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I 'll never get over it.


After Time has bitten me in half

After Darkness
Has its last laugh

After the ambulance of Truth shows up

The gig is up 
I've had enough

I'll never get over it

Maybe pretend again

Maybe cry again
Maybe die again

I'll never get over it

He didn't know
What childhood
Was about

If he had known
He'd be crying his eyes out.

Its embarrassing
When everything is wrong
When everything is wrong

Its OK to be wrong

"Are you OK?

Sure, I'm always alright

Let everything fade away.

Let there not be light

I'll never get over this
Plenty have had it worse

Its ok

It's supposed to hurt

Then after the hurt was

I was someone else

Someone else I had become 

I'll never get over this

Its simple arithmetic

Just add it up

Why we're all good & plenty sick

I'll never get over this

But at least
After its all said and done

Is not so bad

When you're  good & numb.


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