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I wake up to my phone vibrating on the nightstand. I am half asleep and answer "hewwo? Me sleeping."

I hear him laugh my eyes jolt open. "Hey... Sorry, Oppa... I dozed off." He sighs and laughs some more.

"Hi kitten. Oppa meow meow misses you." He starts meowing on the phone and I'm giggling like crazy. I start to get out of bed to make some tea. "Dream about me?"

I giggle "No dreams. No big dreams." He laughs really loud and he keeps quoting the song. He knows I love hearing him talk, rap, or sing.

"I dream big dreams about you. Bigger than your ass." He starts laughing really hard and starts gasping for air.

"Yeah yeah, keep talking about my big ass. I'll sit on you and you'll die! No more Mister M! Big ass smoosh him." He laughs even more and is screaming 'big ass kill me!" I start giggling.

"I have tea. No soju. Tea and water. You drink tea too?" He sighs still laughing but slowing down.

"Making tea right now. What kind? You pick." I turn the camera on and he is reading the boxes slowly and finally picks the one he gave me on our first visit to his hometown. He said he drinks it when he's homesick and missing being young with no worries. I smile and ask "The lemon too?" He nods his head while he takes a sip of his tea. "What kind are you drinking, Oppa?"

He smiles and says "Same as you." I smile and wait for the kettle to start whistling.

"So I can taste you.. I'll drink the tea and think about kissing you." I giggle and he smiles. 

"So. Important things now. You dream about Oppa?" He looks so innocent in the camera I just fall more in love with him. 

"Ach. Oppa." I giggle and try to make the same noise as him. "Ja. Ich traümst Dich." He squints his eyes a little bit and sips again. "Du bist meine in traüms." He still looks a little confused and I smile. "German..."

He nods and says "You learn Korean, I learn German. We will confuse friends and brothers with German." 

I giggle "I will tell you how bad I'm craving your taste. Or how my tongue misses tasting your skin. I'll say all sorts of things like that in German in your ears. You will blush and want to choke me like always. Your perfect hands wrapped around my neck. My pretty hand necklace."

He smirks and nods his head slowly. "You like my hands as necklaces?" I nod and sip my tea. I sit down at my laptop and my dog whimpers hearing his voice. I turn and start giggling.

He starts singing to my dog and he whimpers wanting to be near him, just like I do. I'm not sure who loves him more. Me or my dog. Just like I don't know who he loves more, me or my dog. As he sings to my dog, I let him out of his crate and he runs to the phone.

"Oppa. He misses you!" I squeak and giggle patting the dog on his head. "Oppa will come see you one day. Only if you're good." I say giggling.

"Be good boy. So I won't be mad at you!" He points at the phone.

The dog starts making noises like he's talking about Oppa starts answering in Korean. He's having the daily talks with my dog and I giggle the whole time.

My cats start walking in the room one by one demanding he talk to them as well. So he does. Speaks Korean to each and every one of them and points and says "Be good. That way I won't be mad. If your Mama mad, me mad. I'm mean." I giggle and I start looking around the room thinking I need to clean and rearrange everything. Wondering if he will decide to pay a cleaning company to come over like he did when I was sick.

"Kitten, you okay?" His words pull me back into the moment and I nod. "You need cleaning people back? No problem. I will call them and see if they can come soon. I will come see you soon."

I shake my head no and take another sip of tea. "I don't need you to do that. I will clean." He shakes his head.

"No, you will rest. You need your energy when I'm there. We have many things to do. We will go see things. I need to take pictures for my brothers. They want to know more about you. Joon knows a lot about you. He's asked if you are wife." He keeps talking about his brothers, his best friends, and his parents and older brother. They want to meet me and have a celebration of sorts. They're wanting to hear if he's getting married and having children with me.

"Could we adopt if we get married?" I ask nervously.

"Of course! We can adopt or have babies, kitten. My parents really want to meet you. They've started calling you daughter... They ask how is our daughter doing. Is our daughter doing alright? Is our daughter sick?" He seems really excited about having me introduced to his family.

"They met me before. They don't remember?" I say in a sad whisper.

I feel sad when I remember the visit to his hometown. He was showing all the places I've read about but seeing them and his face painted on billboards, buildings, and seeing his name painted along with  "hometown idol" or at least that's what he said it meant.  His parents running out to meet us, them embracing him like it's been years since they saw him, kisses being thrown on him much like I do when we're alone but in different ways. I giggle, cast my eyes down, bow, and try to remember the phrase we spent a weekend on. I know I butcher it by his giggles. 

"She's American. She is learning Korean." He says hugging me to him. The frowns on their faces scream louder than their words ever could. They feel he deserves better, as do I. I start thinking about pushing him away. Giving back all the gifts, how long it will take me to work off the money he's given or spent on me when he snaps me out of my thoughts.

"I don't care. I love you.. You understand me. The real me. Not for my money. I give gifts and you say too much. No need. Hugs and kisses are gifts enough. Making songs is enough. You never say that the song is about you. You never say anything about me. I know you want to. I want to. I have to say I love everyone and not you. I am tired. I want you. They have girlfriends. I have you." He starts getting upset and I start to cry.

"You deserve better.... I'm nothing but poor, fat, ugly, and not that smart Oppa." I can not bare looking at his face at this moment.

