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"You come to our last concert, Baby feet? I get you here. We have 2 concerts on 2 nights. You come to them? I fly you here. You stay with me. Of course have to cook again. Maybe make something else?" He starts giggling a little and starts begging me. "Please, please, please Baby feet! I won't talk about your small feet or anything. I promise." I hear a lot of background noises and start laughing.

"Are you in an airport? Aren't you worried someone might hear you talking?" I look at my work schedule and sigh. "I can't. I work those nights. Maybe I could someone to cover for me. I could tell them that you're wanting me with you. Nobody would believe it." He goes silent and I can't hear him breathe even. "I'm not telling anyone at work. No worries, Meow meow. I'll ask some coworkers to swap with me. Hopefully they can." I start thinking who to ask.

"Just call in sick. I give you money you need. How much?" His voice sounds like he's smiling.

"I only need to hug you. That's all. Big dreams coming true." I smile and look at the pictures I printed out of us. They're on the fridge. My favorite ones are the ones we're looking at each other laughing.

"Yes, yes, hugs. Kisses too?" He starts singing softly into the phone "I need you, girl. I need to kiss your lips. I need to grab your hips." 

I start laughing "Oh really? Grab my hips, huh? You didn't do that at all. Only kissed me a few times and we slow danced while we had the radio on. No hip grabbing. Only big fat ass grabbing." We both start laughing.

"I big time miss you." He sighs and I hear screaming through the phone. "Ach. I can barely hear you."

"I didn't say anything. Just listening to them scream your name. Feels weird hearing it. I'm the one you kissed... You picked me.." I sigh and sit down on the couch.

"Yes. I pick you. I like your eyes. They're like ocean. You will see one day. I'll take you with me." He sighs deeply. "One more screaming. Listen. You better scream this loud for me." He laughs but I hear his name being screamed following a lot of marriage proposals.

"So I need to scream I want to marry you?" I ask feeling shy.

"Only if you want to. I mean scream like them. From your lungs. I hope you do." He laughs at his own joke.

"I don't know if I want anyone to hear that.. I'll moan in your ear. How about that? Only you will hear me making noises because you're the one causing them. Deal?" I stretch and sigh happily because my back popped.

"Wait. You do that now? I want to hear better. Let me go quiet. You say my name?" He gets super serious. 

"No, my back popped. Not making noises. Maybe next phone call." I giggle trying not to cross that bridge yet with him. Fearing that he won't enjoy that with me.

"You can in sick? I will get you tickets and you pack clothes. No baby shoes please." He laughs a little.

"How about combat boots? I bought a big size so my feet look bigger." He laughs and says something I can't really understand over the noise in the background. "What did you say, Oppa?" I say it before I think about it.

"Did you call me Oppa? I liked hearing you say that.. Say it again. Please?" He is smiling, I can tell by his voice.

"Oppa, combat boots?" I cover my eyes from being embarrassed.

"No, baby shoes. You have black ones right? Wear those. Black dress." He starts talking about flying around the US and he always thinks about me.

"I don't think I own any black dresses... I have leggings? I have blue jeans. I could wear my work scrubs." I laugh a bit but stop 

"I send money. You buy black dress. Look at shoes too. I'll pick out. You also need necklace with S on it. S for Super Oppa." He sighs. "Say Oppa again."

"Oppa meow meow! Oppa kitten." We both start giggling and meowing at each other.

"I'm Oppa meow meow that means you are Princess kitten." We stop laughing and get serious. "No playing. You sure you want this?" He sounds tensed up.

"Yes. I'm sure. For today I do. I don't about forever, but one day at a time." I go look at the calendar again. "I could probably switch but that might have me working 5 nights in a row. I've done 8 shifts in a row before. Bouncing from evening, night, to days, back to nights. Or was rough." I start explaining the times of each shift and he gasps a few times.

"Okay. You work, go home, take nap then fly here. We buy dress here. We go." He starts asking me for information to put in the for the tickets so all I have to is show the email. 

"You don't have to fly me out for both shows. How about the vet last one? We can celebrate together." I start texting the few coworkers about switching days and I get off both nights. I get told that the next 3 shifts are going to be easy because a new nurse is being trained so I just have to sit on my butt and get paid, have to keep up numbers for fire code. "I have both nights off, Oppa." 

He starts singing softly into the phone and I giggle. I sing (horribly) with him. "Tell me story about you. I tell you one about me." He abruptly stops singing. "About you now. Not sad things. Funny story." 

I tell him about working at the hospital and how I need to think before I say things. "Gimme a finger" got me in trouble with certain patients. Got really unwanted advances. He laughs really hard and tells me about his first breakup, he was little and thought dating meant playing together on the playground so he would say he broke up with his girlfriend when he'd go home. We both laugh at each other's stories and we sit in silence.

"So you flying Friday afternoon at 2. You get here at 5. We go shopping, you wear dress, and concert starts at 8. We go to bed early first night. Second night, we celebrate. Deal?" I can hear him typing something 

"Sounds good. I will still pack clothes though. Wait. When will you do soundcheck and everything?" I get a little nervous.

