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I'm standing on the sidelines of the last US concert leg. He's flying to Europe in 2 days. I'm screaming, cheering, and dancing around like nobody is watching. He comes over to me after a few songs and kisses me. I giggle and wipe his sweaty neck  He kisses my nose and runs back out on stage. I can tell he's pushing himself really hard. He keeps looking at me and smiling. They start singing my all time favorites and then he says "This song is for a certain girl that likes her Korea boyfriend." I'm too stunned to do anything except watch him dance around and sing. The song he will sing softly into the phone before we go to sleep. The song he was softly singing while rubbing my back and playing with my hair while we laid in bed not wanting to get up.

The show is over and he runs up to me and hugs me really tight. I start laughing because he's so sweaty. He rubs his face on mine and we both laugh. We're holding hands and walking back to the dressing rooms. We're going to go eat and go walk around the giant city.

He wears a suit jacket and the pocket matches my dress. I smile when I see him and he hugs me again. They're discussing where they want to go, and then someone flips a coin. Steak, again. 

"Do I need to cut up your steak and feed you this time? Please don't tell me I have to feed you every night." I start laughing and leaning on him a little. He pulls me closer and kisses my nose.

"Maybe. Maybe not. Anyone got soju?" Everyone laughs and someone throws a water bottle to him. He drinks it and exclaimes "Water?! I asked for soju! Alcohol! Man. What do I have to do to get some!" He starts laughing and I kiss his cheek.

"If you get drunk, nothing will happen. We will sleep and you will just cuddle with me." I smile and kiss his cheek again.

He whispers in my ear "Then your pretty neck will be without your favorite necklace." I gasp loudly not realizing that I did.

"Sorry. I felt like I was going to fall. Sorry. Forgive me..." I feel my cheeks turning red with everyone looking at me.

"And that would be so sad. No necklaces for you. I guess no more kisses if I drink, huh? So I won't be able to kiss your neck then kiss lower.. Wrap my hand around that beautiful neck of yours and do other things. You want that, kitten?" I turn to look at him but he's talking and yelling with his band mates in Korean. Gods I hate this duality he has going on.

"Then I guess I will just have to let you watch me. You wouldn't get to touch. Only watch and listen. I would be begging you to touch me to be with me. And all I have is my fingers. Such a sad night. I guess I'll have to ask one them to stay with you so I can be alone.. with my fingers. Right, Oppa?" I watch his face turn red and he turns and looks at me.

"You need a sign that says danger. Damn. Shit. Let's go eat, people. I'm hungry!" He starts waving his hands around and making funny little screams. 

"I know what you're hungry for..." I moan softly in his ear. "Oh Oppa... I'm sorry I don't think I could eat right now... Thinking about your tongue exploring me and wrapping my legs around you and begging to feel you inside... Then cleaning up with my tongue." I whimper softly and claw at his chest a little. "And my nails digging into your back so I don't scream. Oh fuck me, Oppa."

He grabs my face and starts kissing me and whispers "Oh you're getting it tonight. Trust me, baby feet."

During dinner we send each other flirty, spicy texts. I love watching his eyes when he's reading. I'm talking to his band mates about the European tour, and where they're going. I start teaching a few things in German. "Sieben Bier bitte! Danke! Brot und wasser." They're laughing and practicing the new phrases on each other. I look and see his eyes moving quickly like he's typing a story to me. I feel my phone vibrate in my lap and see the long message he wrote. He watches me read it and sigh a few times. I take a sip of water and glance at him. I nod my head slowly and wink.

"If you want to, I'm good. Say when and where." I text back.

He jumps out of his seat and grabs my hand. "Let's go walk everyone. I'm tired of sitting. Let's go walk!" He starts pulling me by the hand and I follow him giggling. We are walking down a sidewalk holding hands. We let go a few times when we see a group of people walking closer. We start talking about the stars and how there aren't many there above us tonight.

We skip around holding hands, giggling, and stealing little kisses when we hide behind something. He pushes me into an alleyway, pins me against the wall, kisses me deeply, and whispers "Take off your panties. Next alley I want to feel you. They're in the way."

I quickly slip them off and he stuffs them in his pocket. We start skipping again and the next alley we just keep going. The next one, and the next one. Then all of a sudden he pulls me into a darkened alleyway again. He slowly lifts my dress and I gasp, feeling his hand slowly sliding up my thigh. I rub his cheek and shutter against him. He kisses me roughly and puts his other hand around my neck gently.

