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"I don't have a passport... Not sure how long it takes to get one..." He talks about meeting in Japan. "I can try to get one." I sit at my laptop looking up the requirements and write down dates that I will be home so I can work. I'm down to part time, barely, but he has no idea that I feel a little awkward about him paying me for just 'being' his kitten.

"No amount too much. You let them know. I pay. No worries. We meet there. You always talk about Japan. You talk about seeing statues and that band. We're going to see them at least. You want to meet them?"

"Oh no. It was a joke! Kyo hates being called 'kawaii' and that's why I would say it. To see him get mad. Like teasing him. I was joking!" I wave my hands trying to explain I was joking.

"I am kidding. We see them. You can tell me which is your favorite songs. I learn them for you. I will sing them to you when you feel sleepy." He yawns and is drinking tea because he just woke up. 

"I don't need to to sing their songs. I just want to hear you speaking just for me. Like the song I sent. Just speak to me. I want to know what goes on in your head. We are in love, right? Or just lust?" I half smile getting used to having the retainer.

"Yes. In love. We are not lust. Like Jungkook song. Yes or no. It's yes. Always yes. Yes to you." He smiles and looks sleepy.

"Dream about me? You look sleepy." I worry a little bit about his health knowing he has more stops before the week break before starting back up.

"Always. I wake up thinking we were at my home. You making breakfast for me and having breakfast in bed." He looks down at his plate and frowns a little. "Not like this. Good food for me. Not this. It's boring now. I miss Korean breakfast. You make that for me?" He takes a bite.

"Of course. Let me know what you would want to eat. I will try to make it." I start making another cup of tea. I count how tea bags I have laying on a plate and frown. "I drink so much tea because of you now. Well. You and Jimin. You both tell me no soda, only tea. So I do." He laughs and keeps eating.

"You need more for retainers? You look happier. I loved you no matter what. You really want kimono from Japan? We get matching ones." He smiles and drinks his tea. "What color you want?"

"I think purple. Maybe black and pink. I don't know... As long as we match. I want geta as well. I used to have some. My neighbors would laugh at me running down the road while wearing them." He starts laughing picturing me running wearing geta. "It's true! One called me Chinese all the time. I said 'these are Japanese. Not Chinese, redneck.' And I went running around again." He starts laughing really hard and chokes on his food. I nod then all of he's okay. I worry too much.

"You are funny. Redneck. You always liked the 2 countries that hate each other. Korea and Japan fight." He hits his fists together. "History not good. Now it's okay. Now it's life that with North and South. We fight." He hits his fists again. "You know we be okay. We be okay. All of us. All okay. No worry." He smiles and gets up to get more to drink.

"Yeah. I spent part of my childhood with my doctor. He is Japanese. Then I stumbled across a K-drama that I really liked and everything went downhill from there. And here we are!" We start laughing and he nods his head.

"What is favorite Korean movie? How about Korean show?" He takes a drink of water and sighs. "I want cigarettes. I go outside and have one. You go with me?" 

I nod "I have my vape. It's... Umm.. Let me check. Oh. Dragon fruit ice." I show it off and he smacks his lips.

"Tastes good." He starts laughing and holds up a pack of cigarettes. "You have everything filled out for passport?" He lights his cigarette and sighs.

"Yes. Should hear soon. Hopefully." I hit my vape and he starts laughing.

"You look like dragon! So scary!" He starts talking to someone off screen and he points."Namjoon. He wants one too. So be good. He will see." He laughs and flips the camera. Namjoon looks half asleep, smoking a cigarette, texting and he smiles at the camera and laughs.

"He looks really sleepy. Are you sure you all had enough sleep? Tell him to drink enough water. His sister says so. Water is a must! Food is a must too. I'll slap him if he doesn't."

He repeats everything and Namjoon motions his hands and yells "bring it!"

We all laugh and then he goes back inside. "We share 2 rooms last night. We talk all night about things. I talk about you. They talk about other girls. They ask why I like you. I tell them you are real. You don't act like you're better. You deserve it. No acting like that. Taehyung talked about his last girl. She acted like she deserved more he wanted to give. She tried to take. Take take take take. Some like that. Never give. All you do is give give give give. You love me and give. What more? Plus you're my kitten. You take care me." He nods and shows his brothers sleeping and he tries not to laugh.

I smile and whisper "I don't think I have a favorite drama... I like do many. And movie? 200 pounds of beauty or Whatcha wearin. it's called my PS partner here. That movie is like me.. She is like me. Wants love. Real love. Feels lonely, and meets love on accident. I cry every time I watch it." 

