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Computer eye

In the sky

Tell me what you see

Do you see

The path I'm on

With your little eye

Does your voice

Speak the words

That I long to hear

Or am I lost

Because of your

Ever wandering eye

Flash of red

Gleam of light

Expound upon wisdom

Are the things

That you teach

Based upon the truth

Hal of old

Computer cold

Do not clean my clock

I have seen 

Your dirty deeds

Take their lives away

Why the tug

Why the draw

To fancy your design

I have found 

A better life

Than your evil plan

Do you


See my destiny

Or will you be

The death of me

My downfall destiny

Channel time

Channel anger

Point it to the future

Take me off

The darkest path

That I've ever seen

Can you see

The sands of time

Running through my life

Are you there

To give me life

In the midst of strife

Can you see

The heart in me

And heal me within

Man and machine

Live apart

Yet live intertwined

How can I be

A free man

Living as a slave

To the past

To the path

Of who I once was

Under fed

Under the bed

Hiding from the dark

What can be

My destiny

Hiding my true me

Shall I shine

Shall I glow

Or like a fire rage

Strength be had

Strength be mine

Strength of GOD divine

I can be

Who I need

Only through His time

Lost and found

Repeat rebound

Circular path I roam

Path be straight

Find the gate

That leads me to my home


Show my way

Lead me to what's right

Be a light

In my night

That I  may yet still see

The man

GOD grant

I should be


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