"If you want to stop, say Oppa. Okay? Too much, just say Oppa." He kisses my neck moving his fingers and rubbing my outer lips. I squeak, biting my lip. "Let's get out of here. Go to hotel. I can't wait anymore." He kisses me softly again and let's my dress fall. I sigh with disappointment but I know it'll be worth it. "Hey guys! We go back to hotel. She's tired." He waves to his friends and says goodbyes. We get a taxi and head back to the hotel. He keeps putting his hand on my thighs and pushing them apart slightly and grinning at me. I just cover my face and giggle.

"It's a good thing it's dark. I would die if anyone saw this." I think to myself. "Never in a million years did I ever think this would happening.."

His strong hands pull me back into the moment by squeezing my thigh and he whispers "Let me feel really quick." So I part my legs slightly and he groans feeling how wet I am. "Really? For me?" I nod and nibble on my bottom lip. He smiles and kisses my forehead. "My precious baby kitten."

The ride seems to take forever but we finally made it. We are basically running into the hotel to the room. The door barely closes when he points to a table by the door. "Sit there. Should be good height to touch you." I sit on the table, dress pulled up, feeling really exposed, and just craving him.

"Please? May I feel you?" I whimper softly to him. He undoes his pants, lets them fall to his feet, and takes his shirt off. 

"Feel what? What do you want to feel first?" He smirks at me and looks at my dress. "I think that needs to come off. I'll help." He takes my dress off and I'm sitting there, even more exposed in my bra, thigh highs only.

"Hugs first. Then kisses. Then more hugs. After that, you're in charge." I smile and try to look away.

"Okay. Hugs first. Hug me, kitten." He holds me tight to him and I swear I feel our hearts beating together.

I sigh just feeling him hugging me. I just know I'm going to cry.. He starts kissing my lips softly and gaining momentum until we're clawing at what pieces of fabric is keeping us from completely touching. I feel him pressing against me so I adjust and feel him slowly slipping feel inside me. I start whimpering and squeaking, trying not to scream his name just feeling him inside me. He stops moving and pulls me closer.

I gasp and try to kiss him again but he stops me. "If you move one centimeter, I will finish. Not yet. I'm not ready." I start rocking my hips slowly and he grunts in my ear. I lick his neck and rock my hips more, feeling his building orgasm.

"Finish inside me, Oppa. Let me feel it.. please?" I whimper in his ear. "I'm on birth control. It's okay. No babies. Just fill me." I claw at his back a little and kiss his lips. He pulls out quickly and steps back.

"Goddamn... I need water. I was so close. Damn. I'm sorry. Forgive me." He starts to look upset.

"I was really close too... That's why I was begging you..." I look down feeling embarrassed and he laughs a little.

"Really? Just feeling me? You were close?" He sighs happily.

"Let's go to the bed. More room." He nods and he leads the way to the bed. 

We start all over again, but I'm so wet I swear I could have an orgasm just from this. "Now... Please?" I start whimpering and begging him.

He asks "How you want?"

I kiss his nose "The first time you decide." His eyes light up with all the possibilities during the long night together.

We start kissing again and he slowly slides inside me. I claw at his back and whimper. He looks in my eyes and whispers "You like?" Words seem to escape my mind so I just nod looking into his eyes. I smile a little at him, begging with my eyes out at least I'm trying to, and he smiles his dangerous smile. I know I'm in trouble, but only the good kind.

He pushes all the way inside me and we both whimper softly. I decide I'm going to be quiet this time. Only he hears my noises, nobody else. I feel his hand slowly grasping my throat so I tilt my head back so he can firmly grab it. He kisses my forehead and whispers "If too much, say Oppa. Try it for me." 

I moan "Oppa" a little loud but he growls. We're slowly moving and he squeezes my throat. I think he's close again so I start whimpering his name. He lays go of my neck and holds my face while kissing me. I grind against him and gasp. I wrap my legs tighter around his hips and close my eyes, fighting back against my orgasm. "I'm not ready" I whisper.

"I want you to, kitten." He whispers back. He grasps my throat again and growls in my ear "I want to feel you. Let me feel." I moan in his ear and finally let go of my building orgasm. I try to hold back so I don't squirt on him. But he can tell I'm holding back somehow and starts pressing on my neck and growls. I scream but cover my mouth, he removes my hand from my mouth and starts kissing me. His tongue playing against mine, his grunts in my mouth matching my squeals just proves too much for my body and I explode all over him. He growls and pulls me closer to him and I feel him giving me my reward. We are laying in the same position for what seems hours but we don't want to separate.

