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Am seated on a chair.
Under the bushy tree.
Staring into the sky so
Full of cloud.

A thought flashed my 
When I remember the 
Days we went about life
By perseverance.
The days we never had 
the idea of what might
Happen to us in the near

Passing through phases
of hunger.
I never saw you lying down
You went about all trials of
Life with a smile on your face.

Mom, you admit shame to
Beg for what will push our
I never saw you worried of
Your illness.
But so much stressed about
Me when I experience headache.

I cried aloud, the night I saw 
you Cooling me with a wet
I thought of your wellbeing.
For you spend the night 
You were not able to buy 
Paracetamol, so you use
Your cloth to fight fever.

I believe in natural doctors.
For you look into my eyes
And know that am sick.
You are the first person
To know that am growing thin.

Mom, I pray to God.
To keep you till I grow
I pray to God to guide you
Every rhythm of clock.
May you one day smile because
I surprise you.

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