He nods. "I've seen both. You are beautiful no matter. You are beautiful to me." I blow a kiss to him.

"You are too perfect. You are the most handsome man ever." I giggle and watch him smile big.

"We need to be in Japan. That way you can tell me things. We can walk around and see things." He stretches and sighs.

"I want to take a picture of a pink box building. I want to see Yakuza and take pictures with them. No kissing or hugging. Just taking a picture. And see hello kitty." I start getting excited. "And see Hachiko and his Master statue. I will take pictures and cry... And see the 47 Ronin grave. Leave sake for them. Hey... Oppa. 7. Funny huh?" He smiles and listens. "So many things I want to see. Same with Korea... Want to see so many things. And hug you and kiss you." 

He smirks and whispers "only hug and kiss? That all?"

I smirk back. "No. Other things. I want to hear you growl. You growl before you finish. I love hearing that..." I cover my eyes and giggle 

"No.. Look at me and say that." He whispers.

"I want to feel you inside me. I want you to cum inside me and bite my neck like you are vampire." I say softly.

"Okay. I will. Promise." He sighs deeply. "How much longer?" Then we both laugh a little.


I'm getting off the plane in Japan. I'm looking for my sign like I've done in New York but I'm nervous. No idea what he had or on the sign. I see it "Baby feet geta." I ask the man holding the sign off I take a picture. He nods and I send Yoongi a text with the picture. "Almost to you. Really? Baby feet? Again?"

He calls and starts laughing. "You are wearing baby shoes. They're cute on you. The pink baby shoes. Now, come to me. I need you." He breathes heavy in the phone and sighs. "I keep thinking about you. Sang your song last night. I can't stop thinking about you noises.. Your beautiful noises and saying my name. Say my name, kitten." 

"When I'm in the car. There's a lot of people, Oppa... I can try whispering... Don't know if you can hear me though." I whisper his name and add an 'i love you.'

He groans and says "Get here soon. I'm needing my snack." I smile and we keep talking, but it's more just listening to the other breathe.

"I'm at the hotel. Thank you for everything"  I bow to the driver and walk in with my suitcases. "I'm heading to the elevator. Which floor?" 

"10th. Hurry. I meet you there." He sounds stressed a little, but happy.

"There's people.... You said nobody sees. They might.. Plus I see your shirts all over. You'd get trampled." I laugh a little bit and he sighs.

"Hurry. Miss you." My phone cuts out in the elevator so he texts me. "I miss you so much. Big missing you. Hurry. I meet you at elevator. No worry."  He sends a selfie of himself in his boxers.

"No white kimono. That means sorrow. Black and white maybe. What do you think?" The doors open and I see his back. He has a mask on and is watching in a mirror. I get off the elevator and he texts "I see you."

The doors close and I rush over to him and hug him. "Gods I missed you." He pulls me down the hallway and slams the door. 

"Off. Everything. Now.. Can't wait. To much thinking about you. Need you so bad." He throws my shirt across the room and points to the couch in the room. "Lay down. I need my snack. No argue. Snack for me. Then snack for you. Then little meal."

"How about little meal now and snacks later? I just need you terribly. I need to feel you, Oppa. Please. Just a meal right now.. No snacks." He nods his head and kisses me.

"I be rough. Need you so much." He puts his hand around my neck and growls. "This okay? You okay?" I nod and press against him. A fire burning inside me, dying to be set free.  I wrap my legs around his hips and pull him closer.

"Be rough, Oppa. If too much, I say Oppa. Okay?" I start panting and kissing him as he nods his head. "Safe word. Good to have." He nods again and slams inside me so hard and fast I cover my mouth so I don't scream. He squeezes my neck with his right hand and holds on to my hip with his left. He's growling and grunting louder with each thrust. I start whispering "inside me, lover. Right there... Oh gods yes... Oh Yoongi.." 

He lets go of my neck and tightens his grip on my hips. I use the couch as leverage and push into him as hard as he's thrusting into me. I cover my mouth again but he moves my hand. "Scream for me. Scream for your Yoongi." I nod slowly not thinking about anything except how much I love him.

"Yoongi! Oh don't stop!" I scream and start crying from the intensity of my never ending orgasms. He growls really loud and punches the wall behind the couch and slams into me.

"You are the most best." He whispers breathlessly. He kisses my forehead and I look at how we're still together. We both relax and are laying on the couch kissing and looking on each other's eyes.