"Damn. How you so good?" He finally says and laughs a little. "My head spinning. Almost dizzy." He kisses my lips softly and he starts getting up to lay on the bed. He starts playing with my hair and softly singing. I look at him and giggle.

"Why did you say that song was for me tonight?" I look nervously. Not sure what the answer will be.

"Nobody else knew. They all thought for them. I wanted you to know that I was thinking about you." He smiles and kisses my hand. "The song is for you." He smiles and stretches a little.

"You say that to all the girls you sleep with?" I giggle and start softly scratching his back.

"No. Only you. Song was written just by feeling. I have feeling when with you." He looks me in my eyes and nods. "First time meeting you. I feel it." He motions towards his stomach and we both laugh.

"Only because I fed you and gave you soju." I kiss his shoulder and trace his little tattoo with my finger lightly. "And then fed you steak. Cut up little pieces, fed you, wiped your face, and made sure you were okay. I didn't care if that was our only interaction. I was happy to have little clips of you talking to me and only me. And pictures.. Oh my goodness the pictures... I printed some out and put them on the fridge at home. Even my dog loves you. I have posters in my craft room... He will lick your face and whimper. He's a Suga Bias." He starts laughing at the idea of my dog licking posters. "Oh! And I was given the Funko toy things. Tora only chewed up the Suga one. I swear he knows how to read." He laughs even harder and acts like he's going to bite me. We laugh together and snuggle.

"Your dog is going to be mad I don't want to do these things with him. Only you " he starts laughing. "He will smell you and get jealous." We both start laughing.

"Oh well. I don't stink like him. He's a dog and dogs are stinky. The cats don't really care." I hear my phone going off but I don't want to get it. Then his phone starts going off and we both get up. I grab my phone and head to the bathroom to go pee and I hear him talking. I check my messages and see a few from us at the table smiling at each other from Jungkook.

"You both look happy. Here's to happy for a long time!" He messages with the pictures.

I smile and respond back "I hope he's happy. I'm over the moon." I get a thumbs up on response with a few selfies of him and other members.

"You come to my room? We have soju. Tell him. Oh wait Taehyung says he won't. He said no to soju. You come though." He served another selfie with his big cheesy grin.

"I'll talk to him. No promises." I check my other messages and see more pictures of him and I smiling at each other from across the table. He looks serious in some and I'm smiling at my phone. There's a few where we both are blushing and half smiling at each other. I respond to all the messages and thank them each for sending them. He walks in the bathroom and I start laughing. "Jungkook says he wants us to come to his room. He has soju." I start washing my hands while he goes pee.

"I told Taehyung no. I say we are busy. Ach. They don't listen." He looks annoyed and starts washing his hands. 

I have him a towel "Maybe they want to know that you're okay. The mean stranger didn't hurt you." I smirk at him and he kisses my forehead.

"Okay. Let's dress after shower. Wear the pajamas. They're cute." He turns the shower on and I'm amazed at how many shower heads there are. I watch him through the glass doors until he opens one. "Coming in? We shower then go see them." I hurry up in the shower and I start washing his back. He smiles against my shoulder and says "Kitten had claws tonight. My baby feet kitten." He kisses my forehead. He looks at my body wash I put in the shower before the concert and sniffs it. "I will smell like you." He starts laughing while washing himself. I lean down and wash his legs and feel his strong they are. He laughs a little when I start rubbing his feet one at a time. "You do that, I sleep." He fake snores and I look up at him. I try to not stare at his dick but I can't help it. He's leaning his head back rinsing his hair and I have to steal a kiss and a lick. He looks down at me and whispers "Do that again." So I obey. He starts growling softly with each lick and kiss so I decide to start sucking. He leans against the wall and rubs the top of my head. "You are danger." He sighs. I look up at him and he smiles. "You do that after. We finish shower and go see them." I nod and quickly finish washing myself and he washes my hair. We are dressed walking down the hallway holding hands and giggling. He opens the door and yells. I cover my face and they yell back. Taehyung comes over and hands me a cup and smiles. "You are welcome here. So drink."

I take the cup and sip it. I haven't drank much soju and they all laugh. He kisses my forehead and shakes his head.

"All at once. Go Ach after. Makes it taste better." Taehyung says. I follow the instructions and make a noise close to "Ach." They start shouting cheers and toasts but I just smile.

"Aren't you having a drink?" I ask Yoongi. He shakes his head no. "I had one. You have one. It'll be okay." He nods and takes my cup. He downs the soju with no problem and kisses me. The other members start cheering and laughing. We both sit on a bed and smile at each other. "Are you having fun?" I ask him. He nods slowly.

