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He's laughing and calling me to look at him on our video chat. I look at my phone in the middle of folding laundry and packing for my trip to meet him and then we're flying to his hometown. I'm going over everything I need and checking my list. He's talking about the tour ending, being with me on the last concert, and how he has a hanbok made for me for when we meet his parents. I nod trying not to worry... I'm so not what his parents would want for him. The complete opposite.

"Will they like me?" I ask and see his smile slowly drop off his face. "I know they love you, want you to be happy, but me.... Oppa... I'm scared." 

He sighs and gets closer to the phone. "They will be shocked. It's been almost 7 months. I have said nothing except I want you to meet them. My older brother knows about you. I sent pictures to him." 

My eyes get big "which ones?!" He starts laughing and winks 

"Only ones where you look like good girl. Not my kitten. One where we are laying on bed and smiling. I have no soju since with you. No smoking either." He pats his back. "Are you proud?"

I cheer and clap. "Yes, Oppa meow meow! We can drink some together." He laughs and cheers. I see people walking behind him and he points at the phone and I see hands wave to me.

Hoseok sits next to him and starts talking while eating noodles and says "Wait. You eat? You look skinnier than last time." 

I nod "Yes. Eating fine. Just losing weight. Thank you, Hoseok. You're amazing." My Oppa playfully shoves him and screams.

"Ach! Oppa! You know you're the best. No being mean. I won't give you your favorite snack." He stops and stares at the phone, not believing I said that.

"Snacks? I like snacks. I'll eat his snacks. He's bad boy. I get his snacks." Hoseok laughs not knowing the joke. Hoseok stops laughing when he looks at Yoongi. "I have no snacks... What are your snacks?" Yoongi keeps glaring.

"Snacks from here. Like Sprite. Milky Way candy bars." I try to change the subject but I fear he will honestly be mad. "What kind do you want, Oppa?"

He looks at me and winks. "You know what kind of snacks I like. The kitten kind." 

Hoseok looks confused but keeps eating his noodles. "You're called a kitten. They call you Suga meow meow or something like that. You're a kitten." 

I snicker and say "Those kitten kinds are German. They're chocolate outside and like a cookie center. There's kittens on the box. My Grampa liked them. I called him Opa meaning Grampa in German."

Both guys start laughing really hard about the same word meaning different things in Korean and German. I nod and say "So are we meeting in Germany or Poland? You mentioned a couple cities and Poznan is in Poland... Berlin is in Germany."

Yoongi smiles really big and Hoseok starts screaming "Germany!!!! Last show then we go home. We all sleep one million days. So sleepy, sister. I'm so sleepy. You make food again? So tired of noodles and things. Come on sister! Cook for him and his brothers. We need it." 

I nod and start going over the new recipes I've been trying out and go walking into the kitchen to show the fridge full of leftovers. They both lean closer to the fridge and mutter to each other in Korean and then they both scream "Kimchi!!!" when they see the huge container in the fridge. I giggle and my dog comes running hearing their voices. I sit on the floor and he looks at the guys talking to him. He starts barking and whining wanting to climb into the phone too be with them.

"He is saying he wants to be there getting cuddles. He loves you. Look at him." 

"He looks so big and a little mean." Hoseok says. Yoongi smiles and blows kisses to the dog.

"He is big, but not mean. He thinks he's little. He tries to cuddle like he's little. He weighs about 100 pounds. 50kg? I think? Is that right?" I try to dodge the doggy kisses trying to talk. 

"Oh wow. He really big! He won't bite me? I'm not his Korean Dad..." Hoseok watches my dog dancing around and chasing his tail, always acting like a puppy.

"You're his Korean uncle. He would love all of you. Just don't sing "Dynamite " to him. He tries to dance and wants to be held and dance. I used to sing that to him when he was a puppy." They both start laughing and singing the song. My dog starts barking and dancing around, wanting to be held. They start laughing.

"My noodles are gone. I go get more. Be good, doggy. See you, sister " Hoseok waves and I wave back.

"So, not that we're alone.. What's this about my snack not coming?" Yoongi smiles and lays his head on the table.

"I was teasing! I am coming to see you. I miss your hugs, Oppa. I miss other things too." I giggle and blow a kiss to him.

"I miss all of you. So you get here and I get to have my snack? I want to do that first. Maybe we wait? What you think?" He smirks and sighs.

"Maybe we have snacks before your concert. Will you be tired? You need to be awake. You can have a snack afterwards.. Maybe you can have the full meal before the show? Just a quick meal though." I giggle and bite my bottom lip.

"You tease me. All the time. Tease me. You are teasing kitten. Teaser kitten baby feet." He laughs and I scrunch my nose. "Ach. So cute." He scrunches his nose at me as well.

We both start laughing and start talking about how excited we both are. Jungkook yells behind him "Bring me snacks too!" I start laughing really hard and Yoongi turns red.

"Okay. I'll bring candies. Not snacks. Okay? Candies only." I nod and Jungkook yells and walks away. "I think I shouldn't have said that... I'm need to get candies before coming to the hotel.." I giggle a little bit and get up to finish packing since I only have 6 hours before my flight. 