"Oh during day. Wait. You work Thursday night?" He is thinking something and I'm not sure I like it.

"Yes. But I probably leave early Friday morning. I could get some sleep." I'm looking at my calendar again then get a text from my boss saying that she won't need me Thursday night because of the nurse training. "Wait. I don't work Thursday night. Boss just text."

"Good! You fly Thursday afternoon. That way we get you dress and whatever else. Then we celebrate Friday and Saturday." He sounds really happy.

"Aren't you going to get tired of me? I mean I'm nowhere near as rich as you are... I can't really drop shifts to fly to see you." I feel my breathing getting jaggery.

He talks about how he was shocked when we met. I wasn't there trying to impress him or anyone, I was just saying thanks. I put so much thought into the food and soju, he was impressed. He wanted to know about me. Then he got drunk on purpose to see I'd do or say anything he was expecting. Everyone else knew what he was doing, basically a test. I start giggling and confess I watch the clips a lot when I miss him. Which, is very often. He says he misses me too. He starts laughing about how we are acting like kids. We talked about regrets we have and more about me. I asked him questions and he answered them. He mentions how he dreams about me, nothing dirty or bad, but he's showing me where he grew up. I talk about how I'm no contact with my family. "You have mine now. You're family." His words strike me to the core and I start crying. "You need to study Korean. That way you know everything I say about you." We both laugh and I mention I know a little German. So I start answering him in German. He laughs and says it sounds mean.

Before I know it, I'm in the airport looking for the sign that is my driver. I spot it and I can't stop laughing. "Soju drinking baby shoes" the man holding the sign starts laughing with me and I text him. "Nice sign. You promised not to make fun of my feet."

"I'm not making fun of your feet. Only you get that sign. Now hurry here. I need hugs." He texts back. 

I smile at my phone and follow to the car. I look around and am amazed at the number of people at the airport. I lose count of the shirts I see and text him "I swear the whole airport is coming to see your concerts. You sure you want me here?" 

"Yes. I'm sure. Meow meow meow. I'm kitty. No, really. How much longer? I need you."

"I'm not sure. Maybe a few minutes? I don't want to be rude to the driver and ask. He said a few minutes." I put my phone on my lap and ask about the weather and the driver and I chit chat until my phone rings. "Yes, Oppa?" I answer knowing he'll laugh.

"Ask. How much longer. I wait." I hear the excitement in his voice and I can picture him pacing, jumping, and celebrating. 

"3 hours." I smile and the driver looks at me in the rearview. I wink at him and he responds that I'm correct. "Hear? 3 hours. So you better calm down.." I try not to giggle while he starts stressing and complaining about how it shouldn't take that long. The driver pulls up to the hotel and I get out. I thank him and try to tip him. He refuses, says it's all covered. I still listen to him talking about how long it's taking and I scroll through to see his hotel room number and head in. "I know. It's horrible. Traffic is just a nightmare. Guess I need a helicopter." I knock on the door and hear him yell. I try hard not to giggle and knock harder. He opens the door in only his underwear. "Surprise!" We hang up and hug. He starts sniffing my neck and I giggle.

"You tricked me! You're a mean kitten. I'm supposed to trick you. I'm the Oppa." He nods his head slowly and hugs me again before he closes the door behind me. We start kissing and we stop. Looking in each other's eyes we both start making faces and laughing. I lay on the bed and pull him on top of me. 

"Let's take a nap. That way you can say we slept together before the concert." I hug tight and he kisses my nose.

"Great idea." He sits up and calls someone "taking a nap. I'm sleeping with her. Yes, going to right now. Just a little sleep with her." I start laughing and poking his leg with my toe. He winks at me and says "I need a nap. I'm sleeping with her now. Bye." He turns to me. "We have 4 hours before we go shopping. Let's take a nap." 

We're standing in a store and I feel really uncomfortable.  He picks out a dress and shoes for each night and doesn't hesitate to pay so we can leave. I'm still in shock because buying clothes is such a huge deal... He asks if I want to go to a spa since we have a couple hours to spend before we have to go back. I just smile and take his cigarette out of his mouth. He laughs and watches me smoke.

"Now I can taste your lips without having to kiss you." He winks at me and talks about he loves this spa we're going to. The guys are there already so we will just get put on their list. "2 more won't hurt. We will say you're doing an interview with us. We walk in, he lets go of my hand and we get waved back. I'm handed a robe and he comes into the dressing room with me. "Let me kiss you a couple of times." I giggle and cover my face not believing this is real. He tilts my chin up so I'm looking in his eyes. "Kiss me." He whispers.

I kiss him and he pushes me against the wall it takes my breath away. He holds my hands but I carefully move his left hand to my throat and sigh when he squeezes a little. His eyes light up and I giggle. "I think that's the only necklace I should wear." I look down and see him flexing his arm a little bit. 

"Oh I can't wait until tomorrow." He kisses me again and this time, his hand is pressing gently on my throat.


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