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Sitting At The Counter
At The Local 5 & Dime 
Staring Out The Window 
Losing Track Of Time 
She Floats On By
Like An Angel In My Dreams 
Sun Shining On Her Face 
The Prettiest Girl I've Seen

She Steps Around The Corner 
And Slowly Disappears
I'm Glued To My Seat
As The Bell Assaults My Ears 
She Breezes In 
Through The Side Door 
Like Fresh Air And Flowers 
On The Moor

Is This A Dream 
Or Is It Reality 
Would She Ever 
Consider Me

She Steps To The Counter 
Graceful In Her Ways
Sits Upon A Stool And 
This Is What She Says 
"If You Please, Sir 
One Chocolate Malt 
'Tis So Hot And Humid 
With All This Asphalt"

Her Voice
Is Like A Gentle Rain 
On A Hot Summer Day 
Her Eyes Are Flashing
Blue As The Sky 
There's No Doubt 
She's A Lady This One

Is This A Dream 
Or Reality 
Would She, Could She 
Dare To Look At Me

She Looks Straight Ahead 
Never Side To Side
On Her Stool Waits Patiently 
For Her Malt To Arrive
She Pays And Says "Thank You"
As She Rises From Her Seat 
She Turns And Walks Away 
Our Eyes Never To Meet

Ah Is This Romance
Or Just Infatuation
To See Beautiful Women
Who Are Above My Station
Let It Not Be Fantasy
Reeling Through My Mind
May Some Dreams Come True For Me 
At Some Date And Time

The Bell Rings
As She Exits Through The Door 
Never Looking Back
At Those She Did Ignore 
I'm Not As Heart Broke
As You Might Think
If I Were Though
I'd Probably Need A Shrink

I Take A Sip
Of My Reality
Gets Me Back To Living 
Before I Go Insane

 I Turn And Look In The Mirror 
Hanging On The Wall
And Finally See The Man
I Think I'm Supposed To Be 
He's Been Hidden Inside
By Pain And Rejection
But He's Breaking Through Now 
I Can Tell By the Reflection

Will A Woman
Look At Me With Love
I Don't Know
Only GOD Above
I Wait For My Chance 
Wait For The Day 
When My Dream Comes True 
But Who Can Say

This Isn't A Dream 
This Is My Reality
But Once In A While 
When Things Are Just Right

I Smell Her Perfume 
As If She's Still There 
Reminding Me Of How I 
Just Sat And Stared
I Hear Her Voice Occasionally 
Especially On Summer Days 
And It Reminds Me
Of Cool Summer Rains


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