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I wake up feeling his body heat. I sigh, press against him and kiss his shoulder. He smiles with his eyes still closed. I trace his face with a finger and when I get to his lips he smiles more and acts like he's going to bite my finger. I giggle and kiss his shoulder again. "No worries. It's not hurting anymore. You still worry though, don't you? His eyes are still closed but he smiles knowing my answer.

"I always worry, Oppa.. Whenever I'm not near you, I worry. I worry about your brothers as well. Have they eaten? Have they taken their vitamins? Have they drank enough water? Worry is my middle name." I yawn and curl up next to him, enjoying the warmth underneath the blankets and the sun shining through the window.

"My little worry bug. Always worrying." He stretches, hugs me, and kisses my nose. "You should text them. Mister Cookie was asking about you. He said he was craving the noodle cake you made." He starts laughing because we called lasagna Noodle Cake because of my mispronouncing of a Korean word.

"I still don't know if they like me... I think they're only nice to me because of you." I breathe in his scent and kiss his chest and wrap a leg around his waist.

"They all love you. More than me probably. Mister llama calls you the group's girlfriend. You take care of us like our mothers but also like a girlfriend. Straightening our ties, sneaking shots of soju or whiskey is we're nervous, giving pep talks, and even wiping our faces when we have food on them. You're the one they love." He starts laughing and opens his eyes for the first time that morning. "Good morning, my dear kitten." He kisses my nose and rubs my cheek. "Hurt from last night?"

I shake my head no. "My heart feels so full. Nothing could hurt me." He starts laughing and I cover myself up more "Just don't try to pinch my nipples..." He laughs harder and kisses me softly.

"What time is it? We're supposed to go see Mister Bear." He sits up and I'm just enthralled with the way the sheet hugs his body. He's absolute perfection. He grabs his phone and makes a growl. "We have an hour. I think I'm going to nap again." He lays back down and pulls me closer to him. *I have my kitten. Now I can sleep." He fake snores and I giggle and take snore back at him.

"Oppa? What are we doing today? You said seeing Mister Bear, but what are the plans?" I rub my finger on the bridge of his nose and smile at him scrunching up his nose.

"We are going to meet the others there. We're celebrating your birthday." He smiles and pokes my nose.

I'm speechless and wondering what they're really planning. "Can we order food and watch movies?" I'm feeling nervous because the last time we were all out together, I acted like I didn't know them until we were inside, in the safety of the closed of room. Mister Cookie kept shouting to me and I couldn't ignore his adorable shouts and waves.

"No. He's planning everything. He said that we should meet there earlier than everyone else because he's going to pick out what you're wearing. You know him and clothes." He rolls over on his side and faces me.

"I'm scared..." His eyes fly open and we stare at each other. "I'm sorry but I'm scared... It's going to be like that movie, isn't it? I think I'll be all cute until someone else wears what I'm wearing and they.." He kisses me softly.

"No, princess kitten. He knows you don't care about fashion. That's why he's picking out your outfit. He says you always dress like a kid, teenage boy, or a grandma. Nothing like a sophisticated woman." He smiles. "Plus I'll be there to rip it off you if I don't like it." We both start laughing as his phone rings. "He's calling. We better get up."

He answers the phone and I just lay my head on his knee. He talks and I kiss his knee and he laughs. "No, she isn't... I laugh all the time... No I don't!" He looks down at me. "He asked if you were being bad girl." 

I start laughing and shout "Bad? I'm good! Always good!" He nods his head and kisses me before I get up to start getting ready.

"Okay, princess kitten. We're going to order some food, watch movies, and play games. I talked him out of dinner but a lazy night together. Lots of soju. You going to be okay being around 7 drunk men?" He laughs and grabs my hips from behind.

"I'll take care of all of you. I am the group's girlfriend mother. Remember?" I start brushing my teeth and can't believe how they look. So much money spent on them. I smile and am still amazed. He kisses the back of my neck and starts brushing his teeth  "I think I want to wear a dress today.... That way I don't look like a boy, little kid, or Grandma..." 

"I don't care. What color? We can go shopping before we get there. I'll wear the same color." He rinses his mouth and starts washing his face.

"What color do you think?" I look in the mirror and notice how clear my skin looks, again money he spent on having everything taken care of. I feel wasted, but he said he would pay for acting I didn't like about myself. I look in the mirror and still see the one morbidly obese girl I once was.

"I think purple." He smiles and nods his head slowly. "You will look great in purple. Why don't you text him to meet us here. We can go together." 

I send a text "Mister Bear! Oppa said to text you. I need help picking out a dress for tonight. Will you help?" I put my phone back in my pocket of my housecoat and shiver a little. 

"You know, he really does like you. No lies." Mister M turns and looks at me. I smile at him and he grabs my phone. "He says he will be here in 20 minutes. So we better have a quickie, huh?" He winks at me and starts pulling me back to the bedroom.

"We don't have time!" I'm laughing and squealing. "It's never a quickie!" He pushes me on the bed and he crawls next to me.

"Oh? I don't know how to do that? I'll show you!" He starts poking my ear, growls, then falls backwards on the bed and fake snores. "How's that for quickie!" 

I start laughing even more and he pats the bed signaling me to get closer. His phone rings and he silences it.

"Don't you need to answer?" I whisper between kisses.

"No. I'm showering my kitten in kisses." He intertwines our fingers and keeps kissing me until Mister Bear calls to say he's here.


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