Title: Solace Found In Gratitude Read Count : 86

Category : Diary/Journal

Sub Category : N/A
Life, like a withered flower, can feel dull,
And sometimes it flips, turning upside down
Yet within its twists, it's both amazing and wonderful, 
A truth to embrace and should be grateful for

In search for grand adventures, we roam
Finding and thriving, and mostly enduring
Unaware that within us, courage finds home
and True success blooms from the heart

Often, we seek love in distant lands
 Blind to those who've stood beside us through it all
In pursuit of perfection,
we stumble and mess up

Grasping for more, we stretch beyond our reach,
Striving for treasures that can never fill the soul
Yet, in simple pleasures, happiness can teach,
And gratitude grants us the gift to be whole

Amidst the storms that flip our world around,
Chaos and uncertainty may cloud our sight
Still, within the tempest, strength is found,
And in the darkest hours, hope's flickering light

Let solace be our refuge, the shelter we seek,
Amidst the chaos and the clamor of life's throng
In quiet moments of gratitude, our hearts speak,
And the melody of contentment becomes our song


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