"See you in only few hours. I miss you so much. We not singing your song unless you're here. I told them your song is only for you." He starts playing with something on the table and smiles.

"Why not? Don't want to think about our time with that song playing? You don't want to start miss feeling me? You miss me too much, Oppa." I giggle and hold up a pair of panties. "Wearing these to the hotel to see you. Remember these?" His eyes get big and his face starts blushing.

"Are those from the first night? Our first night? You wear that dress too? You better. My snack needs to be here!" He screams and laughs. "So long since I kiss you. Too long." 

I giggle and smile at him through the phone. "Soon. We will be together, soon. So... We start in Germany long or fly to Korea?" 

He gasps and says we will stay in Germany for 2 days, go to Korea for a concert in Seoul, then we get the hanbok, then go see his parents. We start practicing the phrase he's wanting me to learn. I repeat slowly and his eyes are sparkling. He's so happy and his eyes show it. I keep repeating, getting faster each time. Before long, I finish packing, screaming the phrase and he cheers.

"I'll practice on the flight. I need to finish getting ready. The doggy babysitter is coming to him, and I'm going to pay half up front, and then check on my ride, then I can get to the airport and fly and see you. Gosh I miss you so much."

He smiles and blows a kiss. "Kitten, say it once more.." I repeat the phrase and he cheers. "Great, kitten! When in Korea, you will get makeup done while wearing hanbok. You're going to look so beautiful." He stretches and slaps at someone walking past him.

"As beautiful as when your hand is around my neck, Oppa?" He snaps back facing the camera and he gulps. "As beautiful as when you're feeling me, having a snack, and I'm...." I notice Namjoon behind him waving. "Tell him I said 'hi brother!' my love.." Yoongi turns his head and says something and Namjoon waves again. "What's wrong, my love? Are you okay?" 

He sighs "Just missing you terribly, needing to be bad boy with you." He says something in Korean really softly and I try to repeat "Oh no no no no no. You don't say that. Only I say that. It mean I want to hear you cry from me being rough, but in good way. Not bad, not sad, only good. Like our first time in Tokyo. You cry so much. You cry on my shoulder saying to not leave you. That way. Cry with love. Cry with happiness." 

I smile at him and nod "You have no idea how many times I've dreamed about being in Japan... We were there... All of us. You holding my hand, taking us to see Diru, eating sushi together, I just didn't want anything to stop... We probably shouldn't have done that in the hot spring though... But you... The stars... You saying the stars are pretty but I was more... Yoongi... Oppa.... I love you so much I can't fully express. My heart is full. I feel it." I rub my stomach and he nods.

"Me too. Right there.." He's handed noodles but he puts them aside. "I wait. Talking to my kitten." We start meowing at each other and laughing. 

"You need to eat. I'll be there soon. I need to hug you so much.." I sigh and look at the time. "And I'm bringing the phone you bought. You need to show me how to set it up." 

He eats the noodles quickly, burps, and chugs his tea and vitamin drink Namjoon makes for them all. "I show you. We can video call on that phone easier. You can video your brothers as well. They've been asking about it. They want to know you more." I smile and blow a kiss to him.

"I can't wait. Only a few more hours, Oppa.." We sit in silence between us but there's noise around him. He looks around but still looks sad. "Sing my song tonight. I want you to crave me so when I'm there I don't have to wait to good cry for you."

He growls and nods. "I will ask them. They will tease me. Hoseok, Jungkook and Namjoon know why I don't want to sing that without you near.. I told them you cried and went *he moves his hands like an explosion* and cried on my chest. They said they were jealous. You are the first to do that. Ever."

I shake my head. "That's quite common honestly. You know I'm embarrassed about it.. They know?" He nods his head and looks shy.

"They asked why I wouldn't sing my part of your song. I said 'She made me only want her to hear it. She's really mean sometimes.' They laughed and said they didn't believe you being mean. Too nice. White heart. I said 'It's true! She so mean! She good cry on my chest when I had her play it on repeat when I was feeling her. She *he does the hand motions again* and she cry and hugs me too tight. Just cried and said she love me.' Then they asked what I meant. So I tell. You do that sometimes. Big wet spot. I want to feel that on my face one night." He wipes his face and sighs. "I will be happy. I swim." We start laughing and I hear a horn in the driveway and see the dog sitter to get my dog. 

"She's here. Let me get the dog settled and then I'll be leaving soon, Oppa. I'll be in your arms soon. Miss you so much." I start walking to the door and he watches me get the money, get the dog food, and finally the dog. I give him kisses and hugs reminding him to be a good boy and to have fun. I hug the dog sitter and tell her I'm bringing her and her family back souvenirs. She waves bye to me and I watch them leave. "Dog is on his way to have fun. It's not fair he would be in his crate a lot. He needs hugs and cuddles."

Yoongi nods and says "Like me. I need to hug and cuddle you." We start laughing and say our goodbyes before he needs to go to rehearsal.


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