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I'm super nervous, backstage at my favorite Kpop group's opening show since they all served their military duty. I check the bag to make sure it's not leaking and I sniff my hands once more. I keep smelling kimchi, fish sauce, and pepper paste. I shrug it off as a group of really adorable early 20-somethings whisper and laugh amongst themselves. I check my backpack once more to see the certificate I earned as well. I want to show them all that I survived the absolute worst time in my life with their music. 

"Ladies... Turn around please. Wrong way. You need to go to the second door on the left." A guard says very factual, but kind.

The younger ones scoff, turn and start complaining. I roll my eyes and say "Thank you, Sir. I guess my nerves are getting the best of me.. Do you like soju? I brought 14 of them... Would you like one?" I start digging in my backpack. He laughs, turns out down, and walks with me down the hallway. "I had the worst time in my life when I discovered them. I broke down crying reading the lyrics about loving yourself. I mean... I never really did.. Love myself. I liked myself for the most part, but majority of the time I hated myself. So hearing from random strangers that I should let them love me, when I couldn't... Struck a major chord... So here I am. I finished nursing school, taking a 2 month break then going into the bridge program to become and RN. Oh. Can you hold this? I'll show my certificate. I'm wanting to thank them with soju and kimchi stew. I stayed up half the night reading recipes and making mini batches. I can only smell kimchi!" I laugh and the security guard smiles at me nodding.

"I have no idea where those others went... But here's the room. They're going to love your gifts." The security guard pats my arm. "Remember, love yourself no matter what." I nod and do a finger heart wave to him.

I stand at the door trying to calm my breathing down when the door opens and smacks me in the chest. I let it a scream because I just know the stew is ruined.

"Hey! Whatcha doing? Don't you have manners?" I shout without looking. "Oh goodness... Please don't spill... Please don't spill..." I check again and sigh. "Oh good. No spillage." I turn and see him at the door trying to hide something in his hand. "Oh... Sorry... I didn't...." 

The younger ladies come running past me screaming "Marry me, Yoongi!" I laugh at them and hear them singing in the room. I turn my head back to him.

"Hi... I hope you like kimchi stew... I can't pronounce it in Korean... But I made it. I show my love with food... Oh wait. Can you hold this? I'm sorry if it's leaking... I tried really hard to package it correctly... I even bought fabric to wrap each container in so it will stay warm... Anyway.. So... Red or green?"

"Green? Wait... You made this? You made Kimchi-jjigae? You made it?" His stats sniffing the bag. I nod and start going through my backpack but start watching him sniff the bag. "Come with me. I'm tired of those types. They sing our songs wrong, do our dances wrong, and just annoying. Ach. Stupid." He looks in the room and lifts the bag up and points at it. 

I smile hoping they will all at least like it a little bit and enjoy the soju. "Here. Green!" I hand him a bottle and bow my head slightly. "Enjoy." He laughs but looks at it again.

"Wait. Green? You have red?" I nod and hand him a bottle of the red labelled as well. "How many you buy?" He smirks and puts a cigarette in his mouth.

"14 bottles. 7 red and 7 green. I wasn't sure if 2 bottles would be enough but I figured it was a decent gift... Maybe? Should I have gotten more?" I start getting nervous and lower my head. "Sorry. I'm taking your time. You probably want to go spend time with the younger people. Sorry... Enjoy the kimchi stew.. I put extra pepper paste, tofu, mushrooms, and pepper flakes... I added a little bit of fish sauce to round out the acidic taste and add more salty depth... Anyway... Thank you for everything." I start to back away to leave.

"No. Wait. Come with me." He takes my hand and leads me down hallways and finally outside. He lights his cigarette and offers me one. I take one and he lights it for me. He hands me back the bag of kimchi stew and motions for me to open it, which I do. 

"I'm smoking a cigarette with Yoongi... Nobody would believe this..." I think to myself. He leans his head closer to the red stew and dips a finger in it to taste it. He snaps his head back at my face.

"You? You made that?" He sounds shocked and lights another cigarette, offering me another one which I take.

