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What if i treated you the same way you have treated me? 
What would you do?

What if i spoon fed you the same hate you fed me for 8 months? 
Would your heart fill with rage against me?

What if i made up stories about you smearing your good name? 
Would your peers still accept you?

What if i lied about your quality of work at your job?
Would your employers and/or customers lose faith in you?

What if there was a camera outside your front door recording your every move?
Would you feel violated?

What if i called you a thief while i was stealing from you?
Would you want to teach me a lesson?

What if i accused you of sleeping with my man just to make you look bad?
Would you want to hurt me? 

What if i was a good actress and everyone believed me?
Would you feel betrayed when friends turned against you?

What if i made your life hell if you wanted to cook or shower?
Would you even feel human anymore?

What if you finally pushed me to insanity?
What if my wet dreams were of making you scream?  

What if i took a pistol and shoved it in your fucking mouth?
Would you apologize and beg for your life? 

What if you continue your bullshit? 
Would that drive me to make you suck the tip of a pistol while i pull the trigger?

So many 'what ifs' that flood my mind.
You laughed as you violated my peace.

You tainted my name with lies.
I unburied my demons and gave them control. 

You made me feel bad just fot existing.
I'll make your presence unknown.
You think im a lame til you hear that undeniable click at your temple.
All of you are just cruel bullies.

The world would be better without you.
Your so black and ugly from the inside out.

Just remember, 
while your begging for your life, that this hate i have for you,
is the same hate you showed me for 8 months.

You had this coming. 

Lori Mack



  • Jul 29, 2023

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