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I lie awake at night

With the screams in my head

Haunting dreams I can't escape

Chase me out of bed

Nightmares running past

Like a stampede of beasts

Trample everything in sight

My truth not the least

Run for cover 

Run for light

Will my imagination

Kill with all it's might

Looking for an exit

That lets me live again

But it's hard to see the signs

When the wall of dust begins

Sounds from a raging sea

Wind blowing strong

Wave upon wave of sound

Deafens in the throng

No voice to still my soul

No heartbeat heard within

How do I find peace

When surrounded by this din

Paths not to be found

Lead to no daylight

The ground shakes mightily

As I look around in fright

Will I escape terror

Unscathed and unmarked

Or will I be trampled

And left rotting in the dark

Some one lend a hand

Some one shine a light

Lead me to the promised land

Before I fall apart

Lift me to my feet again

That I may walk to freedom

Guide me down the chosen path

That leads to GODs kingdom

Teach me words of wisdom

Teach me words of truth

That I might live an age

Even in my youth

Lead me from this jungle

Of many twisted vines

That I might find the plains of GOD

And see my path unwind

Pray for my soul

As you go about your day

Say a prayer to GOD

That I might find my way

Come and give me sustenance

Come and share the light

Give me shelter from the storm

That I might sleep at night


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