"Yeah... I even have chopsticks... I brought spoons too..... I bought them with your names on them... Just a gift to say thank you for everything..." I dig in my backpack and get his out. "Yours. I chose silver because I think silver is your color... Probably because of AgustD..." He smiles at me and starts eating the stew.

"You made this? You made this? You make this? You don't buy it?" He sounds like he doesn't believe me.

"I made it.. I bought everything yesterday after I arrived... Went to H Mart and asked for help finding everything... I can't tell you how many mini batches I made in that hotel room... I gave so many away... This was the best one I think. Sweet, salty, acidic, pungent, and so yummy. At least to me..." I start shuffling my feet and watching him eat the entire container with his name on it like he was starving.

"You even brought soju. You're perfect." He cracks open the bottle and takes a drink. "You have the VIP pass or just the pass to meet before concert?" He sits on some plastic crates and I giggle thinking he must be drunk already wanting to know about my tickets. "I'll put you on VIP list. You can stand on the side of stage. You promise to make more tomorrow show. I'll send you money. No problem. What you use?" 

I gulp and say "I only have tickets for tonight... A friend and her daughter are coming in to the show tonight. We're going to play tourist tomorrow." 

"You make this tomorrow, you all will be at concert tomorrow. You make again? Yes?" He drinks every last drop of the stew and finishes the bottle of soju. "I can hug you?" He opens his arms and stands up 

"You can do whatever you want to do to me..." I'm pinching my arms to make sure I'm not dreaming... I'm talking to Yoongi and he wants to eat something I made... Again... "Yes. Hug is great." I hug him and sniff him. He starts laughing and sniffs my neck. "You smell really good, Yoongi."

"You smell like kitchen at home. Happy, gaming, safe, and no worries." He smiles and kisses my cheek. "Yes. Like home when young and no worries."  I smile and ask if I could show him something. He nods and lights 2 cigarettes and hands me one. "Cigarettes after soju and Kimchi-jjigae. Perfection." He smiles and looks at the certificate I hold it to show.

"I'm here because of you and your songs... I mean the whole group, but no lies you're my bias. I've never loved myself and have dark secrets. Many scars... But now, I do. I even became a nurse! Thanks to you and the others... That's why I made..." I start crying and he hugs me tightly.

"No tears. What is your name?" He wipes my tears away and smiles at me. "Your eyes are beautiful like the ocean in Korea... Blue and grey." I half smile and break eye contact that's feeling too intense.

"Call me princess. I like that better. Plus my shoes say princess. See?" I tilt my foot so he can see the bright pink "princess" on my shoes.

"Those are baby shoes! We have those in Korea... Babies wear them." He starts laughing and saying "baby feet" and pointing. The backdoor opens and I hear "Yoongi! Time!" 

He grabs my hand and pulls me back inside the building. He's talking to the guy and pointing at me. I start to feel nervous and we finally reach the room we started at. "Go in. Give them their stew. I'll eat it if they don't. And gimme the soju. They won't like it." He holds the door open and I see the young ladies leaning on the table his band mates are at signing pictures and posters.

"Hi..." I finally say to Namjoon. "Yoongi said to give the Kimchi-jjigae to you guys and if you don't like it, he'll eat it..." I start digging out the packages of spoons and chopsticks to the others. They're laughing and thanking me. "Also, he said to give him the soju I got but he's already drank a bottle of green..." I place bottles on the table and they all start laughing.

"That's his favorite brand. Of course he said that." Namjoon says between laughing. "He wouldn't care if all we had on tour was soju. Yoongi is like that." 

All of the others start standing around me eating and drinking from the same bottle of soju completely enamored with the Kimchi-jjigae. I giggle and keep glancing at the door wanting for Yoongi to come in.

"I'm very happy you gentlemen are enjoying the food and drinks.. The reason why I brought those is because I show my affection, love, and appreciation through food... I'm a country girl at heart. I'm trying not to talk with my twang... Anyway... Thank you all so much for your support. I wouldn't be here today if not for y'all..." They all look at me because my voice changed. My twang came out. "Oh well. Fuck it. It's true. I'm a nurse, LPN, and I brought my certificate to show you guys. Here. Keep this copy. You can throw it away after. I don't care. I just felt y'all needed to see it... Your music got me through the toughest years of my life.. Health related, mental health reasons, and emotional reasons. I finally stopped hating myself..." I start getting choked up and Hoseok hugs me tightly.