"I would be having more fun with you in the bed. Feeling you do all those things again." He grins really big. I blush and lean my head on his shoulder.

What feels like only a few minutes the other members start yawning and we all head to our rooms. They hug each other then hug me and go back to their rooms. He turns to me and sighs "Finally. I can feel you again. Let's go!" He practically runs down the hallway to his room and pulls me inside. "I missed you." He starts kissing me and unbuttoning my pajama top. "You don't need these." He takes my pajamas off and pushes me gently on the bed. He starts kissing my neck and down my chest. "So big. I love them. Bigger than my hands. Look" he's grabbing my left breast in both hands and he is looking amazed.

"I'm German heritage mostly. I'm not Korean." I start to feel self conscious and wanting to cover up. "I'm not small like Korean girls." 

He smiles and nods. "That's why I love you. Not Korean. Only I'm Korean. If we have babies, they be half Korean." He laughs and pokes my belly. "Think there's one now?" He smiles at me.

"No, I'm on birth control. Wanna feel?" I take his hand and rub my implant in my arm. "No babies. Implant prevents it." I smile back at him. He nods and goes back to being enamored by my breasts. 

"I have snack?" He looks up happily at me. 

"A snack? I don't have any snacks. Maybe room service has snacks?" I feel confused. He starts running his hand lower until he grabs my pussy. "Oh! If you want to, have a snack..." I feel nervous about having him down there but he starts licking me and I lose all thoughts. He looks up at me and I nod my head. He looks so beautiful between my thighs. He starts exploring me with his tongue and I grasp the sheets. He keeps licking and I start gasping and end up screaming his name. After my breathing is back to normal he kisses my cheek and cuddles with me. 

"I enjoy my snack." He laughs. "I loved hearing you scream my name, kitten." He squeezes me tight and I turn my head to look at him.

"Do you mind if I have a snack too?" I reach down and gently start rubbing on him and he kisses my neck.

"Only if you want to. No force. If not, you breathe then I fuck you again. Only if want." His voice sounds so relaxed it almost sounds like he's falling asleep.

"I have snack then we cuddle and sleep, Oppa?" He smiles against my neck and breathes heavily. I roll over and face him and start kissing his lips. I can taste myself on him and he pulls away for a second but I keep kissing him. I kiss down his body until I get to my snack. I lick, kiss, and suck on everything. He growls softly, enjoying every moment, he reaches down and holds on to my head guiding me to the rhythm to bring him the most pleasure. He doesn't force my head down but I start trying to deep throat him. When I gag he jumps and gasps. "It's okay, let me please you, Oppa" I whisper. He rolls his eyes in pleasure and lays his head back down. I get my reward filling my mouth and him grunting my name and some Korean phrases I don't yet understand. I wipe my mouth but every drop I make sure to swallow. When he's breathing normally I crawl up the bed and snuggle against him. "Did my Oppa like?"

He looks at me sleepily and nods "Enjoy too much. Too fast. Over too fast." He pulls me closer and he asks "You spit right?" I shake my head no. "You didn't?" I nod.

"I wanted to feel you in my belly. So I swallowed. Is that okay?" I feel nervous like I broke some faux pas in his culture but him laughing softly, rubbing my belly and kissing my shoulder says otherwise.

We drift off in complete bliss together and wake up intertwined and the sun shining on our bodies.

"This makes me think of a song. Want to hear?" He stretches and nods. I grab my phone and start playing "Crack the shutters" by Snow patrol. He reads the lyrics scrolling on the video and he smiles.

"Crack shutters I want to bath you in daylight. That's beautiful." He whispers. I nod and kiss his arms wrapped around me. After the song is over he starts tickling me and I tickle him back. The room is filled with our laughter until he starts kissing me and he lets his hands explore like I do. "You want breakfast?" He whispers. I nod and my phone keeps softly playing music until we both look at it hearing "my song" play. "That means we need to hurry. I want to hear you whimpering during my part." He laughs and crawls between my legs. "Restart song. I want to fuck you to it. That way you miss feeling me every time you hear it. I will miss feeling you when I sing it."

I put the song on repeat and kiss him. "Repeat on. It's a little strange moaning to their voices." I giggle after moaning under his touch.

"Only focus on mine, kitten. Let's have breakfast." He starts devouring my mouth with his and groans in my mouth. I feel myself getting close and I hear his solo coming on.

"I'm coming... Oppa...." I claw at his back and scream into his chest and shutter my whole body against his. He growls shortly after and we lay there with "my song" playing in the background just kissing and holding each other.


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