"We should get up, Oppa. We will probably go to sleep and it would be bad I think. We would sleep through everything." I kiss him once more and he smiles.

"Let's shower and go see things. Namjoon is going too. The others are shopping." He kisses my forehead. "He really wants to know more about you. He says I'm madly in love. He says I'm husband already. I've flown you to me a lot. He also says he hopes that you are good person. I say you are best."

I smile at him while we're showering together.


We are at a sushi conveyor restaurant and I grab almost everyone and out it on the table. Everyone is eating, laughing, talking, and drinking sake. Not a lot, but mostly water. I feed Yoongi a few pieces of my favorite egg sushi and I offer pieces to the others that they all take. They start calling me momma because I'm feeding them.

"After food, we go see... Band she likes. What are called?" Yoongi smiles at me.

"Dir En Grey. Diru for short. Gosh. I've liked them since 2000. Maybe 2002. I was listening to Diru, Malice Mizer, S.E.S, and Baby Vox at that time as well... Not sure. I think 2000. I downloaded songs and burnt CDs." I start giggling and Jungkook hugs me.

"You liked old Kpop huh?" He starts laughing. "Older than me " he laughs harder.

I nod my head. "Yeah.. I'm strange.. Strange white girl." Everyone laughs and I feed Yoongi more sushi before he realizes I haven't eaten any so he feeds me.

Namjoon starts asking questions about me and I start answering them. He whispers to Yoongi who just smiles and nods.

I see a nigiri and squeal. "Get the blue plates! Oppa! Blue plates!" He grabs them and feeds the one of the pieces to me and eats the other. "Good huh?" He nods and I start bouncing in my chair giggling. "sushi makes me happy. Almost as much as kimchi. Makes me so happy!" Yoongi watches me bounce in my chair until I hear the music playing. I grab his hand and point at the ceiling. "Oppa... My song. It's in Japanese!!"

They all get up besides Yoongi and sing my song and I can't stop laughing. Yoongi stands up and does his part then sits next to me and makes Jungkook sit across from me.

"You know I love you, right?" He whispers in my ear. 

I nod and whisper back "More than anything. Do you know I love you?" 

He nods and kisses my cheek. "It's almost concert time. Let's go."

Namjoon pays for the meal and I hug him and say thanks. He teases Yoongi about having me now because I hugged him.

Yoongi tugs my arm towards him gently. "She's mine! My American Bengal girlfriend!" He starts laughing and looks at me "Bengal? No. Barbarian?"

I giggle into his chest and whisper "Bavarian, my love. Bavarian. Like the doughnut." Everyone starts laughing and saying I'm really a barbarian.


At the concert my favorite songs are played and I'm screaming along and crying. "Mushi" gets played and everything that song represents comes flooding back to me. The nights I couldn't sleep and would be sobbing my eyes out, harming myself. Kyo screams with all the pain everyone has felt in the room and the song is over. I look at Yoongi while I'm still sobbing. He wraps his arms around me and squeezes. Then some new songs get played and I'm just hugging Yoongi and whispering the lyrics to him.

While walking around to get drinks, Namjoon asks about the song I was crying through. Yoongi isn't near to hear and I tell him about that once dark place I lived in. Talked about being abused as a child, my mother abusing me, and just hating myself. Namjoon holds I hand the entire time and nods.

"That song means a lot to you then. I get it." I nod and Namjoon nods as well. "You're past that now. Look. Still alive. If you weren't, I'd hate to see who he'd be flying all over. Sheesh." I start laughing and Namjoon pats my head like a big brother to a little sister.

"Thank you, Namjoon. Really. Honestly. If there's anything else, ask away. I'll answer." I nod and wave to Yoongi.

"No taking my princess." Yoongi laughs and kisses my cheek. "Mine. No sharing." He laughs and squeezes my hand. 

We all walk in this little bar that reminds me of "Midnight Diner." The owner behind the counter is kind and brings us beer and sake. I order edamame to munch on. We're all talking, laughing, and I feel like I'm one of them. Beyond my wildest dreams.

"We go to hot spring tomorrow. So good for relaxing." Jimin says. I smile really big and nod.

"I've always wanted to go but never been before. Will you help me going there?" Jimin laughs and says "We won't be with you. You will be with women. We will be naked. Only Yoongi see you naked. Not us." He pats my leg and laughs. "Yoongi would kill us. You're his kitten." We both laugh and I lean on him.

