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Let me tell you a story
About a strong woman that I know
Please do get a seat 
Cos it's gonna be a long ride
Where did we meet you say?

I met her by chance or should I say fate.
She became my confidante and a playmate.
She lights up my world on a gray day with myriads of colours.
She's the glue holding me together and each time I fall apart
she's there to pick up the pieces.
Although, there was a time we fought a lot, can't blame me I was rebellious but our bond is stronger and unbreakable.

She is my number one fan, always cheering on the sidelines.
She is a rare gem, more precious than diamond, more valuable than gold.
Abimbola mi! A woman stronger than a thousand men.
Life has shown you a lot but you are still standing strong.
I love her for her kindness, bravery, sweetness with a little spice of naughtiness (don't tell her I said that 🤫).

She is a version of who I strive to be but truth is I ain't hold a candle to her awesomeness.
She's one of the best gift momma ever gave me and without her I just couldn't imagine what life would've been like.
And if I am given a chance to pick my sister in the next life I'll pick her over and over again.


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