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You will get plenty of website design tips on the internet, which explain what it takes to create a stunning website. While you should stay updated on the latest trends and ticks about website designing, knowing the most common mistakes is equally important so that you can avoid what could leave your website ugly and less user-friendly. In this blog, we will discuss 3 most common mistakes thata website design california professional must avoid.

Using a generic template design
There are plenty of templates available on the internet. Using one of them is not a bad idea if you need a quick output. However, the problem with templates is your website will look like a cheap imitation of several others. Even if you add some twists, it will be very much a look-alike of many other websites. A website stands out because of uniqueness and user-friendly features. If these are missing, your website will fail to draw attention and not able to keep visitors hooked.

Generic websites are usually poorly coded, which may adversely affect the website’s loading speed and performance. 

A custom website design createsa lasting impression on your visitors and drives in more traffic. If you want to develop a captivating website, make sure the style is uniquely yours. 

Creating an awesome homepage
Sounding like a paradox? The problem with many developers is their entire focus is fixated on making a homepage as exciting as possible. There is no need to put in that much extra effort; instead develop a simple and easy-to-navigate website. Too much texts or graphics clutter the look and may repel your visitors. They will get lost in loads of information and are unlikely to find easily what they look for.
Keep your homepage catchy and clutter-free. Include only the most important information. Create white spaces wisely to give some relief to eyes.

Providing an unsatisfactory user experience
Offering a positive user experience will leave your visitors highly impressed. It will keep them engaged with your website and enhance the chance of a transition from ‘curious visits’ to ‘lovely shopping experiences’. An easy-to-navigate website is the most talked-about criterion behind an excellent user experience. If it takes your visitors a great deal of time finding the information they need, expecting them to return will be a dream less likely to come true. 

Make sure your website does not take more than 2 seconds to load. A slow-loading website has negative effect on its SEO ranking. Image optimization is a smart way to improve website speed. Techforce Solutions advises to make changes, if needed, to ensure great user-friendly experience.


  • Sep 03, 2023

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