"You are too precious, Jimin. Really. Just so adorable. I'm happy to know you." He smiles and tears up a little. We hold hands but it's in a friendship. A kinship. I ask about his tattoos and certain things that are rumors and he answers them.  I tell him I'm proud he knows who he is. He hugs me and we start laughing. 

Jin is sitting across from me since Yoongi switched seats to talk to Namjoon. "So. World wide handsome. How are you?" Jin starts laughing and playful slaps my arm.

"You are silly! Let's cut it. Why do you love our Yoongi? Money?" Jin looks serious.

"Loneliness. His eyes look terribly sad at times. I know sadness and loneliness. The entire world could love you, but if you don't have someone that you love, what's the point. Plus he's a baby meow meow. Little baby kitty. I love cats." I start showing pictures of my cats and dog and rabbit. I tell their stories about being strays and rescuing them. Jin nods his head and looks at Yoongi laughing and dancing with Jungkook and Taehyung. 

"He laughs more lately. Please don't hurt him. He loves you." Jin pats my hand and smiles 

"I have more to lose than he does.... I love him so much..." I place my hand on Jin's. "really. I wasn't planning on having him love me. Just thanking you all and giving the kimchi stew was all on my mind."

Yoongi comes over and hugs me from behind. I start laughing and kiss his arm. "Having fun, kitten?" He whispers.

"I'd have more fun having a snack." I giggle and watch his eyes change.

"Let's go. Now. Come.' he pulls me behind him. 

We get to the bathroom and he kisses me. "Couldn't wait. Can't wait. Now. Here." He starts undoing his pants and I start going on my knees. "No, bend over sink. I need you. So much." 

"No, Yoongi... Snack. Then we have meal." I smile up at him. I devour him and he bites his fist to keep from growling loud. We walk out line nothing happened.

"You okay?" Jimin asks. "You have red face "

"Yes. I'm perfectly fine. Just had a snack." I say it before I think. His eyes get big and he realizes what "snack" means between Yoongi and I. He starts laughing.

"Really?! Here?! Just now?! Oh no tell me all the details!" Jimin grabs my hands and looks at Taehyung.

I give him details and he squeals and laughs. Yoongi keeps looking at us funny but goes back to playing a pinball game near our table.

"You got him to say that? Really?! Oh sister... You've made him bad!" Jimin winks at me. I wink back and we both giggle.

It starts getting crowded so we decide to go back to the hotel. Jimin, Jungkook and I are linked arms yelling and laughing. We're not drunk but just feeling carefree. The others laugh at us then we start skipping down the sidewalk. We get to the hotel and give hugs. Jimin says he's really tired. Yoongi says we have the room to ourselves. The others are sharing, but not us.

We start kissing and teasing each other and he pins me to the bed. "I'm having my snack now, kitten. You want hand necklace?" 

"No, I just want to hold your hands. Hold my Oppa's hands while he has a snack." I giggle and we miss more. 

He kisses down my body and I moan softly feeling his lips on my flesh. I arch my back slightly and moan his name.

"Keep that up and we'll have our meal instead." He laughs and starts gently licking my clit before licking my harder that I squeal. "That's my kitten, good girl." He growls softly and I feel him slip a finger inside me. I wrap my legs around his shoulders and cover my mouth to keep from screaming. He slowly inserts two fingers and starts fucking me and licking my clit like it grants wishes. I hear him slurping up all of the wetness and I can't hold back anymore.

"Baby... Yoongi... My love.... Swim..." I cover my mouth again and try not to scream as I gush all over his face. He starts moaning and keeps fucking me with his fingers. When I catch my breath he looks up at me, face drenched. "You look like you had fun." I collapse on the bed but he isn't done.

"I need you.. Call me baby again..." He is crawling up my body, putting my legs on his hips. "Say it.. please kitten."

I feeling his hard dick pressing against my soaking wet swollen pussy. "Baby, fuck me... Please.. Baby... I love you, baby." I purr to him. 

He slowly enters me and sighs. "I needed this so much. All night I think about this." He wraps his arms behind my head as a pillow and leverage, and just slowly makes love to me. Each groan he makes, I whimper back. He starts growling and I purr at him. "Oh my kitten... I'm close.." 

"Cum inside me, baby. Fill my pussy up with your cum, baby." I whisper to him and moaning right in his ear. He starts going faster and I adjust my hips so I know I will squirt on him again. Our breathing picks up, his growls get louder, and I start squeaking and covering my mouth. "Oh baby. That's so good. You're so good, baby.." We finish at the same time and I beg him to stay. Not to move. I'm so swollen I'll miss him filling me.