"You learned. That's good. No more tears." He says with a big smile on his face. I see he has some food on his chin and I wipe it off with the sleeve of my hoodie. He starts laughing and says "Just like a momma. You're welcome." He hugs me again and goes back to eating.

The rest just look at me and smile. Yoongi comes in the room and yells "Hey! Mine!" And snatches the almost empty bottle of soju of the table. "She is wearing baby shoes." He starts laughing and pointing at them. "Look! Baby feet!"

I take my shoe off and act like I'm going to hit him with him. He starts running and I take off after him screaming. We're both yelling and laughing and I end up colliding into him against a wall. "Oh fucking fuck! Your shoulder! Are you okay? Where is it hurting?" I start trying to pull his shirt up to see if his shoulder is damaged. He starts fighting with me and stares into my eyes.

"I'm fine. They're recording. I'm not going to have my chest and back naked online. You can look later." He whispers. "Hey! If you wanted a hug all you had to do was ask." He starts laughing and pokes my nose.

The others finish eating, thank me, give me hugs, and kisses on my cheeks.

"I can die happy now..." I say to nobody really. They all start laughing and the younger ladies glare at me. I ask them how old they are but they're not 21 so I don't offer them any soju.

"You follow me. Nobody say anything. Okay? If they try, scream for me. I'll be there." Yoongi says and he grabs my hand again, leading the way. I check my phone and see a picture from my friend and her daughter. I take a quick picture of Yoongi's head and say "He loved the kimchi stew. I'll be on the sidelines for the concert. We have tickets for tomorrow if I make more." I send the text quickly and just hold my phone. "Yoongi, could I take a picture of you?" He turns around and stops pulling me.

"Yeah. How many you want?" He takes my phone and sees he's the lock screen. I feel myself blushing. "Ach... That picture? Why? I do not look good at all!" He turns my phone to me.

"You're always adorable. Stop... And a million. I want a million pictures with you." I smile and he smiles back. We take our first few selfies and he kisses my cheek on one. "I promise I'll only show a few friends. No posting online. I promise. Also, I'll make Kimchi-jjigae whenever you want. And give you plenty of soju to drink." He laughs and kisses my forehead. 

"Time for concert. Take all the pictures you want. You better post all the good ones of me." He winks at me and runs over to his band mates.

I take so many pictures and video clips I miss track. My favorite ones are when Yoongi comes running over to me and drinks a few shots of soju then hands me the bottle and chugs water. He leaves a little bit at the bottom of one, and on impulse I drink it. "It's like I'm kissing him.." I think to myself.

The concert is amazing. They do a shout-out to my friend and her daughter at the end. They're brought back stage with me. I show my friend the clips and we giggle. Her daughter is going all googoo over Taehyung and we're giggling over it.

"She wears baby shoes." Yoongi says to my friend while drinking another bottle of soju. "She has baby feet. Baby feet princess. No. Princess baby feet!" He starts laughing and hugging me. I nod my head and pat his back.

"I think you had enough.... You need food and water... No more soju." I start walking towards a chair with Yoongi leaning on me and he starts laughing and playing with my hair.

"Oh princess baby feet. I need more food you maked me." He looks around and spots the half empty bottle of red soju label. "After I drink, we smoke. We can share cigarettes. You drink with me." He holds my hands and starts speaking Korean to me. I just smile and look blankly at him. "Repeat after me. You learn this tonight." I start repeating after him until I hear the room erupt in laughter.

"He's teaching you how to say you love him and will never take away his soju and to always cook his favorite foods." I'm not sure who but I think Namjoon says in my ear over the laughter.

Yoongi smiles and points at me "You said it. You need money? Anything? I pay. I Korea boyfriend now." I take my phone out and he laughs really hard.

"Can you please repeat that statement, Yoongi?" I hit record. 

