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Angry Love


You said you stuffed
Your feelings

I had asked you 

Where God can't see it
Where the devil can't find

The pieces of yourself
Scattered here and there

Life has drilled down deep into you

Into your chillings
Into your thrills

There are brain cells 
That need killing

Life has been always
Search  and kill

Let me love your
Holy anger

The power
In your soul

We'll be complete
We'l rhyme our feet
We'll turn streets into gold

I'll kiss your holy anger
We've done this before

We'll beat the swords
Of love
Into plowshares

And we'll learn
Of war no more

You're beautiful like 
Ice cream

You're like
Ice cream
Poured onto

Melted clocks

Your prophets
Lied and blessed

You felt blessings
Down to your socks

Oh my sweetness

Your words that
Rhyme with pain

Not sleeping

We both
Have gone insane

Let's love
Our holy anger

Our self righteous
Desperate song

We'll take an angry
Trip to heaven

Where our melted clocks


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