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He sits down and stares at me with his dangerous eyes. He slowly spreads his legs, Knowing I can't control myself when he's 'manspreading' giving me that look. I bite my lip and listening for the que words he's almost done talking on the phone. 

I sit on my knees, watching the man I'm in so madly in love with. Nobody knows about us really, my friends know him as "Mister M." His friends know me as "Miss C." They know, but don't know the depths of our hearts, minds, connection, and love. His public would look down on him so much for what I am, represent and all the things he's decided to bypass. He winks at me and pats his left knee. 

I smile at his adorable boyish wink, half face scrunched up, teeth showing like a kitten. He's still deeply immersed in the phone conversation. His sighs tell me it's not going well. I crawl over to him, lay my head on my left knee and look at him longingly.

I whisper barely audible "I just want to be your sweetheart..." He rubs my cheek and whispers with the phone pulled away "I need you, girl." I cover my mouth to hide my giggles. He licks his lips and scoots down a little more.

I start to undo his belt and pants but he stops me. He says the que words and rubs my cheek.

"Not that. Not tonight. I want to look at you." He whispers in my ear after he throws his phone on the couch. "Damn the others. I only have tonight with you." He hugs me so tight I I feel like our bodies are fusing together.

"I could go with you... If you wanted. I could hide. I would not be seen, Oppa." He kisses my lips softly and shakes his head. "I could make you kimchi stew and feed you while you relax. Or maybe I could make you something else...." I miss him terribly whenever we're not near each other. He looks in my eyes and I can tell he's thinking about it. "Oppa.... Please?" 

His dangerous eyes have turned soft and gentle. He looks at my hands, the ring he bought me from a country I never been to because he said the jewel made him think of my eyes, and kisses my fingers. "You know what would happen if we got out." He tears up knowing the backlash not only he'd face, but me as well. Probably more me than him.

"Oppa... Let's smile tonight. No sadness. Oppa, we have how many hours?" I tickle his chin and kiss his lips gently.

"We have 18 hours. I have so much to do, princess." He closes his eyes and sighs deeply. "I have to go work so that means no time." He rubs his face and I know that look. The look he's worried about hurting me.

I interlace our fingers and whisper "I just want to be your sweetheart. Fucking come here, give me your heart. Just you and me for infinity."

He smiles and kisses my forehead. "You want me to break you?" He makes the throat growls in my ear while holding my face on his hands. I nod and start whimpering his name.

He pushes me on the floor and starts slapping my face and choking me while I keep whispering 'i love you' the way he taught me. He stops and holds me and starts sobbing. 

"I just wanna be your sweetheart. Fucking come here, give me your heart. Just you and me to infinity. I can't fucking breathe, too much ecstasy. Kiss me on the lips, choke me on the floor." I stop whispering and look in his eyes, full of sadness and frustration. "Drag me around, push me right against your door.... I'm your little doll, come play with me." He starts laughing when I start repeating what I was half singing, half speaking, the way he taught me. I'm speaking the language he grew up speaking. I know I'm not pronouncing anything quite right, but close enough.

He wraps his arms around me, starts kissing me, and whispers 'I love you." I giggle and whisper 'i love you' the way he's taught me. He smiles and says "Ach. You are getting better." 

I nod and say "When I miss you, I study. I miss you all the time." He laughs and kisses me more. I look at him and see his eyes going back to sadness. His phone is ringing.

"I better see..." He gets up but pulls me with him. "No leaving." He spanks my leg lightly. He answers his phone and starts barking orders and yelling.

"That's not very meow meow like." I whisper in his ear, letting my hands explore his body. He's lost weight and I gained it. 

He starts laughing and says "No. Home tonight. Miss C is here." I cover my mouth because the way he was yelling into the phone was not the way he talks to his friends. Only his bosses.

I sit next to him in amazement when I hear my name, my actual name, between the Korean he's yelling. He squeezes my hands and I see tears. I kiss his tears and taste the salt. He shouts "No! I don't care!" And throws his phone across the room.  He starts sobbing into his hands and says "Everything... Everything for you."

I nod and lift my shirt to show the tattoo I got of his name down my spine. He is speechless.

"I just want to be your sweetheart..." I start crying while I feel him outline his name with his finger. "I just want to be your sweetheart..."

He says "You are. You are mine. All mine. Since we meet. Mine." I nod while he hugs me from behind. I feel his chest pressed against my back. I start crying with each Korean phrase he whispers in my ear.

"I don't need your last name. I don't need your money. I don't need the world to know. I just need to know you love me. I just need your love..."

I start sobbing and the moment we met starts replaying in my head. The way we talked and he stared at the soju and kimchi stew I brought with me for everyone. He took the soju and drank it all and got sick that night. I stayed with him making sure he wasn't going to choke on his vomit. Everyone laughed at me and teased him about spending the night with me. 

The first hug we shared and he kissing my cheek. The way we exchanged numbers, the pictures we shared as friends, the night long calls and him asking if he could fly me to the last concert. That was the first night we were physical. I was skipping down the sidewalk of a city I never thought I would ever be in. He kissed me and I never thought how I was the one of the few that knew how soft his lips were. The others were catching up to us but he decided to go back to the hotel with me. 

I snap back to that moment in his arms. "Let's make a baby...." I can't believe I just said that. He knows about my history, my past, and my desires.

He nods and says "I just want to be your sweetheart.. Just you and me plus a baby.." We both start laughing and I look over my shoulder at him.

His phone rings and I know the ringtone.. the only one that he will drop everything for. He answers the phone after pulling me with him. "She's here. Get them. We're going to introduce her as my wife."

"Just you and me to infinity... I can't fucking breathe.." I whisper to myself.

He looks at me and says "You have bruise... I'm sorry." He looks sad for a moment but I start undoing his pants and refuse to stop no matter what. He hangs up and whispers "You miss me?" I nod and kiss his lips with the intensity of a million suns and whisper "Yes,  my Oppa... I mean husband." He smiles and kisses me back.


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