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Drove into the southern wind
Warm across my face and hands
Heard the birds up above
Sing of the wondrous lands

Many was the mile
With the sound of my car
Ringing in my ears
Underneath the shining stars

Where will this path take me
Where will my journey go
In the land of my fathers
What will their pride show

Will I see the mountains
The plains rolling on by
Will I see the wondrous sky
In GODs broad daylight

Who will come with me 
On this long journey
Who will break the bread of life
And sip this cup of wine

Lay my head to rest
After the day has gone
Hope to sleep a wondrous sleep
In the morning I’ll be gone

Start a new day
With the joy of life
Many are the miles
New friendships along the way

And on my journeys end
Will I find my reward
Will I be congratulated 
For a job well done

Only GOD knows
His word all I need
Words of man and his ways
Have their own rewards


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