Mister M Pt5 Read Count : 56

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Adult Fantasy
"No, Oppa. Please... Not tonight..." I keep covering myself up with a blanket but he pulls it off. He's in a rare mood where he doesn't care about anything except getting what he's wanting.

"I want to. I miss it. Oppa meow meow misses you. Come on, princess. Let Oppa meow meow show you." He speaks so gently and rubs my leg.

"I need a shower. I'm stinky. How about tomorrow? Or if it has to be tonight, let me clean first." I cover my face but he laughs 

"I don't care. I love you. Anyway we took shower when we got home. You had your snack. Let me have mine." He's sitting next to me, playfully tugging at my panties. "Let Oppa have a snack."

I look at him and start laughing. "A snack? You want a snack? Okay. I'll make you something. What does my precious baby meow meow want?" He starts laughing really hard and kisses my forehead.

"You know what I want, kitten. Do you not like it? Really. Don't like?" He is serious now. I can tell he's thinking that I don't enjoy him 'having a snack' as much as he does. 

I cross my legs and sigh. "I just worry.. I worry about if I stink... And you know how much of a mess I can do." I look down at the blanket covering my lower half. "The cleanup isn't sexy or fun."

He tilts my head to face him. "Yes it is. I love thinking we have a mess to clean up because you enjoyed it. My snack enjoyed being a snack." He smirks and kisses me. 

I lay back and he climbs on top of me. We're just kissing but my body starts to crave more than just kissing. He adjusts himself so he can stick his hand down my panties and I can stick my hand down his boxers. We're both moaning into each other's mouth and whispering a million 'i love yous' to each other.

I squeak softly when his finger finally slides inside me. I claw at his back a little and he smiles. "That's my kitten. Letting her claws out." He sighs with each moan I let escape from my lips.

"Please Oppa? Please?" I beg between gasping and moaning.

"Please what?" He kisses me and bites my bottom lip 

"Lick... Please?" I'm holding his other hand and he knows I'm close. 

"After you feel good once. Ach. You keep that up kitten, I'll not have my snack. I'll have to feel you." He growls in my ear and I keep stroking him. Our eyes are locked in each other and I scream his name and he holds me close to his chest. "That's my kitten. Breathe for me." 

I'm breathing in his scent and mine as well. I cover my face and giggle. He kisses my nose and grunts in my ear softly. "You still want a snack and not a meal?" I kiss his chin and bite my lower lip slightly.

"Snack first. Then meal. I'm not done with you tonight." He starts crawling down the bed, kissing every inch of my body. 


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