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Never Take For Granted

There are many things we seem to take for granted,
Everyday, things like seeing and breathing.
Then again, we can be very easily supplanted,
Upset by little things, like babies teething.

Each day, there is a dawn and yes, a sun set,
If the clouds are over us, it may rain.
When it does, things surely will get wet,
And until it dries, that's how it will remain.

Taking things for granted, you know is just a sin
Don't forget the thankfulness for all that we were gifted.
The things we can hate, enjoy, lose or win
Can be happy, sad, even down; but can also be uplifted.

Let's not forget when sadness leaves we start again to smile,
Don't take for granted the time that we're allowed to care.
Or of sitting back and thinking about it a while,
As to our world, only we can make it a joy to live there.

So don't take for granted those you love
Cherish them throughout every sunny day
And on rainy days treat them with a gentle glove
And always hold them near to your heart in every way


  • Aug 01, 2023

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    Aug 03, 2023

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