He slowly pulls out and starts kissing me like he's never kissed me before. "I love you so much, kitten. You've made me so incredibly happy. I was sad when I meet you. Felt lonely. All the fans scream my name but I feel lonely... Then I meet you. My beautiful kitten." I giggle and get up because I feel his seed coming out.

"It's coming out. I'm going to clean up... Okay Oppa?" I start putting my hair up in a ponytail and he gets up and kisses me.

"I need to clean too. My face is messy." We start giggling again and his phone goes off. He answers it and starts shouting in Korean. He's laughing so it's not anger. I walk over to him and start licking his neck and nibbling on his chest. He says "I have hungry kitten. That's what you heard. Nothing more." 

We start laughing and he hugs me tight. I just enjoy feeling his body pressed against me. We take a shower and kiss almost the whole time. We press our noses together and start giggling like little children.


We're all riding together in a mini bus. The guys are are chanting and having fun. I'm watching them and take little video clips of them being so adorable. I don't share them online, only to them. Mostly Yoongi. He says he can't believe how happy he looks when I'm around. Sometimes I get random little clips from them and I think I'm looking really happy lately as well. All because of them. The 7 guys that taught me more than any therapist. They loved me simply because I was alive. They've done more for my confidence than anything else. No way to thank them.

We arrive to the hot spring hotel and Jimin holds my hand when we walk in. There's only 7 rooms so it's perfect. Jimin starts joking about how I'm going to stay with him. "Girls need to stick to together." Yoongi laughs and says I'm not just any girl, I'm his. Everyone laughs and I hug my Oppa meow meow. My Mister M. 

Jimin, Jungkook, and I are looking out windows at the little pools of water. Jimin asks if I have a nickname. I say "I guess kitten because that's what Yoongi calls me. I was called Mouse for years. I can be quiet as a mouse and I'm overlooked a lot." Jungkook laughs and hugs me. He says mouse is perfect for me because Yoongi is a cat. The three of us giggle and Yoongi glares at us. We stop but start giggling again like little children and their father keeps looking at them. Yoongi looks at us again and I start laughing harder. Jungkook explains I'm a mouse and he's a cat. Then he says something in Korean and Yoongi turns red and pulls me away from them and Jimin and Jungkook laugh hysterically.

I smile and whisper "Jimin asked if I had a nickname. I told them Mouse because I was called Mouse for years... I'm sorry, Oppa." 

Yoongi whispers in my ear "Jungkook said since you're a mouse I should eat you all the time. Then said that since Taehyung is a bear, he should eat you as well. Then said all other animals eat mice. So you should be eaten all day." I try not to laugh so I lean my head on his shoulder. "You are mine to eat. My snack. I tell them that. No joking about you. You're mine. You are their friend. Not girlfriend. You're my America girlfriend. I'm your Korea boyfriend." He looks upset about it and I kiss his cheek.

"Only yours. Well. As far as they know.... You know more though." He smiles at me and rubs my back. "They're sorting out all the paperwork because the lady said that they don't allow men and women together unless they're married.. You have to be naked while in hot spring. They say you no be naked around 7 men. They explain only you naked around me. I'm your husband. The lady no believe."

I kiss him and start rubbing my belly. The lady watches and I have Yoongi rub it as well. We look like an excited couple waiting on their child to be born. "Good thing I'm fat, huh?" I smile at him and Yoongi frowns.

"Not fat. You are you. Sweet kitten. That is all. And mine. No forget." He kisses my nose and I giggle.

"But I'm not skinny like Korean girl." I sigh.

"If I wanted Korea girl, I get one. I had Korea girls. I decide to try different. You are more amazing than Korea girl. More sweet. More polite. Say the phrase kitten..." I say it slowly and he corrects me twice, quite the improvement. We stand together practicing the phrase and each time I get it right, he kisses me on my lips. The best incentive ever.

"I think we're going back to the rooms..." There's a few other people with us so it'll be two to a room. Yoongi and I have the room next to this smallest spring. The lady said it's good for sons. We all laughed.

We get to our room and I lay the futon out. I start giggling like crazy putting on the simple kimono and tabi. Yoongi lays on the futon watching me dance around and humming a song that I heard on a Zatoichi movie. He starts laughing softly and I stand over him. He lays on his back and I lower myself onto him. He groans and pulls his pants down but leaves his boxers on. 

