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In the realm of words, where magic resides,
I stand as Joshua, a soul that abides.
Seventeen springs have shaped my earthly days,
A seeker of risk, of life's untrodden ways.

For failure holds no dread, no paralyzing fear,
I'd rather stumble, than never venture near.
Challenges, my companions, when paths go astray,
They ignite my spirit, lend strength to my fray.

In the tapestry of tales, my heart finds its voice,
Through poetry's embrace, I make my choice.
Words become brushstrokes, painting worlds untold,
A symphony of thoughts, a kaleidoscope to behold.

Within my mind's chambers, a universe unfurled,
A realm where dreams dance, where stories are twirled.
Through pen and page, I set my visions free,
A glimpse into the depths of what I yearn to see.

But still, I seek, like a wanderer astray,
Longing for purpose, as I tread life's way.
A yearning unnamed, a thirst yet unquenched,
A puzzle to solve, a soul yet unclenched.

Oh, the mystery that beckons, the call from within,
To find the missing piece, to discover where I've been.
But fear not, for this journey is mine to embrace,
With each step, I'll unveil the truth's radiant face.

So come, let us wander, let us explore,
The depths of our souls, the treasures in store.
Joshua, a name that holds dreams untold,
A seeker of wonder, a story yet to unfold.


  • Jul 28, 2023

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