisses my nose.

We are talking about dinner and then we agree we're going to play video games. Maybe.. We will probably just watch a movie together. We're all debating on what type and I'm laughing swinging my arm holding Yoongi's hand. We haven't been stopped by anyone yet and I'm happy. We find Taehyung and Jimin still arguing about something outside a cute shop. They're talking over each other to explain why they're both right. 

Jimin grabs my arm "Sister! You understand, right? We need the blankets to match the lamps. Only way. Right?" I side with Jimin and so does Yoongi. Jungkook doesn't understand and Jin sides with Taehyung. Namjoon says he's neutral so Jimin wins this round.

Taehyung whispers in my ear "I side with Yoongi when he argues with you. Not fair." He fake pouts and starts laughing.

Jimin has everything sent to the hotel and he will deal later. Jimin starts saying "milch" for some reason and I feel confused. 

"Why are you saying milk?" I finally ask him.

"It means milk? I thought it was something else." Jimin laughs. I shake my head and say milk. Everyone starts laughing and before we know it, we're all saying 'milch' like it's a magic word and laughing.


We end up ordering food to the hotel and all sitting in Jimin and Taehyung's room. I'm sitting next to Yoongi and cutting up his food. Everyone is laughing but Yoongi shouts "She loves me! Be jealous." We all laugh and start watching a movie Namjoon had on his phone and he connected to the TV. I'm not paying any attention but watching them all interacting with each other. I smile knowing I'm accepted by them. Even if it's because of Yoongi.

Jungkook and Jimin start dancing around and humming songs. Yoongi whispers "We're doing your song tomorrow. Wear no panties and dress. I'll need you after the song. Quick meal."

I blush and lean on him and whisper. "Only if you finish in my mouth so I can taste you during the concert." He stiffens his body and growls softly. We giggle and kiss each other.

"Oh gross! Dad!!!! They're kissing again!!! Gross! So yucky!" Jungkook yells. 

Everyone starts laughing and my phone vibrates on the table. I open up the message and it's a photo of Yoongi and I looking at each other. We look so in love and happy. I show him and he smiles really big. "That's what everyone see?" He asks pointing at the picture.

I nod. "Yeah. You can tell we love each other." He nods and holds my hands.

"I might tell tomorrow. I tell I'm in love. So nobody looks at me like that anymore." He says softly, louder than a whisper but still quiet.

"I don't think that's good idea. Maybe say something about German girls being sexy or something. Hint but not come out and say." I suggest to him. He nods and looks at the time.

"Hey brothers. I'm sorry but we're going to bed." He announces to the whole room. They're laughing knowing what we're going to do.

Back in our room we both strip down and climb into bed. We snuggle close and just talk. Talk about tomorrow and the next few weeks. I'm not nervous as long as I'm in his arms.


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