"You promise in Korean. You cook for me. You need money? Anything? Tell me. I Korea boyfriend now." He starts laughing and tries to light a cigarette up. I take the lighter away from him and he hands me his cigarette. "We share now? Yes? Hey! You know BTS? Billboard singer. Me Suga."  He starts laughing and kisses my hand.

"Water for you, Sir. Let's go outside so you can breathe and smoke. Okay?" I help him outside with Jungkook and we start talking about tattoos. Jungkook takes a cigarette from Yoongi and lights up.

"Hey. We don't share. Only her and her Korea boyfriend now." I start laughing and see my friend outside taking pictures of him and I. Yoongi is sitting on plastic crates and keeps pulling me on his lap and I keep getting up.

"I will not sit on your lap when you're drunk. Only sober, Mister." He starts laughing and pulls me on his lap again. "Look, I would die for you to do this with you're sober. I'll let you do anything you want to me. I mean it. But. You have to be sober. Consent is more important than having you touch me. Consent means the world." Jungkook nods his head and Yoongi looks at him confused. They start speaking Korean and then Yoongi yells and hugs me tighter. "Hugs are fine. Just no lap time. Okay?" He lets go but looks sad.

"Let's go eat." Yoongi stands up, but is super wobbly and we help him back in. He starts saying he wants steak. "Big, fat, steak. Like in American movies." Then he looks at my butt "Big, fat ass like this. I eat this." And my friend almost falls over laughing.

"Yeah yeah. When you're sober..." I try not to giggle and secretly pray she got that recorded.

We all walk in the room to see the guys dressed and hair wet. They all took showers and changed clothes. 

"He wants to eat her ass. And steak. Big fat ass steak. And her ass." Jungkook says without laughing then cracks up and everyone else starts laughing uncontrollably.

"Yes!!!! Big fat ass with baby feet! I eat. Then steak. Big ass and big steak. Then soju!!" Yoongi points at my ass then feet. "Princess baby feet. Meet Korea boyfriend. I eat your ass?" I try not to laugh but I start cracking up.

"When you're sober. Sure. You can eat my ass and drink soju at the same time." His eyes get big and he screams and claps his hands.

"I knew you perfect. Repeat me again." He starts speaking slowly and I repeat.

"You just said you will marry him so he can drink soju from your ass." Jungkook says between bursts of laughter.

"If that's what you want. Okay." I giggle and look at my friend and she points to the others all recording as well. "What else do you want?"

"Big fat ass. And for you to kiss me. No kissing for long time. Girlfriend left before military. So Yoongi needs kisses. And girlfriend. You wife now?" He slowly closes his eyes and leans on my chest.

"I think he's sleeping.... Or he's trying to nurse on my tits... Or both.." I feel a wet spot forming on my hoodie soaking down to my shirt. "Can we get him food? He needs to eat and drink water.... Will you guys watch him?" 

"I think you need to watch him. You're a nurse. You know how to take care of people, nurse baby feet." My friend starts snickering and the guys agree. I'm to spend the night with him.

"Okay, I'll stay with him. Food? Please?" I look at the guys trying to plead with my eyes as much as I can. 

"Yeah. Let's go." One of them says and we help Yoongi up and he curls back on me. 

I'm riding with Yoongi snuggled up next to me, head on my lap.

"Hey.... I don't think we can afford dinner tonight. This place looks like it costs more than my rent.." my friend whispers in my ear 

"Yoongi says he's paying. Right, Korea boyfriend?" I nudge him and he mumbles. "See?" I look at his sleeping face and wonder what he's dreaming about. My ego says he's dreaming about the kimchi stew and sharing cigarettes with me. I start telling my friend how it all started. Him bumping into me with the door... She laughs and tells her daughter that the lesson is being mature, honest, and that's what men like. She nods and keeps staring at the sleeping Yoongi on my shoulder.

"Yoongi is paying. He's the one that got drunk tonight. Order anything you want." Hoseok announces at the table. Yoongi waves his hands and holds my hands on the table.

"Korea boyfriend now. She kisses me. And she wears baby shoes." He looks at my shoes and starts laughing. 