"Are you needing a meal, kitten?" He leans his head up to kiss me.

"No. Just a snack."I whisper.

I lift his shirt off his head and start kissing down his chest. I lick every scar I see and he sighs. I make it to his belly button and kiss it. Everything about him is adorable. I start to pull down his boxers when the door slams open and I hear laughter. Yoongi yells and the door slams again. I look at him and smiles. He whispers to keep going and I see he's already hard and begging to be licked. I see the precum on the tip and I start licking and making sure his dick is good and wet, I start trying to deep throat him. He groans loudly and the door slams open again. I flip the bird and don't stop. I hear more laughter and Yoongi throws his shirt and the door slams shut. I keep sucking and licking and squeezing his balls. He starts moaning "Oh kitten. Just like that. Oh fuck kitten." And he ends up growling and yelling when he cums in my mouth. I open my mouth and show him his cum. He laughs a little then I swallow it.

He smiles and whispers "I can't believe you do that. Not many Korea girls do that. They spit or don't let it go in their mouth." 

I smile and whisper "You're the only Korea boyfriend I have and do it too. Only Oppa meow meow."

The door slams open after he pulls his boxers up and there's even more laughter. Each of the other guys are putting things on their head and open the door. Jungkook was the one that opened it while I was having my 'snack.' He kept winking at me when they all came in to laugh and talk about waiting for dinner.

"She already had Korean soup." Jungkook says and laughs. My face turns red and and I hide my face behind Yoongi.

"She had a snack! Not soup.." Yoongi shouts but starts laughing. "She loves Korean snacks." 

"Not all Korean snacks. Only yours!" I shout still covering my face. While they all laugh and cheer "Korean snacks!"


It's late and everyone else is sleeping. We're in the hot spring alone. I keep kissing him and we're talking about our future. Not really far into the future, only a few weeks. We both are scared of being hurt. We both fell so fast it's not even funny. Yoongi says we're like kids. I agree with him. 

"Look at those stars, Oppa." I am straddling him in the warm water. I lower myself down so I'm sitting on his lap. 

"You're the most beautiful star here. My kitten. My beautiful, beautiful kitten." He hugs me and I start tearing up.

"Promise? Promise this isn't a joke? You really love me?" I whisper to him. He looks confused at me. 

"Kitten?" He holds my face and kisses me. 

I feel him getting hard so I move around until he's inside me. I start bouncing slowly begging him not to leave me. Begging him to always love me. I start crying and whispering "please Yoongi. Promise you love me. Promise you won't leave. Promise me.." 

He holds me close and promises everything I'm asking him and more. He's promising to give me the world. I keep crying and riding him until he says to get out. I don't stop riding him and crying. 

"Kitten, let's get out. Come on, kitten." He whispers in my ear. "My kitten needs her meal. Come on, let's get out." 

I keep riding him and going faster and he bites my neck to stop groaning loudly. The water moving around is loud enough. I start getting close and whimper softly "May I, Oppa?" He nods and cums at the same moment as I do.

I start crying again on his shoulder and cling to him. "Please don't ever leave me. It's just.. I love you. You have no idea how much. I can't take you all over the world, buy you many things, or a new car.. I can make sure every broken piece in your heart is repaired. Every day you will wake up knowing you're the most important person to me. Promise to love me. Promise to stay." I start sobbing harder while looking deep into his eyes.

He holds me and kisses me softly. "I'm not leaving. I do know how much you love me. So much. More than anyone. I can not see life without you. Always. You have a gift in the room... Made me think of your eyes... I don't mind thinking weddings with you. I'm not scared. I want that with you. Even if you squeal "Marry me, Yoongi!' I think I like being husband. You are special. Not saying that. I.. This I don't do. Fly to me. They would love it, but don't. Only you. Some only flirt for tickets to sell or something. Not you. You only want this... Hugs, kisses, snacks. Even if I don't do snacks. You don't ask. That's why I know. More than anything. You are like girl in drama. Lonely and meets boy fall in love. We don't fight though. Only kiss, have snacks, have meals, and cuddle. That all you want. Little things." He squeezes me tightly and he whispers after silence except for the cicadas and our heartbeats "Let's go snuggle, kitten. I miss waking up looking at you." I nod and we walk into our room after we dried off.

We lay on the futon whispering all sorts of fears we have and kissing each tear away. He doesn't cry but tears up a few times. We watch the shadows dancing around the room and we slowly drift off to sleep in each other's arms.


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