"Look at me. Look at me now." He yells through the phone. "Look at me, dammit! Shit! Look at me!" His voice reveals a scared boy. Not the brave, independent, strong man he portrays.

"I'm looking.." I whisper between sobs. "Looking at you."

He's gotten on his knees in front of the phone, begging, and pleading for me to let him love me. I nod, still crying. "I'm coming to you in hours. I fly there. Not taking no. I'll call cleaning company so you can relax. I'll have them there, cleaning everything so you can relax." He nods his head and I take a big swig of my tea that's cold. 

He starts talking about flights, hotels, and how he will have a car to pick me up at work tomorrow morning. I should take a bag with me so I can head to him right after work. He sends so upset and missing me.

"I miss you all the time. You know my life. You know... I mean for my birthday you paid the house off! You paid for the remodeling we've talked about. You even bought new furniture... Everything in this house was done because of you. My friend at work only know you as Mister M. They think you're Kkangpae or something. One asked if you were Chinese Yakuza. I wish you heard me bitching up a storm about Yakuza and Triad. Such morons..." I start rambling on about nothing but evening at once. He nods slowly and listens intently.

"I love you." He says after I break down crying. I've tried to push him away to find better but he refuses. I'm scared of everything he will lose. I'm scared of everything that will be said about him. Not about me, but him.. He knows everything, and I mean everything about me.  "You are perfection." He smiles at me. I giggle a little and feel my heart feeling lighter.

"You are, Oppa. Never in a million years did I think I would have, could have, won your heart. I spent so many nights working listening to your songs feeling your pain. Your loneliness. We're same. Lonely." I look right at his face. His hair covering his left eye but I see the tear streaks. I know he's scared of being lonely again.

"We need more tea. I'll be there soon. You sleep with me and the dog on couch. Right? Your bed will be for the other. Right?" He starts making another cup of tea, as I do as well. 

"Yes. But if you want, you can sleep there if you'd like. I'm sure he wouldn't mind. I mean... He does. They both know about you. Funny story, they both said if ever given the chance to sleep with you I should. They joked about getting money." I tell him for the millionth time about my partners knowing how I called him my bias for years, my posters of him all over, my collection of CDs, stickers, and little trinkets. My collection has only gotten bigger, thanks to him. He's made sure I have every single copy and edition of every album. 

"Now they know how I love you. Not about money." He sips his tea and smiles. "Even if I was still poor boy, you'd love me. I know. You make me feel better." He blows a kiss to me.

"You make me feel better too, Oppa." I smile a and blow a kiss in return.

"See! I'm your Oppa. Nobody else. You're my princess kitten." He pushes his hair back and looks serious of a sudden. "Should I cut my hair again? It's long."  He starts playing with his hair.

"Shave it when you announce us. That way you are having new beginnings. Like in the military.. I cried so much when you went in." I look at the pictures he's had turned into posters for me. Nobody else has these pictures but him and his brothers. "I didn't know you then. I prayed every day and night for you and your brothers. I prayed for you all to be safe and to return soon." I look at my altar that he had added on to to fit his ancestors on.

"You prayed and I heard. My ancestors knew you love me. You love me for real. You love my brothers like brothers. Not me.." He smiles and says I should light incense for his ancestors as thanks. I tell him I already am, because I thank them every moment. I also included mine. I show him the additions to the altar. He smiles brightly. "They bring us together. They know the same thing. Love is real." I nod my head.

"You are flying here soon?" I ask cautiously.

"Yes. I miss you. Why wouldn't I? I fly to see you. You take time off work. I pay for everything. You need money now? I send." He brings up money again.

"No, no need. I'm okay. You have spent enough... The ring, the house, the car, the gifts, everything. So much money. Too much. I only need hugs." I look at the ring I've had for 3 years now.

"The ring is like your eyes. Beautiful. You need it. Like you need me." He laughs a little bit and sighs.

"You needed to see your name tattooed down my back. I am sorry I lied to you about the money." I look down at my hands. 

"You don't lie. You said you needed money. You said it was important. I didn't care. You showed the tattoo on your arm. I didn't think you got anything else. Mister Cookie likes your tattoo. He said he's going to ask you about it. He's really into tattoos. I don't say about my name on your spine. That's for only me.." He starts speaking Korean and he laughs. 

I smile "it means you have my back. No matter what. You're always behind me. I have 7 mates at my back. But only one REALLY loves me. That's why your name is there "

He tears up and says "You're not alone. I'm with you."

I nod and blow a kiss. "Oppa... I love you."

He smiles and nods. "oh. My taxi here. We talk while I go to airport?" I nod and finish my tea.

We talk about everything we're going to do, go, and want to see when he's here. Money is not an issue. He reminds me of that every moment. We start texting when he has to put his phone into airplane mode. We text until he says he's going to nap, I agree a nap sounds good. He sends a picture of himself with his eyes closed with the caption 'big dreams about you.' I send one back with 'even bigger dreams of kissing you '

I wake up after my phone starts ringing. I see his name flashing on the screen.

"Call into work sick. I'm coming to get you. We go to hotel afterwards." He sounds so tired I giggle. "What funny?" 

"Sleepy Oppa meow meow. You know how every girl loves your raspy sleepy voice." 

"Get dressed. You drive to hotel. I sleep." He yawns into the phone. 

At that moment I hear the doorbell and rush to embrace him in my arms.


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