"You need to drink water, Min Yoongi. Right now. Water, Mister." I hand him a glass of water and motion for the others to pass their water to him as well. "We need to flush the soju out so you can perform tomorrow. You need to get some rest, more water, and food. I'll watch over you. Okay, Korea boyfriend?" He smiles really big when I say that.

He orders a huge steak and can't cut it so I cut it up and start feeding him while he drinks water. I walk him to the bathroom, apologizing to the staff but they just smile at me. He starts walking better after his 5th bathroom trip and countless water glasses. He walks out and smiles at me. "I'm still your Korea boyfriend?" I nod and we walk to the table. Everyone finishes and we walk out to the cars. Taehyung says my friend and her daughter will be dropped off by him and then I'll go with Yoongi. Of course, the screaming from my friend's daughter breaks all sound barriers. My friend and I hug and promise to text each other.

Yoongi holds the door open for me and I am loss for words. He holds my hand and talks about his more recent breakup. It was really hard on him. I listen and talk about my relationships. He laughs and asks questions. Then has me call my partners. He says he's my "Korea boyfriend" and he will pay for anything they need. I can tell they think I'm pulling a prank on them. We get back to his hotel and he takes a shower. Three temptation of going to watch him is strong so I start watching clips I was sent. I see a strange number trying to add me on Whatsapp and I see it's clips from Taehyung. 

I message him thanks for everything and take a picture of Yoongi sitting on his bed to prove he's okay.

We talk until he goes to sleep. I keep gently rolling him on his stomach or side in case he vomits in his sleep. He wakes up and looks at me smiling.

"I'm sober. I'm still your Korea boyfriend and you have baby feet." He starts laughing and I playfully slap his chest. "Oh yeah. Do it more." He laughs more.

"Marry me, Yoongi! I want your babies!" I scream and start laughing. He starts laughing so hard he coughs. We get up and I say he's fine and I should go get sleep before I go play tourist.

"No. You are coming to our concert tonight. You all come backstage. You make more Kimchi-jjigae. Here. Take money. Buy everything. Make big, big, big batch. I will eat it all." He smiles and hands me a bunch of money. "Say your name is Baby feet. You all will get in." I nod and he makes a couple of calls on the hotel phone. I don't pay attention but I start texting my friend I'm coming to the hotel, I'm making a stop at H Mart to make more kimchi stew. She texts back that she will be waiting.

There's a knock on the door and Yoongi stands up "Your ride, baby feet. Thank you." He hugs me and kisses me on my lips. My hands start sweating but I pull him back to kiss again. To taste his toothpaste and to feel his lips. He smirks and says "You are dangerous." I giggle and kiss his nose.

"Thank you so much, again. Even if this is a dream, I could die happy." I bow slightly and walk out the door. He comes running down the hallway in his boxers and shirt.

"Wait! I need your phone.." he says hurriedly.

"Taehyung has my number. He sent clips of you last night." I get in the elevator and before the doors close he waves and blows a kiss.

When I get to the hotel my phone is blowing up. I glance at it but don't really look. My friend holds my phone as I have 3 missed calls. 

"Damn. Someone really wants to talk to you..." She shouts "answer this damn thing! That number is calling again!" 

"Hello? Who is this?" I am preparing the food so it's ready to take to the concert tonight.

"Hey baby feet. Miss me?" He starts laughing.

"Actually, I did. I still am replaying our kiss in my head... It was like a movie." I smile and my friend hands me my vape. "Did you miss me?" 

"Open the pictures. You will see. No sharing those. Your eyes only. I'm coming to your hotel. You are moving to ours. That way we can eat." He laughs a little bit sounds nervous mostly. "Taehyung says he will share a room with Jimin. They have his room. You have mine." He sounds really nervous and I can picture him pacing.

"Are you pacing? Sit down. Take a deep breath. Hold... Now exhale. Okay. You sure?"

He takes a deep breath in and I steady myself for him to say no to everything. "Yes. I'm sure. You have to spend time with your Korea boyfriend." We both start laughing and make arrangements.


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